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Worlds Apart
By Jaguarin


Part 7

Dinah was just finishing some research on her computer when she heard the elevator doors opening and saw Barbara wheeling into the kitchen.

"Hi, how was your walk?" the teenager asked.


"You needed to relax. You're very stressed what with Helena's memory loss and Mystic."

"I'd say "my walk" stressed me a lot more." The redhead said, keeping silent a brief second "And at the same time it was nice, very nice."

"Why?" the blonde asked, closing her laptop.

"Everything was great," Barbara said, looking for a cup of coffee "Helena appeared suddenly and we had a nice talk, she was funny, bright, everything was great until we argued."

"Did she annoy you?"

"No. In fact…" The old woman smiled "I think she got jealous."

Dinah smiled at the great news. "Is she starting to remember?"

"If her reaction was anything to go by, yes," Barbara poured some coffee into her cup, "she was really angry."

"What did you do?"

"Nothing. Gwen Harris is back to town; she saw me and gave me her phone number."

"That's all?" Dinah asked.

Barbara wheeled toward the kitchen table. "Yes, she just gave me her phone number, Helena asked me what I thought of her and I said she was hot and the argument began. She was angry because she thinks I don't pay enough attention to her and that I go out too often with friends. That I'm taunting her. I really did nothing."

"Where is she now?" Dinah sat next to the redhead.

"No idea, she left furious."

Dinah rested her chin on her hand. "She asked for you this morning."


"She thought you were mad at her because you calmly accepted her offer of friendship, then she asked me why you insisted on bringing Wade here."

"He is just a good friend." Barbara took a sip of her coffee.

"Yes but you keep saying his name so much lately" Dinah giggled "and she is not the focus of your attention. That kills her."

"And I'm dying to get her back." The red head said. Barbara sighed "I really miss her, Dinah."

"I think she loves you, but whatever hit her in the head made her think she is straight and she doesn't want to accept it."

"Could be." Barbara licked her lower lip with her tongue.

"What are you thinking?" the blonde asked.

Barbara took out her mobile and pressed some buttons. "That maybe I should invite Gwen to dinner."

"You're joking."

Barbara smiled at her.

"Come on, Barbara."

"You know I would never play games like that, Dinah." The redhead said.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Keep an eye on her. When Helena is angry, she goes out looking for trouble."

"Did you find anything about Mystic?"

"No, not yet, he's vanished. If we catch him, we will find answers about what happened to Helena, why she lost part of her memory."

"Maybe it's time to start our sweeps again." Dinah said.

"Helena is physically recovered but I'm not sure." Barbara said. Helena's memory loss still worried her "And she's been having too many headaches."

"I'll keep an eye on her. Maybe a bit of action will help her to recover faster"

"Yes, maybe you are right" the red head nodded "I'll talk with her."

The man's back hit the wall hard. He slipped down, unconscious. Huntress smirked. Another man tried to attack. She bent and kicked him in the gut, he crashed against a trash can. Two more men charged her. She jumped over them and took one by the back of his sweater and pushed him against his friend; both fell to the floor and she jumped over them, and punched both of them with her fists. She moved back and looked around.

There was a deep silence in the lonely alley.

"That's all?" she growled extending her arms. They don't make men like they used to. "What's wrong with you?"

The brunette picked up one of the men who was squirming on the floor. She pushed him against the wall.

"All right," she said "A little bird told me you all used to work with Mystic. Where is he now?" she had been researching all night and she couldn't find a single clue as to what had happened in the last weeks. So, she had decided to chase criminals and maybe find someone who would know about that man.

"I don't know, it's been a long time since he left. He just disappeared."


"No, I'm not lying."

"I'll look for you soon, and I hope you bring me some good news. You don't want to see me pissed off." She pushed him against the wall and turned around.

Helena began to walk down the street. Now what? She felt tired of all this, she felt an incredible need to be close to Barbara, hold her, kiss her; she wanted to make love to her… shit.

She kicked a trash can close to her and paced angrily, running her hands through her hair.


Why can't she remember anything about the past year?

Helena felt she had recovered her home again and Barbara was trying to taunt her, yes, but it was not going to work. She was just ignoring her to annoy her, many people were flirting with Barbara and she was letting them do it.

