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Worlds Apart
By Jaguarin


Part 2

In Helena's dreams she was always loving Barbara. Loving her was an insatiable need of her soul, feeling her trembling under her fingers, calling her name. The redhead was a drug for her, her love for her increased each day, each hour, each minute.

She was in heaven. She couldn't have enough of Barbara's kisses, taste, skin, love. Her dreams about Barbara were so vivid that she could feel the older woman's body curled at her side, she could feel Barbara's sweet breath against her neck, those dexterous fingers touching her, moving slowly tracing every muscle under her skin, every curve, every hidden corner. Barbara's fingers caressing her nude body was an erotic experience that she loved. Barbara was her soul mate, she belonged to her.

She felt Barbara's hands moving below her tank top cupping one of her breasts and kneading it gently. Her breathing increased when she felt fingers playing, pinching her nipple. She felt her most sensitive spot between her legs turning moist.

It was so easy be turned on with Barbara.

She rubbed her legs together. The hand touching her breast moved down to the juncture of her legs as she felt Barbara's warm mouth cupping her breast through the thin cotton of her tank top.

She arched her back and it was when she opened her eyes she realized that she was not sleeping. In fact, she was in their room. What was happening? She tried to move but the redhead kept her still, rubbing one of her long fingers over her slit.

Helena gasped.

"Barbara?" she mumbled sleepy looking for her lover's eyes.

"Shh…" the redhead whispered moving her head up and brushing her lips against her mouth. "You are all mine now."

She kissed her and Helena responded. This was the best way to be awakened. She wrapped her arms around the redhead's neck pulling her against her purring and opened her legs, her hips following the movement of Barbara's hand.

When those delicate long fingers found her most sensitive spot she moaned. Barbara knew how to touch her, make her senses ignite with every caress. Being with her was more than just sex, being with her was to experience the real meaning of love physically and spiritually.

Suddenly, Barbara stopped her hand's movement and buried her head in the brunette's neck.

"Barbara…" Helena whispered, eyes closed. "I'm close… don't stop."

"Why didn't you wake me last night?" the redhead asked licking her neck.

"You… needed rest… Barbara please…"

"And you arrived late, very late…" Barbara whispered to her ear teasing her "and I was waiting for you…"

Helena turned her head and kissed her, enjoying the sweet taste that was Barbara.

"I'm sorry…" Helena whispered between kisses "I thought you needed time and when I got back you were asleep and…"

"I have plans for you…" the redhead whispered taking her lower lip between her teeth.

"Just let me…" Helena took Barbara's hand between hers and guided it to her aching need but the redhead arrested her movement and moved their joined hands to the juncture of her own legs.

Helena's eyes snapped open. She felt her heart pounding hard against her chest, her breathing turning fast. Her fingers were resting over something large and hard between Barbara's legs. Her hand was touching…?

"Barbara?" she growled looking at the redhead's eyes.

"You said you wanted something kinky… I thought you would like it." Barbara said playfully.

"Do you really need to go to work?" Helena asked staring at the ceiling.

"Yes, I have an exam today." Barbara said, her head resting on Helena's chest while her fingers traced soft circles on the brunette's abdomen.

They were lying on their bed, the sun was rising and it seemed it would be another everyday Tuesday. A light blanket covered Barbara's hips. The redhead marveled at the way Helena made love to her in a way that made it so easy for her to enjoy and feel, helping her in a very subtle way to move, making her feel for an instant she didn't have limits in her movements.

"Poor kids, I'm sure they would be very grateful if I kept you here all day." Helena giggled, hugging Barbara against her and kissing her head, she loved the sensation of her bare skin against hers, she was so soft. "What do you think?"

"Clever, but I must work."

"Seems my brilliant plan will not work." Helena exhaled loudly.

"Seems you are right." Barbara chuckled and kissed the brunette's chin crossing her arms over Helena's chest looking her. "And when I get back I want to do more research on your "silver guy"."

"Still no clue eh?"

"No, he really is like a magician, he appears and disappears as fast as he arrives."

"I think I should do an extra sweep tonight."

"Right. It intrigues me as to what he is doing, I have never seen anything like that."

"You mean the explosions with no explosives?"

"Part of it, and the way he appears and disappears."

"Like Star Trek transportation eh?"

Barbara froze, like she often did when she was thinking hard. Helena smiled.

"Your gears are working?"

"I think you hit the point."

"I did?"

"Maybe he is using teleportation." Barbara said.

"A metahuman that can teleport?" Helena asked.

"Or he can move his molecules to any place he wants."

"Oh… seems a hard boy to handle."

"It's just a theory of course, I need to check on it when I get back from school."

"Barbara?" Helena played with the redhead's hair, it looked amazing under the morning sun rays


"How was the talk with Dick last night?"

"The talk was fine, we really talked a looong time," Barbara said. "He understands that you and I have a life together. That I'm very happy, that you are the most wonderful and important part of my life and that he and I can be friends. That I always will be there for him, but he must respect our space, our privacy and our feelings."

"He is not in love with you, he just had his pride hurt."

"I don't care If he is in love with me or not. I'm only interested in you Miss Kyle."

"And I in you Miss Gordon." Helena grinned.

"I told him that it is not comfortable for you to be close to an ex-boyfriend of your girlfriend. I asked him how he would feel if he were in your place. I told him that I love you and I respect your feelings and decisions and I never will do anything that could bother you."

"Why he doesn't leave us alone? It's been a long time since he left years ago."

"I think he just wants find someone to listen to him. I always listened, I was always there for him. It's not easy to find someone who will listen to you."

"Especially him, he's a moron."

"Hel…" Barbara sighed.

"He is…" the brunette smirked.

"You are very jealous."

"I am. Who wouldn't be with a gorgeous woman like you?"

"Well I told him we can be friends, but not a friend with 'benefits'."

Helena raised an eyebrow.

"I wanted to be very clear with him." Barbara said.

"You really were." The dark haired woman traced her cheek with her finger "You are so beautiful."

"Do you think I am?"

"Incredibly beautiful, I'm so lucky…"

"No, I'm the one who is lucky. I'd do anything for you." Barbara moved forward and kissed Helena's neck.

Damn, the friction of Barbara's nipples against her skin was hot. The brunette felt something hard against her leg. She smirked.

"Do you still have 'that'?"

"I was thinking we should play with it again before I go to work."

Helena felt aroused instantly. When Barbara was in a kinky mood she really was kinky. "But it's my turn…"

"No way."

"Sorry, now I give the orders here."

"I don't think so…" Barbara chuckled scratching Helena's scalp.


The scalp no.

"Barbara…" she protested. Every time Barbara wanted to keep her down or break all her defenses she just needed to scratch the back of her head and she turned into a stupid puppy in love. Barbara knew it and enjoyed it.

It was too low.

"So," Barbara said as she kissed her, she slowly moved to roll on her back, Helena followed her movement and she eased backwards until Helena was lying on top of her. "Come here."