Helena had asked the redhead to be friends, yes but Barbara needed at least be respectful with the relationship they had.

Seemed the redhead had forgotten it too soon.

Damn, the idea pissed Helena off. Barbara said she loved her but she was acting as If it hadn't matter. What's going on?

She needed to do something but she didn't know what. Everything was so messed up. Helena couldn't love her, she was her mentor, a good friend of her mom and dad. She hit her head with her hand.

What was she thinking?

This was so weird, so unexpected.

She needed a drink, no, she needed a bottle.

The loud music was exactly what Helena needed, something that didn't let her think, and of course the alcohol helped a lot. After two bottles of tequila she began to feel more relaxed.

She loved tequila, it was strong, tasty and she loved it, especially with music in a dark bar where people were just looking for fun and no one knew who you were.

Helena sat next to the bar watching people, just having fun. She remembered she had kissed a girl when she was sixteen, more out of curiosity than anything, but she had never dated one, or at least it was what she remembered. She had done it because she had a crush on Barbara, but that was all. Lots of girls had crushes on other women, but that was all. Well, it seemed that hadn't been all. She really had a relationship with Barbara.

That knowledge scared her.

She took another shot of tequila and looked around. She felt a stab of pain in her head. Maybe she was drinking too fast.

"Want to dance?" a handsome man asked. She shook her head. She just wanted to drink and lose consciousness, maybe wake up on a park bench. She moved through the crowd.

It was crazy what was happening.

She liked Barbara, she liked being with her, to feel her close.

She rubbed her eyes with her fingers. Maybe she had drunk too much.

"Want to dance pretty?"

Helena noticed a slender hand extended toward her. She looked up and saw a stunning woman smiling at her. She looked at her, not moving.

"Just a dance, it won't hurt, or are you afraid?"


"Of me…"

Helena smirked, that woman was seriously challenging her? Maybe this could help her remember what it was like to be with a woman. To have a bit of fun couldn't hurt anyone; she left her glass on the table.

She took the woman's hand and moved toward the dance floor. She was breathtaking, with a thin waist and an amazing body. They danced and moved following the rhythm of the music. The woman rubbed against Helena every time she could.

Helena noticed the red hair on the woman, she realized then that the woman looked so much like Barbara. She had red hair, fine features.

Helena blinked, suddenly it was not a strange woman, it was Barbara. She was dancing with her. It was Barbara, that was so strange… and wonderful at the same time.

The woman wrapped her arms around the dark haired woman's neck and pressed her body against her. The woman was definitely not wearing a bra. She could feel the woman's thigh pressing against her center.


"How about a drink?" the young woman whispered to the brunette's ear. "I have a private table." She moved back, taking Helena's hand and pulling her.

The dark haired woman didn't object and followed her to her table.

The woman filled a glass and lifted it to her "A toast to you…"

"To me?"

"I'm lucky tonight, you are gorgeous." The woman sat very close to the brunette, wrapping an arm around her back.

Helena smirked, taking the glass, "What's your name?"

"How about no names? Just fun?"

"Sounds good to me."

Suddenly yells and screams were heard from the other side of the room.

"All right, everybody give me all the money in your fucking pockets."

It was Mystic and his henchmen.

Helena moved to her side. She knocked down the first thug, smashing a wine bottle over his head. Then she walked to the other two and knocked them down.

Mystic heard the noise and turned his head. Furious he saw Huntress walking toward him.

"Finally I find you." The brunette growled.

"What are you doing here? You should be dead!!"

"I'm very much alive" she smashed her fist into his face. The man fell backwards. Another of his thugs tried to hit Huntress but she ducked and sent him crashing against a far wall.

Mystic pointed his gun at Huntress, she jumped and avoided being hit; turning she grabbed the back of his shirt and pushed him against several tables.

"All right, we need to have a talk." She said walking toward him "I have been chasing you for a long time, and it seems you've been hiding from me."

"You should be dead!" he shouted. He tried to hit her but she ducked and punched him hard in the stomach.

"You already said that. Now what was that shit you shot me with the other day?"

He smirked up at her from the floor. "Why do you ask?"

"You screwed with my head." she lifted him by his lapel "I can't remember everything but I will. Now tell me what fucking gun you used on me?"

He tried to hit her but she was faster and hit him again sending him against the wall.

"You should be dead! How could you be alive?" he grumbled.

"I'm a cat, cats have many lives." She walked to him.

"Stupid bitch!"

Helena hit him hard in the face, knocking him down. "No one calls me bitch."

Barbara wheeled outside the school and moved toward the Hummer. She had checked on the Delphi the night before and had noticed when Helena caught Mystic. She had followed her movements all night, looking out for her. In the end, she had gone to sleep with Dinah.

She remained awake almost all night and when she awoke, she was surprised to find Mystic's weapon on her desk. Helena must have dropped it there.

That was a good thing, she could work on it and try to find out what it was and understand how it had affected her young lover. She was sure Helena would turn up soon. She stopped beside the Hummer and looked for her keys.

She heard the horn of a motorcycle. Helena was resting her hips on the seat of the bike a few meters away all dressed in leather with high boots.

"Hi," Barbara said with a big smile on her face. She had been right, she was there.

"Hi…" Helena smiled lightly.

"You look great." Barbara said honestly, the young woman looked gorgeous.

"You like it?" Helena said standing up and giving a little twirl.

"Yes, you look well … very well." Barbara cocked her head. She felt so tempted to take the younger woman's hand and pull her up against her to kiss her "So… you finally caught Mystic."

"That was a lucky break. He is finally behind bars." Helena smirked.

"Yes, it was lucky you were in that bar at that moment." Barbara said resting her hands on the briefcase over her legs.

"I left his strange weapon in the lab. Maybe you could check it later." The brunette put her hands inside her pant pockets.

"I saw it. Yes, I'll do that. Did he say anything?" Barbara asked curiously.

"He wondered why I wasn't dead yet and called me bitch. It pisses me off when people call me bitch."

"You need to work on your charm."

"Do you think?"

Barbara chuckled. "I'm glad all this is finished."

"Not yet," Helena pointed to her head "You still need to fix my head."

"You are fine, you just need time."

The brunette lowered her head a few seconds before looking at the redhead again. "I'm sorry for yesterday."

"Don't worry, I understand you are still confused."

Helena sighed. "I think all this is getting on my nerves, not understanding what's happening, not remembering anything." She looked at Barbara through her rebellious dark bangs "I just know I like being with you."

"I like being with you too." Barbara said, feeling an incredible joy inside her chest.

"Wanna ride?" Helena mimed the sign of a ride with her left hand.

"Do you remember that we used to go out on a bike?" Barbara narrowed her eyes.

"No, a little bird whispered in my ear.." Helena winked "Dinah told me I had added some belts to secure your legs and feet to the bike and a seat with a belt to help keep you in place."

"Yes, you did a terrific job on it."

Helena turned and showed her a black helmet "I got this for you" she turned it in her hands.

"But… the Hummer."

Helena extended both arms to her right. "Ta-da!! Alfred could take it home safely."

Barbara looked stunned when her loyal friend appeared behind the Hummer with a big smile.

"Seems you've thought of everything." The red head chuckled, shaking her head.

"She always does." Alfred said.

"And I brought a jacket for you too." Alfred gave Helena a black jacket.

Helena took a card out of her pocket and lifted it with her index and middle fingers. " And I brought my driver's license too."

Barbara loved riding the bike, feel the vibration of the engine under her, the wind on her face; she had loved the adrenaline. She looked at the brunette, who in turn looked at her with eyes full of expectation and excitement; like a kid waiting to go out. Helena was a big kid, and she definitely was crazy, and this will help them to be closer.

Decision made.

Barbara nodded "All right. Let's go."

"Yes!" Helena grinned happily handing Barbara the jacket and taking the briefcase off her legs. "Help me with this, Alfred."

After a few minutes, Helena had secured the redhead on the back seat of the bike.

"Drive carefully Alfred." Helena said climbing on the bike and adjusting the helmet on her head "I don't want Barbara to lecture us for screwing with her Hummer."