She ended the kiss only to turn her head kissing her again. Her fingers caressed Helena's face and combed through her hair as she ended one kiss only to kiss her again and again. She kept the kisses light letting their lips barely touch before pulling away. She moved her lips up to Helena's cheeks giving each a kiss before going back to her lips, letting this kiss linger and letting her tongue slip out touching Helena's tongue. She heard Helena let out a whimper and she knew that she was getting Helena aroused.

Helena kissed Barbara's chin then kissed her way down to her lover's neck, kissing her there before moving downward. She brought her hands down cupping Barbara's breasts and giving them a squeeze which made the redhead's hardening nipples rise. She kissed the left nipple then went to the right one giving it a longer kiss before sucking it into her mouth. She heard Barbara whimper and that made her happy. She bit the hard nipple tenderly pulling her mouth up until the nipple pulled from her mouth making Barbara groan.

Helena began to kiss her way down Barbara's belly making her shiver as she tongued her belly button. Helena kissed on downward and she stopped on Barbara's hips where she found a long and hard latex object. She looked up to find Barbara smiling at her.

"All yours sweetheart."

Helena observed the old photos that Barbara was cleaning and organizing in her photo albums on their bed. She was lying on her stomach looking at some of them. The one she was checking was maybe from 10 years ago. She narrowed her eyes, it was Barbara and Dick together at a Fair. The redhead was maybe twenty, twenty-one.

"Barbara, seriously what did you see in him?" she asked

"Uh?" the redhead asked, distracted with her legs crossed over the bed. She had several photos in her hands and was checking them one by one.

"Dick, what did you see in him?"

"Well he was very handsome and funny."


"Sometimes, like you."

"I'm not childish."


Helena sighed, "He's not very handsome."

"Well, he is still a very popular bachelor and the truth is that he is cute"

The brunette turned the photo over looking at him "I don't see the 'cute' thing."

"You never will, he doesn't like you." Barbara put some photos face down and took another bunch of pictures.

"He is annoying and irritating."

"Funny how he thinks the same of you."

"I'm not irritating."

Barbara chuckled and gave her a photo, "Look at this one, you on your eighteenth birthday."

"Augh… what kind of haircut is that?" Helena frowned.

"It's not so bad."

"I really liked pony tails. But I look like a nerd."

"You look fine." Barbara leaned and looked over Helena's shoulder. "Just very skinny"

"I don't understand how I could brush my hair that way."

"Well, at least you brushed your hair then." Barbara returned to her position and picked up some

pictures to put inside the album in front of her.

"I brush my hair, but now it's stylish."

Barbara gazed at her. "Stylish?"


"You're saying it is stylish to brush your hair with your fingers?"

Helena nodded happily. Barbara laughed and kept checking her photos.

"Maybe we should burn all these photos." Helena said pointing at the photos with Dick in them.

"Don't even try it."

"I'm just saying…"

"I don't see why you are so obsessed with him." the redhead took the photos of Dick from Helena's hands before she could damage them. "You are more gorgeous than him."


Barbara leaned over and rubbed her nose against Helena's "And more beautiful and wonderful."

Helena smirked. "And Sexy?"

"And hot." Barbara rubbed Helena's shoulder and the young woman winced. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Helena said "just that you love to mark your property."


Helena lowered one shoulder of her blouse. There was a nasty bite shaped bruise close to her neck.

"Oh damn… it was not me…" Barbara said.

"Who else? Alfred? It was you this morning when…"

"It's not necessary for you to give me that much info." Barbara lifted her hand. "Why didn't you tell me? We need to clean that."

"You want to clean everything, that's why I didn't tell you."

Barbara stretched her arm and opened the night table close to her. "I have some alcohol in here."

"It's already healing." Helena didn't like the sensation of alcohol on a fresh wound.

"I don't care."

"I'll never let you bite me again."

"I'll not ask you." Barbara took the alcohol bottle and cotton.

"That sounds kinky." Helena smirked.

"All right, remove your blouse." The redhead pointed.

"That sounds more kinky."

Barbara playfully slapped her butt. "Come on. Hurry. We still have work to do"

"Hello sister."

Helena recognize the voice immediately, she turned and rested her hands above the bar. She couldn't hide her disgust. Stupid Dick Grayson was there.

"Don't call me sister." She said.

"I'm trying to be nice." Dick said.

"I don't want you to be nice."

"Give me a beer please."

Helena sighed, she opened the fridge behind her and took a bottle of beer, she gave it to him.

"What do you want Dick?" she asked annoyed.

"I just thought we could be friends"

"You don't want my friendship."

"Of course I want it. Why not?"

Helena inhaled deeply and glared to him. "You know why."

"Barbara and I were together for years, you can't change that, but now is different. I want us to be friends."

"I don't buy your bullshit." Helena turned and gave a whiskey glass to a man to her left.

"Look, Barbara is a very prepared woman; she has a master degree, Did you finished high school?"

The brunette didn't answer him, he knew perfectly all about her. He was just taunting her.

"Had you ever thought about getting a real job?"

"This is a good job."

"Enough to give Barbara a good life?" he crossed his arms over the bar table. "Barbara is used to good things,"

"I can give Barbara everything she needs." She cleaned the table and turned to give a customer a drink.

"Yes, I know, your father paid for all the equipment she is using."

Helena buried her gaze on him. "Don't fuck with me Dick."

He took a sip of his beer and smiled to her. "Could you give me another beer please?"

She glared to him and extended her another cold beer.

"Helena… Don't be so rude with me. Are you afraid of me?"

"I'm not afraid of you."

"Looks like." He smiled "I understand you, I lived with her when you were just a… kid."

Helena narrowed her eyes to him.

"You learn a lot when you grow up with your friend" he pronounced slowly his last words "and lover."

Helena felt anger filling all her senses, she pressed her fist into balls.

"They were very good years." Dick said "We were too young. She was just 18." He gave a long swallow of his beer "I hope that you are not playing with her." Dick said finishing his beer "You know, a young girl that conquers a mature woman… And, for a girl like you is a good trophy."

Barbara read a book at her bedroom. It was an interesting new book she had just got from Amazon. Buying books online was fantastic. More when it was hard to find. She heard Helena arriving to the Penthouse, it was a bit off that she didn't greeted her as usual. She heard her opening the fridge and a second later she walking toward the living room.

She could be silent as a cat, but when she wore those heavy black boots it was impossible to be silent,

The lights were off, Helena didn't need it to see, Barbara knew. But she felt something was off. Helena would sometimes sit to watch TV to not disturb Barbara's sleep, but always, she went to see Barbara and give her a goodnight kiss. This was the first time in a whole year that Helena hadn't done it.

She put her robe and transferred to her wheelchair to move out of the room.

She heard soft music coming from the living, took her a few seconds be used to the darkness and see Helena's form was sprawled on the couch with a leg over the arm of it and with a beer on her hand humming softly the song.

*Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don't I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me,
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break,
I crave, I love, I've waited long enough,
I try as hard as I can.*

´Hearing the lyrics, Barbara felt sure definitely something was bothering her young partner. She wheeled close to her.

"I'm sorry." Helena said hearing the sound of the wheelchair "I didn't mean wake you up."

"I was awake." Barbara transferred herself to the couch. Helena helped her taking her by her waist and pulled her against her. The old woman rested her head on Helena's shoulder and hugged her.

Both kept the silence until the notes of the next song began to be play in the dark room.

*So I drift into the end like a moth to light
Down the boulevard to a coffee shop
In the land of song
In the land of wait
Beat is bearing down on this lonely town
I never seem to write them down as good as you
Like I somewhere lost the keys that let me in*

*So I'm changing who I am
'cos what I am's not good
And I know you love me now
But I don't see why you should
So i'm changing who I am
'cos what i am's not good
and I know you love me now
Though I don't see why you should
and I don't see why you should
No I don't see why you should*

"What's bothering you?" Barbara asked softly.

Helena kept silent.


"Why do you love me Barbara?" the brunette asked softly.

"I have everything with you. I don't need anything else."

"There are many people better than me."

"What's going on?" Barbara raised her head.

"I'm just saying, I mean, you are beautiful, smart, with a whole culture, education and I…"

"Helena, what happened?" Barbara touched the brunette's chin with her fingers and she winced. Well. That was off.

"What happened Helena?" the red head moved back and turned on the lamp of the living at her right side.

She noticed then that Helena had a bruise over her chin and a cut under her left eye.

"What happened to you?" Barbara asked concerned, feeling this was not a street fight.

"I had a bar fight." Helena finished her beer and put the bottle on the table at her side.

"Bar fight?"

"Nothing important."

"Helena, tell me what happened."

The dark haired woman fixed her eyes on her. Helena knew "the look", she exhaled and rubbed her temple with her right hand.

"Dick…" she finally whispered.

"Dick? What happen with Dick?"

"He said things that pissed me off and I… I hit him. A fight started at the bar and… well…"


"Leonard suspended me for a week."

"All right," Barbara pinched the bridge of her nose "What did he say?"

"Is not what he said… it's was what he didn't say…" Helena said annoyed, standing up.

"I'm not sure I understand."

Helena rubbed the back of her head with her hand. "I don't want talk about that."

"But I want to."

"Barbara, it was just a dumb discussion."

"Yes, a dumb discussion that bruised your face and made Leonard suspend you a whole week. Now talk."

Helena put her hands on her waist, she was cornered. The best thing was to tell Barbara all of the truth or she would be really pissed.

He enjoyed telling me about when you were lovers"

"He said that?"

"He was subtle about it." Helena hit a fist in the air "Fuck! Barbara, it pisses me off the way he says it!!! He insisted on saying how long you belonged to him."

Barbara exhaled and rubbed her eyes. "He's just is taunting you, that's the past, another life."

"I know!" Helena almost shouted "But just imagining him touching you.. you… you with him, turns me crazy Barbara!"

Helena paced furiously. Barbara observed her in silence. After a few seconds she extended her hand to the brooding woman and said with a very soft voice, so soft, that it caught the brunette's attention immediately.

"Do you trust me?"

The young woman held her hand and pressed her fingers gently. "My life belongs to you."

Barbara pulled her against her. Their knees touched and Barbara took both of her hands between hers.

"You are my heart, my soul," she whispered "If you don't trust in me, every time he talks about what it was, he will keep hurting you. I love you as I never could love him. He's jealous because you have me, he never truly did and he never will."

Barbara pulled Helena and on top of her lap so that Helena straddled her.

"How do you think I feel when you go out alone?" Barbara asked softly caressing her cheeks "I think that maybe you will find someone better than me, you are so beautiful, healthy."

"No Barbara…"

"How do you think I feel when we go out? A young, strong, beautiful woman at my side. I see how heads turn to see you. All people that are healthy, beautiful, much more beautiful than me. Then, I remember how much you love me, and I'm not afraid anymore. I feel proud to have you at my side, proud to know that you are my woman."

"No one is as beautiful as you." Helena whispered, cupping Barbara's face between her hands. "You are my strength, you are my hope, you are my everything."

"Then don't feel afraid, don't let his words hurt you."

"He never will again."

"Love me Hel." Barbara whispered.

The brunette trapped the redhead´s lips in a soft and long kiss. It was a marvelous touch of tongues. Helena moved back breathless and looked at the redhead with tenderness.

"I want you…" Barbara whispered."…Take me."

Helena's eyes morphed to gold, she bent again and kissed her lover with passion and need.

*Hold up
hold on
don´t be scared
you´ll never change what's been and gone

May your smile (may your smile)
shine on (shine on)
don´t be scared (don´t be scared)
your destiny may keep you warm

Cos all of the stars
are fading away
just try not to worry
you´ll see them some day
take what you need
and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out

Get up (get up)
come on (come on)
why´re you scared? (I'm not scared)
you´ll never change
what's been and gone.*

Huntress landed on her feet in the empty place. She looked around, everything was dark but her feral vision let her see clearly. They had been following a lead from a phone call to the police Oracle had intercepted which had talked about a "silver guy" seen in that location.

"I'm here." She whispered. "Where is Dinah?"

<On my way, too much traffic.> The blonde's voice came through the comms.

"You need buy her a bike Oracle." The brunette smiled walking in the dark place.

<No bikes> The redhead said.

<You rode a bike> Dinah sighed.

<That was different> Oracle pointed.

"You sounded like my mom." Huntress grinned.

<Don't go there.>

"Got it." Helena moved between the old buildings, the place was silent. She was in an abandoned hotel close to the bay, "I'll look around until the kid arrives."

<I'm not a kid.> Dinah protested.

<Focus girls> Oracle said with calm voice.

Huntress grinned and walked around looking for a clue, unsuccessfully. It seemed she was in the old lobby, a very creepy place.

"This place feels like it will fall at any moment." Huntress' fingers touched the border of an old wood table and then shook the dust from her fingers. "It's a great place to film a horror movie."

<It was built in1934 and abandoned 20 years ago. It's natural that it looks creepy.>

"I would definitely never spend my honeymoon here"

<Honeymoon?> Dinah asked <The elusive and indomitable Huntress is thinking of marriage? Oh My God. I want to see that.>

"Shut up." the brunette growled.

<You are afraid then?>

"Afraid?" Huntress stood up in the middle of the room and rested her hands on her hips.

<You are scared! I bet!> the blonde giggled.


<To be married.>

"I'm not scared of that."

<So you are thinking of marrying?> Dinah taunted.

"No, I'm not thinking of that. Have you been smoking that shit again?" Helena growled.

<I didn't talk about honeymoons. You did.>

<All right girls, focus on the mission> Oracle's voice was heard

<Why hasn't Huntress proposed to you Oracle?> the blonde asked.