"Don't worry Miss Helena," Alfred said amused "I never got a ticket driving for Master Wayne – even when thugs were chasing us. Have fun."

The redhead made a face.

"He is joking, Red." Helena turned on the motorcycle, "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Barbara wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist; and the young woman pressed the accelerator.

Helena and Barbara arrived at the Penthouse laughing. Helena was fun when she was in a good mood. The brunette had surprised Barbara by picking her up at the school in a bike. The redhead had enjoyed the time spent with Helena, it had been like it used to be. The brunette had chosen a long way home and the sensation of being on a bike again had been fantastic; it felt so good driving at high speed between vehicles. The time seemed to fly.

Barbara hugged the brunette's waist and let her face rest on her back. It felt so good. She felt very happy to have Helena back. She had missed her a lot, she never imagined how much she would miss her. It had been really dark days and things were finally going well.

"Seriously" the brunette smiled, following her inside the penthouse "I think it will work."

"Don't say that."

"I would really appreciate it if you two could avoid stepping inside my living room with all that mud on your clothes." Alfred said from the hallway "I've just polished the floor."

Both women looked down. It seemed riding a bike in the rain could get a bit dirty.

"It was that hole I told you not to drive over."

"I thought it was small." Helena said removing her boots.

Barbara extended a bag to Alfred. "They're muffins. Could you please make some coffee?"

"Seems you two had fun." Alfred gave them a towel each.

"We were but it began to rain and well," Barbara smiled bending to remove her shoes "it caught us by surprise. How did you know we would be soaked?"

His eyes moved to one of the security cameras. "That and the fact that it began to rain in the city and you were delayed." He took the brunette's boots between his hands.

"It was just a ride but it was Barbara's idea to give a little tour before heading home." Helena hopped on one foot to remove her socks.

"I had forgotten how much fun it was to ride a bike in the rain." Barbara said.

"I suggest you take a warm shower while I prepare the coffee."

"Chocolate!" Helena's eyes sparkled.

"And chocolate too." Alfred said.


Helena recognized the voice behind them immediately and the smile vanished from her face. What was Dick doing there?

"Hey Dick," the redhead greeted "What are you doing here? I didn't expect you."

"We were going to work today…"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot."

Dick observed the two women covered in mud and wet with grass "What happened to you… two?"

"Riding a bike." Helena shrugged her shoulders. It was best to ignore him.

"Riding a bike? You know that's dangerous."

"You know we used to do it. It's fun and exciting." Barbara smiled removing the jacket and handing it to Alfred. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I forgot our appointment,"

"I must insist - it's too risky."

Barbara chuckled "Don't be silly, we were out for just a couple of hours."

"Yes," Helena said removing her jacket too "I didn't drive more than 100 miles per hour."

The tall man looked incredulously at the redhead.

"True." Barbara said using the towel to dry herself "She drove at 95 miles per hour:"

"I insist that it is dangerous." Dick almost shouted, standing in front of the redhead. He was dead against the women going on crazy bike rides.

"Dick, it was our usual speed when we used to chase criminals" Barbara brushed her hair with her hands, the problem with helmets was that they always made a mess of your hair.

"She was absolutely safe, Master Dick." Alfred pointed out "Miss Helena always takes all the precautions needed. She, like you, is concerned for Miss Barbara's safety."

"Thanks Alfred." The redhead said, "You need to relax Dick, nothing happened and I had a great time."

"Do you want coffee, Master Dick?"

"No Alfred, thanks." The man rubbed the back of his head with his hand.

"We went to the hills and the view was fantastic." Helena added wrapping the towel behind her neck. "The city looks spectacular from there."

"Hills? The highway?" the tall man asked, looking at both women.

"No, that's boring, we took one of the roads that cross the hills, you know, soil…grass…" Helena clarified.

"And she drives very well," Barbara winked to the brunette "not as good as me, but good enough."

"Come on Dick," the brunette said "Barbara climbed walls, she chased and fought criminals with axes, guns, rockets, laser guns, bombs, grenades and now you say riding a bike is dangerous?"

"It was fun, Dick." Barbara put the towel over her shoulder "It was a good idea."

"It was a stupid idea."

Barbara's expression turned serious.

"I don't know how you can say you love Barbara when you put her life at risk." Dick pointed to Helena.

"Be careful." Helena growled, no one was going to point at her.

"Seems you lost more than you memory when Mystic attacked you. Did you also lose your mind?"

"Dick!" Barbara said trying to stop his words, but it was too late. The brunette threw the towel aside and stalked toward him.

"What's your fucking problem?" Helena growled.

"Seems you've forgotten that Barbara can't protect herself! Maybe before it was fun, but now it's madness! You know everything is different now, she is not Batgirl anymore, she is not…"

Helena was going to push him back but Barbara wheeled in front of her and rested her hand on her waist looking Dick.

"I know what I am Dick." The redhead said interrupting him. The redhead pinned him with angry deep green eyes. "My relationship with Helena is mine and what o do with her is my problem, not yours."


"I trust in Helena with my eyes closed. Maybe she can't remember but it doesn't change my feelings for her. I love her because she sees me as a complete woman, something that you never could do. I know my limitations and I fight against them every day. You don't need to point them out to me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must take a shower and later, I want to be alone." She wheeled back and turned toward her room.

"Barbara…." He said her.

The redhead disappeared down the hallway.

Helena was still looking at the redhead go, she had said something really nice about her.

"You acted irresponsibly!!" Dick turned to the brunette, angry

"It's our fucking life, not yours!" Helena snatched up her towel angrily. This moron had screwed up a good moment.

"Sure." he shouted "You say you love her but you don't feel anything for her now. You forgot your love for her! How can you say you love her?"

"Fucking bastard…" The brunette clenched her jaw and pressed her fist into balls glaring to him. She could either kill him or kill him, any of those options were good.

"Master Dick." Alfred moved between them knowing a fight could start soon "I think it's time you to leave, Miss Barbara will be very angry if you two fight here.."

Dick turned away angrily.

"Miss Helena," the gentle butler turned to the young woman "Why don't you go to take a shower? You are soaked and it was freezing outside."

Helena stared at Dick. Alfred was trying to avoid a fight that could piss Barbara off even more. Dick disappeared behind the elevator doors. She lowered her head.

"He is right…" the brunette mumbled.

"Excuse me?" Alfred asked.

"I forgot my love for her. How much can you really love someone when that feeling is gone? When you forget how to love that person'"

Alfred chuckled. "I don't think you forgot your love for Miss Barbara. I think you are afraid to look for it inside you."

"How can you be sure?"

"The only one who knows the answer is you. Now go have a shower before you catch a cold."

She nodded and walked toward her room, not saying a word.

Barbara sipped her warm cup of coffee and bit into her muffin. She closed her eyes, enjoying the taste of it. She was alone in the kitchen of her penthouse, wearing just her robe after taking a warm, long and pleasant shower. She was not in the mood to work, she felt so relaxed.

She had enjoyed the evening, it had been a really wonderful ride; she could still feel the cold, the wind, the speed. She remembered her nights patrolling the city covered by the night.

She loved that sensation of freedom. She loved feeling Helena's warmth, she loved the sensation of her skin against her fingers.

She closed her eyes and remembered the way she used to kiss her, her soft lips against hers. Her tender touch.

She smiled and opened her eyes.

"If you just keep standing there, I'll eat all the muffins." she said.

"No way, you couldn't hear me." Helena scratched her head.

"No, but I can feel you."

After 'Captain Asshat' had screwed the nice day they had shared, Helena took a shower and lay on her bed watching TV thinking. She couldn't stop thinking about Barbara..

She wanted to see the redhead, talk with her. She was thinking about that when her sensitive nose detected the smell of warm chocolate.

It smelled fantastic. Thinking Alfred was around, she stepped into the kitchen and found Barbara there, and the sight of the other woman kept her standing there, just looking at her. She felt at home every time Barbara was close, she felt safe, she felt complete. She was wondering about that when Barbara spoke to her.

How could she "feel" her?

Barbara took the jar from the table and filled a cup with warm chocolate "I was waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?" Helena sat next to the redhead, happily surprised at her comment.

"I knew the smell of chocolate would bring you here," Barbara gave her the cup "I was just wondering when."