<No idea.> Oracle answered amused. She knew that Dinah loved to taunt the brunette.

<I bet she is scared.> Dinah suggested.

<I suppose so, yes.> Oracle said.

"I'm not scared." Huntress protested waving her hands

<So, what's stopping you?> the blonde asked.

"Why don't you shut up and concentrate on getting here faster?"

<I'm here already.>

<She is definitely scared.> Oracle said.

"You are not funny Oracle."

<I'm not trying to be.>

"Are you sure it is here Oracle?" The dark haired woman looked around, she will kill the kid "I can't see anyone."

<Give me a second.>

The brunette examined inside a small storage closet. Yes, she was definitely alone. She heard a noise in a corridor in front of her. She walked to a closed door, but it was locked. She checked the door next to it, and it opened with a loud crack when she pushed it.

<Yes Huntress, it's there. I verified it twice.>


The dark haired woman stepped inside, it was like a ballroom. There was a second floor where it looked like there were offices. She stopped in the middle of the room, it was huge.

"Well, false alarm. It's the fifth time in two days," Huntress said "Some one is playing with his new mobile?"

<Could be.>

"I'll like kick the guy that is playing with false alarms." Dinah said entering the room with a torch.

"You're late again." Huntress said, hands in the pockets of her long black leather coat "You need to drive faster."

"Heavy traffic." The blonde said. "And I can't drive too fast, Oracle will kill me if something happens to her hummer."

"Maybe you should try "flying'" the brunette smiled.

"I can't fly, neither can you."

"But you can levitate things." Huntress extended her arms "Maybe you could levitate yourself and you will avoid me kicking your ass for your bad jokes." Huntress turned to look at her.

"Well, you talked about a honeymoon, not me." Dinah laughed and Huntress glared at her.

"Shut up Dinah, let's go." Huntress walked towards the main door.

"Maybe you can take her to Europe for your honeymoon."

"Just remember I work in a bar."

"Extra-shifts will help" Dinah smiled.

They heard a noise in the next room. Helena's eyes snapped suddenly to feral, her senses were on alert.

"Did you hear that?" She asked the blonde.

"Too loud to be a rat," Dinah whispered.

"Let's go check. I'll go upstairs and cross through there, you go for that door."

The blonde nodded.

The brunette jumped easily to the next floor and opened a door. It was another ballroom of two levels. The place was empty. She walked to the rail and looked down. Dinah was there, the blonde had her flashlight lighting the empty room.

"Nothing here Huntress."

"So I see," Suddenly a bright light filled the place.

"Dammit!" The brunette growled covering her eyes. It had hurt, night vision was a disadvantage when a bright light hit.

"Hello my dear, long time to no see." A voice said to her left. It was the man with the silver costume.

A blue light hit the brunette on her chest and she howled in pain.

Dinah saw with horror how Huntress' body was disintegrated in front of her, vanishing in thin air.

"Huntress!!" she shouted.

<Dinah, tell me what's going on, please, answer me.>

<Dinah, tell me please, how is she?> Oracle said.

"Still in shock, she's not in good shape," Dinah said. She was kneeling on the floor holding Huntress against her; the brunette was shivering with her eyes half open. "She is covered in snowflakes… and her body is shaking."

<I'm almost there…>

The blonde touched the brunette's cheek "Huntress? Are you okay?"

Huntress felt like she was floating in darkness. The last thing she remembered was the silver guy standing upstairs and a brief second later a blue light hit her. It had been painful as hell, she felt like her body had broken in pieces. She thought she had died. It was then that she heard Dinah so far away, but slowly her voice began to come closer.

<Are you trying to warm her up?>

Dinah checked her pupils with a small light, they didn't react. The brunette's skin was really cold and her body kept shaking.

"She's still in shock. I covered her with my coat and I'm rubbing her but her temperature is still low, only 79°C, but it should be 98.6°F". I need help here, are you still far away?"

<Two blocks…>

Huntress could clearly hear Oracle's words. She tried to pronounce a word but her mouth was stuck. She wanted to say she was fine but her body refused to react to her thoughts…

"Huntress, it's me, Dinah, come on… you can do it."

<Dinah, temperature please…> Oracle said.

The blonde used her scanner on her friend again. "81°C"

<She is still below the critical temperature.>

The brunette could finally move a bit but growled in pain. It was as if someone had pulled all her joints apart and then put them back together again; and the worst was the cold she felt.

"Huntress is coming back." Dinah hurried to say.

<I'm arriving, hold on.>

"I'm okay." Huntress thought the words and tried to say them but still she couldn't. She stirred trying to move again but her body wasn't helping, she winced.

"Easy," Dinah said hugging Helena against her "You will be fine, hold on."

"Dinah?" Huntress finally whispered her voice raspy and rough. She tried to open her eyes but they felt so heavy. It was hard to think, she felt sharp bursts of pain over all her body. "Hurts…"

"What hurts, where?" Dinah asked concerned.

"All… Where… am I?"

"The old storage depot. Easy, Oracle will be here in a few seconds."

Helena blinked trying to open her eyes "Oracle?"

"Yes," the blonde looked back. Oracle had arrived and was getting out of the Hummer. "She is here."

"…Dinah?" the brunette could finally move her hand and touched the blonde's arm.

"I'm here..."

"Are… you… okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine, just please don't move." Dinah said as the redhead wheeled over to them.

Huntress clearly heard the familiar sound of Oracle's chair. Damn, maybe she really was dying, Oracle never left the Clocktower unless it was an emergency… or the world was at the edge of disaster. Before she could react, she realized the redhead was at her side.

"How is she?" she heard Oracle's voice.

"She says she is cold and keeps shivering."

"Have you scanned her body?"

"Yes, she doesn't have any visible wounds but her metabolic system is altered."



Huntress could open her eyes but she couldn't see anything, everything was dark. Well, this just sucks. Something was very wrong, her mind was confused, she couldn't think clearly.

"What happened?" Oracle asked, moving down from her wheelchair and making a fast visual check of the dark haired woman. She seemed not to be hurt, but she was shaking and her skin was so cold, she was covered in snowflakes as Dinah had said, and that was weird, it was summer.

"I don't know." The blonde said, not hiding her worry.

"She has acute hypothermia, we need to warm her quickly. Help me to move her inside the Hummer. We need to provide her with hot fluids."

"Oracle?" the brunette mumbled.

"I'm here." The redhead turned her attention to her young protégée and cupped her check with her palm. She didn't look well, she felt concerned. "How do you feel?"

"I can't see…"

"What?" the redhead frowned.

"I… can't see..." the brunette blinked.

The redhead turned and asked Dinah for the light. Dinah obeyed. Barbara checked the dark haired woman's pupils. They were feral, like a cat's; Barbara moved the light it in front of her eyes and noticed she didn't react. Dinah looked worried.

"Am… I… blind?"

"No, you will fine, but I need to take you to the lab." The redhead said trying to sound casual. She noticed Huntress' hand looking for hers. She hesitated a few seconds before taking it and pressing her fingers with hers. She looked at her "I'm serious, you will be fine."