"Is this the bait to bring me here?" Helena narrowed her eyes smiling.

Barbara kept thinking a brief second, taking her cup of coffee between her fingers. "Yes." She nodded amused "And it worked." She offered the plate of muffins to the brunette.

Helena chuckled and took a muffin off the plate at the center of the table and bit it. "This looks good."

"It's good." Barbara said, biting a piece of her muffin. She put her index finger over her mouth to prevent a small piece from falling onto the table.

"Mmmm." Helena tasted the cake "This is really good."

"Thanks so much for the ride, it was fantastic." Barbara smiled.

"We must do it again." Helena tasted her chocolate, she licked her lips, she really was enjoying the chocolate. She loved milk and when it was mixed with chocolate, it tasted like heaven to her.

"We will." Barbara rested her hand on her chin observing the brunette,


"We used to do it before, we can keep doing it. Why not?""

"Wow. That's cool. I enjoyed the ride a lot too. Thanks for trusting in me that much." Helena said, remembering what Barbara had said to Dick.

"I trust you with my life" The redhead said.

"Me too."

"You are the only one for me, Helena."

Helena fixed her eyes on the redhead and stopped biting the muffin inside her mouth.

"You have no idea how much I miss you." Barbara whispered, lowering her head "I miss feeling you close to me, hugging me. It's so hard having you so close and not being able to touch you. You are my life, my everything. I wish…I wish you would come back to me."

Helena kept still, just staring at her.

"I'm sorry, I just…" Barbara moved her head "…I love you. You can't blame me for feeling like this, right?"

Helena swallowed the muffin in her mouth..

"I'm sorry." Barbara pinched the bridge of her nose and moved her hand to move her chair back.

"Don't go." Helena asked, moving her hand over the red head's.

"You must think I'm an idiot."

"I never will think that of you."

Blue eyes fixed on green. Helena felt trapped under those wonderful emerald eyes. She felt butterflies in her stomach and realized then how truly beautiful Barbara was. Well, she knew she was beautiful but this time was different, it was as if her face was glowing.

Her eyes dropped to her red lips, and she felt her mouth go dry. What would it be like to kiss her? How would it feel?

Barbara held her breath.

They looked at each other in silence, it was as if they were trapped by a magic spell. Helena suddenly felt everything around her vanish, nothing existed except her and Barbara.

She moved forward slowly.

The sound of the elevator doors opening broke the moment. Helena moved past Barbara and took a muffin off the plate next to her.

"It is good." She said.

"Yes, yes…" Barbara nodded.

"Hey." Dinah said smiling "How was your day?"

"Great until 'Captain Asshat' appeared." Helena sighed.

"Hel." Barbara said.

"He always appears at the wrong moment."

"That's part of his charm:" Helena said.

"He is a good man, he just doesn't understand women." The cyber genius said, circling her index finger around the rim of her coffee mug.

"Barbara, may I use the Hummer tonight?" Dinah asked.

"Ladies night?" the redhead asked smiling.


"Sure. Just be careful"

"Great! Dinah hugged the redhead "Thanks so much!"

"You never gave me the Hummer that easily." Helena crossed her arms over the table.

"Good, I see your memory is coming back." The redhead said.

"I never forgot that."

"See you tomorrow." Dinah waved her hand and ran toward the elevator.

Both women looked at her go. Barbara sipped a bit more of her coffee. But she was sure she needed something stronger, maybe a whisky.

"Don't listen to that moron." Helena said

"Don't call him that." Barbara looked at the brunette. Despite everything, Dick had always been good to her and a good friend.

"All right, but it doesn't change the fact he still is a moron."

"Hel… he is human."

"Being human doesn't equal being stupid. No one has the right to make you feel less than who you are." The dark haired woman looked her with a soft expression "You are an incredible human being, you're worth so much. It really makes me angry that he can't see how marvelous you are."

"I can't blame him. He is worried for me..."

"Then he doesn't love you." Helena interrupted her. "Barbara, if he can only see what's on the outside and think that it limits your life and what you are, he doesn't know you, he doesn't love you."