"The… silver guy." The brunette mumbled.


"Was him…" Huntress whispered closing her eyes. "…I'm cold Barbara…"

Oracle felt the brunette's fingers loosening their grip on hers.

"Huntress? Huntress stay with me." Barbara slapped the brunette's cheek.

"She passed out." Dinah hurried to say

"Damn…" Oracle said looking at the teenager "We need to get her to the lab, fast."

Barbara wheeled inside the guest room after finishing the last analysis at the Delphi. Helena lay sleeping on the bed., She moved close to her, her face looked so pale. She had many feelings mixed inside her and it hurt to see Helena like this.

Not thinking, she traced the soft skin of Helena's face with her fingers. She traced down her nose and the edge of her lips; she had her mother's lips and grin, playful and seductive. She brushed the stray strands of hair off her forehead. She looked so vulnerable, so young… She was so beautiful.

Barbara remembered the first time she met her as a child, so full of life; with sparks in her eyes. She smiled to herself, it seemed like it had been yesterday.

Life seemed be smiling on all of them, and then… it had happened that fatal night.

Her attention was distracted by Helena stirring on the bed. She moved her hand back. Blue eyes fluttered open.

"Barbara…?" the brunette's voice barely audible.

The redhead looked at her in silence.

"…Barbara'?" Helena felt dazed and numb, it was hard to stay awake. Everything was still confused in her mind.

"I'm… I'm here…"

Helena turned her head toward Barbara, fixing her sleepy eyes on the other woman. "I… can see you…"

"Yes, it was a temporary effect."

"What happened?" the brunette tried to fix her gaze on the redhead but it was not easy, her eyelids were so heavy.

"I don't know…" Barbara said softly "Dinah found you unconscious."

"Is… she alright?"

"She is fine, but you need to rest now."

Helena's hand looked for hers., The redhead hesitated a few seconds before extending her hand and taking it between her fingers.

"You will be fine, just sleep." Barbara said "I'll be working at the Delphi."


Barbara bit her lips. "I… I can't…"

"Stay…" Helena pressed her fingers against hers.

The redhead took a deep breath and moved her head. "I have work to do…"


Barbara exhaled loudly and nodded. "All right, I'll be here…"

"Thanks..." The dark haired woman closed her eyes.

Barbara rubbed her forehead with her free hand. Helena made her feel so confused, it was a weird feeling, something she couldn't explain.

She didn't understand why things had changed so abruptly between them. She always thought she could handle and control all her emotions but the brunette broke all her defenses, made her feel uncertain about her own feelings.

After a few minutes she realized Helena had fallen asleep. She looked at their intertwined fingers with sadness and squeezed Helena's hand for a few seconds before wheeling backwards and exiting the room.

Barbara stared at city. The sun was shining. She had her elbows resting on her knees and rubbed her palms. After making sure Helena was okay she had tried to rest but it was impossible, many ideas twirled around in her mind. This was something she hadn't expected.

This hurt, hurt her more than she expected.

Destiny usually played with her, maybe more often than she wanted, she felt so tired of life's games. She was a survivor, it hadn't been easy, it still was not easy.

She and Helena were survivors. Sometimes she wondered if she could survive alone the first years after the shooting. Helena had helped her to face her imitations, she was someone that looked at her as an equal, as a person. She never looked at Barbara as a disabled person, she had been her friend, her confident…

Helena had been a blessing in her life… and a curse.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Dinah's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Dinah… hi."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, just relaxing."

"It was a hard night, you didn't sleep very much." The blonde sat on the balcony in front of her.

"How is she?"

Barbara bit her lips and lowered her head.

"Sleeping like a log. But she is fine."

"Can she see again?"

"Yes, it was just a temporary blindness. It seems like a collateral effect of whatever had affected her."

"Did you finish all your tests?"

"Yes, her molecular system was very altered as if it was disjointed but… it's returning to normal slowly." The redhead explained "It's weird…"

"Did she tell you what attacked her?" Dinah asked crossing her hands on her chest.

"No, she was just conscious for a few seconds and she couldn't think clearly. When she is fully awake, she will tell us. What happened?"

"I'm not sure, I felt so scared when I saw her lying on the ground covered in those snowflakes, shivering. She was in shock like I told you."

"I examined the samples of the snowflakes." Barbara said.

"Any theory?" the blonde moved a lock of hair behind of her ear.

"Nothing, just normal water." The redhead shrugged her shoulders. She had been thinking, trying to understand, but she didn't have any good ideas in mind. "I'm not sure what happened there, but there is no damage to her, her clothes, the objects around her."

"We really need to ask her when she is better."


There was a deep silence. Dinah rested her hand on the redhead's arm. "How do you feel?"

"I'm not sure."

"You didn't expect this."

"No…" Barbara whispered rubbing her palms, many emotions flowed inside her. Dinah could see the confusion in her eyes.

"You will talk to her."

Barbara gave a deep breath and straightened in her chair. "I'm not sure if I want to."

"You must, you said you wanted to."

"I know, but know I'm not sure if I want to anymore."


Barbara bit her lip and turned to see the city "It still hurts Dinah."

"I know but this has been hurting you for so long, I think it is time to talk to her."

"I need time."

"Maybe you don't have it, this is your opportunity."

"Could be."

Dinah stood up and rubbed her shoulders "Why don't you try to go to sleep? You need it, you're exhausted."

"I don't think I can…" Barbara sighed. "I'm not sure what I could tell her…"

"You'll find the correct words in the correct moment."

Barbara observed her young protégée, she was right. She smiled at Dinah and touched the young woman's cheek with her palm.



Dinah and Barbara turned their heads towards the voice.

"Dick." The redhead said.

"Hey…" he walked to her and hugged her "I checked the buildings around where we found her. I couldn't find anything… How is she?"

"She is doing fine, thanks."

"What happened?"

"We're still trying to figure that out." Dinah said "I have an idea, why don't Dick and I go back to the storage depot and check again? Maybe we can find a good clue that could help us find out what happened."

"I think that's a good idea." He said.

"I agree, yes, go there." Barbara nodded.

"While you try to sleep a bit." Dinah said.

"That's a good idea." Dick leaned and touched the redhead's nose with his index finger, "Please, go rest."

"All right, all right" Barbara exhaled, it would be useless arguing, and besides, they were right, she needed rest. "I'll go, just please see if you can find something there."

Helena stirred and opened her eyes slowly. She noticed she could see again, that was a great relief. She noticed too that she could move her arms and legs and it didn't hurt like hell. It was so weird what had happened, the last thing she remembered was Silver Guy pointing at her with a strange gun.

Stupid criminal, she checked herself over. At first sight she was complete. Barbara had dressed her in one of her oversized t-shirts. She buried her nose in her arms and inhaled deeply, she loved Barbara's scent.

She sat up and looked around, she was in the med lab. She moved the blankets to one side and hopped to the floor with bare feet. The redhead surely was working at the Delphi again.

She found Dinah sitting in front of the Delphi instead, well her instinct had failed.

"Hi kid. Where is Barbara?"

Dinah observed her for a few seconds and turned her head: "Good afternoon to you too Helena."

"Afternoon," Helena said looking around "Now, where is Barbara?"

"Why are you so interested?"

The brunette narrowed her eyes. Was she joking?

"Sleeping, she was awake all night." The teenager said not giving her time to say a word.

Helena turned.

"Where are you going?" Dinah asked.

"To see Barbara."

"Let Barbara sleep, she was awake all night. She went to sleep just two hours ago,"

The brunette exhaled, she was right.

"What happened, Helena?" the blonde asked, stopping her work at the computer.

"I was expecting you to tell me." Helena walked inside the Delphi platform.

"Me? Why me?"

"Because I don't remember anything." The brunette said "Just that "Silver guy" shot me with I don't know what fucking weapon."

"Silver guy?"

"Yes, him."

"Oh…" Dinah moved her head "Who is Silver Guy?"

"I don't know, Barbara has been trying to find it out and we don't have a clue."

Dinah blinked. "Are you drunk?"

"No. Did you see anything?" the brunette rested her hips on a desk next to Dinah.

"…No… I just found you there…"

"I don't understand, I didn't feel anything until… was so sudden… Do you remember anything else?"

"No… Can you see now…?" Dinah pointed at Helena's eyes.


"I'm glad to hear that, Barbara was so worried for you."

The elevator doors opened at the moment and the redhead appeared; she fixed her eyes on the brunette not hiding her surprise to see her standing up there. The brunette smiled at her as she walked over to her.


"Hey red… Why are you awake? Dinah told me you just went to sleep."

"I… I need to work…"

The brunette leaned in and kissed her cheek. Barbara looked at her stunned.

"What?" Helena asked resting her hands on the arms of the wheelchair.

"…I thought you would be resting."

"Nah, I'm fine now."

"Oh…" Barbara cleared her throat. Having Helena so close made her feel nervous. "Do you… Do you have any idea about what happened last night?"

"I was going to ask you that." Helena waved her hand toward the blonde "I already asked the kid if she saw anything but she says no."

"I checked the place again this morning with Dick, but we couldn't find anything."

Helena rolled her eyes, fucking Dick.

"He was very nice to come here as soon as I called him. He was traveling." The redhead said, moving her wheelchair toward Delphi platform. Helena hopped back "Your blindness was temporary as was the low temperature of your body. Whatever hit you created a disturbance in your molecular metabolism and altered your nervous system."

"In English?" Helena asked.

"He in some way separated the molecules of your body."

"Uh… and how could it affect me?"

"No idea, you are as annoying as always." Dinah said.

"Ha, ha…"

"It seems your system is normal." Barbara typed at her computer "Maybe the person who attacked you just wanted to stun you. What were you doing there?"

"Following up the emergency call, what else?"

The redhead took a deep breath. "Yes I see…"

"What's wrong?" the brunette asked.

"What happened there?"

"I don't know, I was there investigating and talking with Dinah and…"

The redhead looked at the blonde.

"Talking to me?" the blonde asked.

"Yes, talking with."

Barbara nodded slowly. "All right you were talking with her and…?"

"I don't know exactly, the room was in darkness. Suddenly a bright light filled the room and I couldn't see anything, the next thing I saw was a blue light hit me and I felt my body break in pieces. I don't remember anything else."

"Were you two talking while you were investigating? Is that not the way that the enemy discovers you?"

"Well…" Huntress said "The place was empty."

"Well," Barbara stopped her work at Delphi and turned to see Helena "not as empty as you thought, someone attacked you. It's a basic rule in crime fighting: precaution. Don't talk so much when you are investigating."

Helena sighed. "All right, it's my fault…"

"I returned there as I told you Barbara

The elevator door opened and Dick appeared. "Hey girls, hey Helena I'm glad to see you are fine."

Helena faked a smile at him. "Hi…"

"You look great." He said.


Barbara glared to her. Helena just shook her head. "All right, I'm sorry. Thanks for your help."

"What attacked you?" Dick asked.

"She doesn't have an idea." Barbara said.

"I think it was Silver guy." Helena looked her nails.

"Who is Silver guy?" Dick asked.

"A slippery guy that we had been trying to locate."

"All right," the redhead said, "I think I must work on this and Helena must rest before I perform more tests on her."

"I'm feeling fine."

"I'm not asking."


"Why?" Barbara turned to see her "because I need to be sure you will be fine after whatever hit you unbalanced all your metabolic system. I don't know how it affected you."


"Your meta skills, your brain."

"Mmmm" the brunette scratched her head.

"Well," Dick said "I need to go and do some errands. I'll be back later."

"All right." The redhead said.

Dick leaned and kissed her cheek. Helena was furious and bit her lips. He went to the elevator and waved to her. When the doors closed the young woman turned to look at the redhead.

"Is it necessary for him to kiss you in front of me?"

"I don't see the problem in it, now go to that chair," Barbara pointed to the brain scanner. "I want to check your head."

"He is a moron."

"Helena, please, I don't want to discuss that now."


"He came here to help us," the redhead interrupted not hiding her annoyance. "He is a great support, I don't care if you still have issues against him or not He has been supporting me and I really appreciate it and I feel thankful for having him close."

She turned and pressed some keys at her computer. The brunette blinked, she hadn't expect that reaction from Barbara.

"Barbara but…" she said.

"Helena I found you almost dead." Barbara stopped her work and looked her. "I thought you would die. It wasn't until this morning that I could be sure you would survive. Do you think that is nice? Finding you again after… after…" the redhead's lips trembled with anger "…finding you again almost dead?"

Helena moved her head and brushed her hair back. "I'm sorry, really, I didn't…"

"This is not just an 'I'm sorry,'" Barbara said angry "I hate every time you do this! You always do it!"

"I do what?" Helena asked waving her hands.

"Risk your life so unnecessarily!"

"I was just checking that place!"

"Without taking any precautions. What's the first rule I taught to you? Focus, just focus on your job because any distraction could be mortal and you keep behaving as if you were 12 years old. You could be dead now. Now please, go and sit there. I have work to do."

Man, Barbara really was mad. It seemed things last night had been worse than she thought. The best thing to do was to shut up. Helena sighed and moved toward the chair. Dinah didn't say a word, she also knew the best thing was to keep quiet when Barbara was in that mood. She just turned her chair and went back to work on the computer in front of her.

Barbara worked checking the results of her last test on Helena in her computer. She turned her head toward the balcony where Helena was sitting next to her favorite gargoyle staring at the city. She'd always done it since she was a teenager. Barbara took a deep breath, rubbing her head with her palms she wondered what kind of game the life was playing with her.

"Still working?" Dinah asked stepping inside the lab. "Nothing wrong? I mean, with her head, her reflexes."