Barbara kept silent, staring at the muffin on her hand. She took a few moments before she turned her eyes toward the brunette. Was her memory coming back? What was inside her mind?

"I don't want to talk about him tonight, or about me. I'm tired now." Barbara said "Can we talk… about any other silly thing?"

Helena's smile turned wide and open. "How about buying me a new bike?"

"You have a bike."

"Not the Harley Davison I want."

"Forget it."

"What about that black bike at the Man…" Helena crossed her arms over the table.

"Don't even think about it.That's my bike." Barbara interrupted her.

"Come on Barbara."

"You can play with any bike in the manor, except that one. You know the rules."

"Who wrote those rules?"


"That is not democratic."

"I never said it was."

The redhead chuckled. One way or another, Helena always helped her to relax.

They sat there talking for a long time about nothing and everything, just sharing and enjoying each other's company.

"Barbara checked her watch, the time was flying with Helena at her side. It was almost 3 am. Ups, she needed awake early to go to school.

Suddenly the redhead stopped her wheelchair and she turned, moving to Helena.



Barbara raised her hand and crooked her index finger indicating to Helena to bend closer. The brunette complied, looking at her.

The redhead grabbed the brunette's neck and pulled her against her, not giving her time to react. She stole a kiss - it was fierce, possessive, intense. She had missed her so much.

Barbara moved back fixing emerald eyes on the stunned young woman.

"Don't think I'm quitting on you." She whispered, licking her lips.

She slowly turned and wheeled toward her room, leaving the brunette standing there with a dumb expression

Huntress kicked the tall man. He fell heavily to the ground. Barbara had finally relented and let her go for sweeps. She needed this. She had missed the sensation of cold air on her face, the smell of the old buildings surrounding her, a good fight.

Another man grabbed her by her back, wrapping an arm around her neck and she pushed herself back hitting a brick wall, the man gasped and fell to the floor.

She kicked a blond tall man that tried to attack her. She gazed toward Dinah, the girl was really doing an excellent job fighting. They had surprised a gang of bad guys robbing a bike store.

She saw two men charging her, she grinned, this will be a piece of cake.

Suddenly a sharp pain lanced through her head, she groaned and cupped her hand to her head.

It was just the distraction they needed.

One of the thieves who was black, bald and seemed to be made entirely of muscles, punched her hard on her ribs. She bent over and felt another blow on the side of her head that made her step back. She reacted and kicked the muscle man back but the pain in her head was slowing her down. She hit another blonde man who was trying to punch her but someone jumped on her back and threw her to the floor.

The brunette pushed him back with her feet and tried to stand up when another sharp pain shot through her head. She didn't know what hurt more - , the pain in her head or the foot hitting her side.

Dinah turned and noticed Huntress was in trouble, those thugs were doing a number on her. She was on the floor with four of those criminals surrounding her. She used her TK to push a trash container against them at the same time as she ran toward the brunette and used her TK power to push all them away from her friend.

"Move Huntress!" she shouted.

The brunette rolled to the side and curled against a wall.

The men, realizing that the police could arrive soon, ran toward their escape vehicle.

Dinah let them go, she ran toward Huntress to help her.

Huntress was kneeling on the floor trying to stand up.

"Are you okay?" Dinah asked bending.

"I don't think so." The brunette winced; she had a nasty cut on her lower lip. She was crouched on her knees holding her side, her side felt it was on fire. "Crap."

"Let me help you." The blonde took her arm and put it around her neck. "What happened? You were fighting so well."

Huntress growled and fell on her knees again, feeling another sharp pain in her head. Dinah tried to hold her. "Huntress? Are you okay?"

<What's going on, Dinah?>

The teen checked her friend lying on the floor. "Huntress?"


"She is unconscious, Oracle."

"No, this is not normal." Barbara said, adjusting the gloves on her hands.

Helena didn't say a word, she was not in the mood for a discussion, those stupid criminals had hit her hard and left her sore all over. She removed her blouse slowly and sat just wearing her pants and black bra. Barbara stared at her, she looked gorgeous, Helena's back was so beautiful, she loved Helena's back. She shook her head, she needed to focus and she didn't want Helena to catch her ogling her. Luckily Helena was sat with her back to her.