"No." the redhead moved back in her chair and scratched her head.

"It's weird, Where is she now?"


"Have you talked with her?" the blonde pulled a chair and sat next to her. Barbara couldn't hide her sadness.

"Not yet." Barbara said.

"Why not?"

"I need to wait for the best moment, first I need to be sure she is okay."

"You have been waiting for this for so long."

"I know, is just that… when you are…" Barbara tried to find the correct words to explain her feelings "…facing the moment you had been hoping for… it is not as easy as you imagined."

Dinah smiled to her, "Tell me about it, I always dream what would happen if I could see my mom again, and when it happened, nothing was as I expected…"

"You're hurt Barbara, you need talk to her. You have many things inside you. You need to tell her."

"Maybe for that reason I don't want to talk with her. I don't want to open old wounds."

The blonde touched the redhead's hand. "Do it."

"I'll do it, I promise. I just need to wait for the perfect moment."

"All right. You know you can count on me."

"Yes, I know." The redhead smiled lightly to her.

"Well, it's late. I'll go to sleep."

"Hey Baby." Dick cheered, stepping outside the elevator.

"Hey Dick." The redhead smiled at him.

"Well guys, I'll let you talk. I'm tired." Dinah said standing up.

"Have a good night." He said.

"She is a great girl." Barbara said.

"She has the best mentor in the world." Dick said touching her cheek with his palm.

"Are you trying to be charming?"

"I don't need to try, I' m always charming" he smirked.

"Thanks Dick."

The handsome man sat on a desk holding Barbara's hand.


"Thanks for being here." Barbara said.

"Always for you." He smiled, "I don't like to see you worried and I know how important she is to you."

"Dick…" Barbara whispered lowering her gaze. "She…"

"Shhh…" he said resting his index over her lips. "She is very important to you, no matter what happened."


"You need to talk with her."

"I know, is just that… I need to find a good moment."

"Do it before she leaves… "

The redhead took a deep breath and lowered her head. "I'm afraid about how she could react, you know her, she hides her feelings, she could just leave and not say a word… I'm trying to imagine any situation to find the best way to talk with her about it."

Dick took her chin between his fingers and fixed his eyes on hers.

"You always find the correct words, don't worry."

Helena opened her eyes looking into the dark night. She enjoyed the nights, the feel of the cold air caressing her skin. It was as if the night was part of her soul. She stood up, she had spent almost all afternoon there. Barbara had told her she wanted her close. It had been a creepy day. Her body was fine, Barbara had been following all her movements to be sure she was fine. It seemed that whatever had hit her was just a weapon to keep her down.

She went inside Clocktower. Delphi was alone, just the humming sound of the computers could be heard. Barbara must have gone to rest, it was a good thing. She went toward the penthouse. She wanted a warm shower and then a peaceful sleep.

The elevator doors opened in the living room of the penthouse and she froze in place. Barbara was in her wheelchair, Dick was leaning over her kissing her and she was… kissing him back…?

"Barbara?" Helena felt the words stick in her mouth.

"Helena…" Barbara and Dick both turned to look at her.

"Oh, hi…" He smirked at her.

That smile was the spark that made the brunette react. Everything went red, she felt her blood building in her veins. She walked toward Dick angry, fists in balls.

"Dick and I were…" Barbara said, but before she finished her sentence the brunette hit him hard on his jaw sending him to the floor.

"Helena!" the redhead shouted.

Dick tried to fight back but Helena was fast, he missed a blow to her.

"Fucking bastard." Helena growled hitting him and sending him flying toward a mirror on the wall breaking it into pieces.

"Helena stop!!!!" Barbara shouted again.

The brunette lifted him by the lapels of his shirt and buried her fist in his gut taking the air out of his lungs. The next impact of the brunette's fist made Dick stumble back and crash against a table in the corridor.

This time he reacted and when the brunette was over him he pushed her back with his feet.

Helena rolled on the ground and stood up with incredible speed. She tried to charge against Dick but Barbara wheeled in front of her.

"I said stop!" the redhead said with a hard voice.

Helena arrested her movement pressing her fists in balls in anger.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Dick asked annoyed.

"Son of a bitch." Helena growled, Barbara stopped her attempt to attack him again resting her hands on her waist "Get out of here!! I don't want to see you in my fucking life ever again or I'll kill you!!"

"I can stay here if I want This is not your home!"

"Dick!" Barbara shouted "Please!"

"She is crazy." He cleaned his lip with the back of his hand.

"Get out!" the dark haired woman spat.

"Helena please, calm down." the redhead said. "Dick, let me talk to her."


"Let me talk to her." Barbara's tone was harsh.

In a bad mood, the tall man went toward the elevator and disappeared behind the doors. Helena turned and paced furiously in the living room.

"Why?" she shouted at the redhead.

"Why?" Barbara looked her.

"Why Barbara?" The brunette clenched her teeth, the muscles of her face tensed, her feral eyes more bright than ever. She hit her hand against a flower arrangement on the living table breaking it against the floor.

"Could you please calm down?" Barbara worried for her behavior, lifted her hand to her.

"How the fuck do you expect me to calm down? You were kissing him!!! Why?"

"Helena, please, calm down and we can talk."

"You betrayed me!" the dark haired woman growled. She hit the wall with her fist breaking the wood

"Helena stop! I didn't betray you!"

"No? You were cheating on me!"

"Helena… I think there is a misunderstanding…"

"You said you loved me! To trust in you!" Huntress shouted "But you were lying! Is that the reason that you were so insistent in accepting him into our home again?"

"You are very upset, please, I beg you, calm down, if not, we can't talk."

Helena brushed her hair back with her hands pacing around the room, her mind trying to understand.

"Please sit down."

"Why Barbara?" the brunette mumbled "I'd give my life for you…"

"Helena, please sit."

The brunette turned her back to her and rested her hands on her hips, she took a deep breath.

"I love Dick." Barbara said.

Helena snapped her head back feeling her heart had been stabbed. "What?"

"I love Dick!"

"Don't fuck with me!" the brunette couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I'm telling you the truth! I love Dick!"

"No! You're mine!" Helena shouted moving close to her.

"I'm not 'yours' " Green eyes didn't blink "Where did you get that idea?"

The look in Barbara was so cold that the brunette felt the floor swallowing her, her heart breaking in pieces. Her eyes turned moist and she stepped back. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Helena, I'm sorry." Barbara said noticing the expression in the brunette's face "I was not sure about him for years, but… "

"What's happening? What's wrong with you?" Helena almost shouted.

"Nothing is wrong with me." The red head said.

"You promised me…"

"What are you talking about? I didn't promised anything. I don't understand your behavior!"

"You don't understand…???" Helena gasped shocked.

"Helena, I love Dick. I think I have always been in love with him." Barbara looked her.

"I don't know where you want to go with this shit but stop right now!" Helena rest her hands over the wheelchair arms and leaned to her.

"Wait a minute Helena, my relationships are mine, not yours. You stop right now."

"What?" the brunette moved back stunned.

The redhead rubbed her temple with her fingers. "Why did you come back?"

"Come back?"

"Helena, you don't have the right to come here and ask me about what I do or not in my life or with who I want share my life."

"Well, you are my girlfriend. I respect you and our relationship and I expect the same respect of you."

Barbara looked at her speechless.

"Two days ago you said you loved me and we were together."

"You are confused, two nights ago I… I was with Dick."

"Enough Barbara!!" Helena shouted angry.

"Helena we have never been lovers!" Barbara shouted back "Please calm down!"

"What we are then? Rabbits fucking?"

"What are you talking about? You left almost ten months ago! You don't have the right to yell at me!"

Barbara's words hit the brunette's like a cold shower and she froze in her place.

"I live alone here with Dinah. I'm afraid that the blast that hit you affected your mind." Barbara said. "We never have live together!"

The brunette narrowed her eyes, Barbara was talking seriously. She really believes in all the things she was saying. What happened to her?

"Helena…" Barbara tried to remain calm. "You live in your apartment at the Darkhorse bar, and…"

"Quinzel." Helena whispered, the name hit Helena's mind. Barbara was acting really weird, she knew her, she never would kiss Dick, say she loved him. Had that bitch hypnotized Barbara? Maybe it had been while she had been unconscious.


The brunette observed her in silence. "What do you remember about me?"

"What do I…? I don't understand." Barbara said.

"Okay, Imagine you are right, I've lost my mind, now, I don't remember anything about me. What do you know? Remind me."

Barbara took a deep breath. "You said you will work alone. I looked for you but you… you just avoided me all the time. I understood you didn't want to talk with me."

"How long…" Helena waved her fingers "since I last saw you?"

"Three months, the last time I saw you…" Barbara moved her head. She couldn't hide the sadness in her face "You… really were very rude with me. I never came back to look for you."

"I'm sorry Barbara," Helena said "I never would hurt you."

"You already did."

"Damn..." Helena whispered kneeling at her side "Barbara I'm sorry, I think this is a misunderstanding. I love you more than my life."

The redhead looked at her with sadness. "Now you are talking because you don't remember anything, but when you do you will go again."

"Barbara I think Quinzel hypnotized you and made you forget all about us."


"We live together, you are the love of my life." The young woman explained.

"Helena that's insane." Barbara shook her head.

"I can prove it to you." Helena stood up and walked toward the main bedroom.

"Where are you going?"


The redhead followed her. Helena abruptly opened the door of her bedroom and went toward the closet She opened the doors of it and looked at the clothes. It was full with Barbara's clothes, not hers.

"What the f…?" she growled, moving the clothes to the side. "Where are my clothes Barbara?"

"Helena…" Barbara's voice was soft, she lifted her right hand "In some way whatever had hit you, affected your mind creating a fantasy…"

"Fantasy? No!! You and I live together! This is our bedroom!!"

She opened a drawer and looked inside. There were Dick clothes, she could smell him on them. Her eyes changed to feral. Damn Quinzel, what the fuck had she been doing? Not thinking twice she took out the drawer and crashed it against the wall furiously.

"Helena calm down," Barbara said "When I found you, your metabolism was altered, as if all your cells had been separated and later came back to their place, all your nervous system was altered. I suspect the impact that hit you affected your memory and created this fantasy in your head."

"It's not a fantasy!"

"Well, tell me where your clothes are then." The redhead crossed her arms over her chest.

Helena turned her head around looking for their pictures, there were none.

"I live here alone with Dinah, she can tell you too."

"She is hypnotized too!"

"Don't be ridiculous Helena, she has been in Arkham since…" Barbara paused "Since that night."

"Barbara, she wants to screw with us! In some way she did it again! She made you forget all your life with me with that silly story about me abandoning you! I would never do that!"

"Helena, Dinah found you in that alley…"

"I wasn't in an alley," Helena protested "I was in the old hotel."

"She found you in an alley. I parked the hummer a few meters from you. When I saw you… I was shocked I didn't expect… to see you…"

Helena moved her head and brushed her hair back with her hands "No, no no… We live together, I moved to live ten months ago. Before that attack three nights ago, we went to an opening."

"Three days ago I was with Dinah and Dick at the New Gotham museum," Barbara said "there was an opening of Indian art."

"No! We were together!" Helena moved her head.

"Look at the newspaper on the night table." Barbara said

The brunette turned her head toward the night table.

"There is a photo of the three of us there."

Helena took the newspaper in a bad mood and opened it. There was a picture of them there as Barbara had said, she looked for the date. It was impossible, she had gone there with the red head.


"This is a fake newspaper!"

"Helena you can go to the newspaper and ask for their files, the files of all the newspapers in the city, they posted that photo in the Cultural section." Barbara went toward her night table and took the remote control in her hand.

"What's that?"

"Have you heard about the TV record?"

"Yeah, it records your favorite TV programs."

"Okay." Barbara turned on the TV "I recorded the day of the Museum event."

The TV screen turned on, a lady announcing the latest news on New Gotham appeared. The date was, yes, the date Barbara said. She was transmitting live from the museum. The woman began to interview the red carpet. Barbara pressed the forward button.

Suddenly a dark limo appeared, and after a few minutes Barbara followed by Dick and Dinah. The words of the woman hit Helena like a rock.

<We now see Barbara Gordon arriving with her fiancé, Dick Grayson.>

"Fiancé??" Helena surprised, turned to see Barbara's finger.

<Evening Miss Gordon.> the woman on the TV said.

<Hey, hi.>

<You two look great as always.> The woman said to Barbara.

"As always?" Helena grumbled.

<What do you think about this exposition of Indian art?>

<I'm really excited to see it> Barbara said <Seems it's fantastic, I love Indian art>

<When will the wedding be?>

<We are planning to do it this summer.> the redhead answered.

"What?" Helena gasped shocked.

"It's a recorded TV program from the day of the opening." Barbara said freezing the image on the TV "Dick and I are thinking of marriage. We have been planning it for a few months."

Helena was speechless, she didn't know what was happening. This was insane, but in that video there were so many people involved and…

"Helena, we never have been together." Barbara said "I'm sure that blast that hit you affected you and made you create that fantasy in your mind."

"Will you marry him?" the brunette felt a knot in her throat.

"We don't have a date yet, but yes…"

"No!" Helena shouted "All this is a lie!" she stormed to the door.

"Wait. Where are you going?"

"To find the truth."

"Helena you can't go, I need to check on you."

The dark haired woman didn't hear her and pressed the elevator button.

"Please, calm down."

"I can't!" Helena turned to see her "Someone has screwed with our life!! I don't know what is happening, I can't just sit there listening to that absurd story about you and Dick getting married and that you don't remember me!!"

"No, wait…" before Barbara could finish her sentence, the brunette stepped inside the elevator and the doors closed behind her.

Part 3

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