"I'll need to run some new tests on you." The redhead said while applying some ointment on the brunette's badly bruised shoulder.

She let her other hand rest on the brunette's back, it was so temping having her so close and with the legitimate excuse of tending to her bruises, she had the green light to touch her. Her fingers moved slowly, caressing strong muscles.

Damn, Helena really had an amazing body,

She let her hand trace the brunette's back while examining her. She began from her neck and began to slowly trace the muscles close to her spinal column.

"Hurt?" she asked, softly touching a spot close her lower back.

"No…" Helena closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the redhead's tender fingers on her.

"Here?" Barbara tested another spot on her lower back.

"No…" the brunette lowered her head resting her chin on her chest. Barbara's fingers were magic.

The redhead's hand moved to the dark haired woman's arm and taking her fingers between her hand and pressing it, she moved her hand up the arm slowly, teasing and massaging her fingers lightly on the brunette's arm until she reached her shoulder.

"This shoulder seems fine." Barbara whispered as she moved her hand under the brunette's arm. Maybe she was not playing fair, knowing where the erogenous zones of her young partner were. But she loved to tease her, to feel her under her fingers. She had missed it so much, the sensation of her incredible firm flesh trembling with each slight movement was fantastic.

Helena pressed her fist on the bench - damn, it felt so good. She felt the air leave her lungs when the redhead's fingers started teasing under her breast.

"Hurts?" Barbara asked clearing her throat, so temped to take that soft mound between her fingers.

"You seem be fine here." Barbara said with low voice.

"Yes… it's fine." Helena shivered. Damn, Barbara was driving her crazy with her fingers.

The red head smiled noticing that Helena was behaving like a contented cat; when you want please a cat, you just need to caress them on their head, under their chin, behind their ears and on their back. Caressing Helena's back and her scalp always worked.

Smiling and very deliberately, Barbara caressed Helena's back a few seconds more before moving her fingers to her bruised side.

The girl snapped her eyes open and gasped in pain.

"I'm sorry." Barbara said frowning a little, "Hurt you there?"

"Yes…" the brunette winced, it was an abrupt way to break the magic moment.

"Okay," Barbara gently probed her side "I'll need apply some ointment here and bandage your waist to retain the warmth of the ointment."

"All right." Helena winced.

Barbara wheeled around and stopped in front of the brunette. She applied the ointment and began to bandage the brunette´s waist.

Helena closed her eyes again enjoying the sensation of Barbara massaging her side.

"All right .." The redhead finished her work "Now let's see your face."

"I'll be fine." The brunette said, feeling nervous; Barbara's gentle ministration was beginning to affect her.

"No, stay still." Barbara cupped her chin gently "You have a split lip." she said softly. She raised her hand and her fingers delicately touched Helena's lip. "Hurt?"

"Not much…" Helena mumbled.

Barbara traced the outline of Helena's lips with her fingers. "Hurts here?"

"No…" Barbara was so close. Her nostrils could easily detect Barbara's essence; it was so subtle, so sweet. She felt her hands touching her face, tracing her eyebrows, her forehead. Helena's eyes fixed on green ones, which were bright, amazing, warm, inviting.

The red head noticed Helena's reaction to her deliberate caresses, her eyes spoke volumes. She spoke to her with a soft and tender voice. She knew she had all her attention when her blue eyes were glued to her, on every movement she made.

Helena felt she was under a strange spell, she couldn't stop looking at the redhead. It was as if she was in another world. She started abruptly when she felt the sharp sensation of alcohol on her split lip.

"Oh damn." She protested.

"I warned you I was about to apply some alcohol." Barbara said taking her chin between her fingers to keep her still. "Stay still."

"Uhhh.." Helena winced.

"Okay, all done." Barbara smiled at the brunette when she finished tending to her lip and brushed back messy hair off her forehead.

Helena kept her eyes fixed on her. "Thanks."

"Anything for you." Barbara cupped her cheek with her palm.

Helena stared at her. Barbara was so warm with her, so nice, so beautiful inside and out … She wondered how it would feel to kiss her. She was so close, she smelled so good. She began to move forward slowly, trapped by those magical green eyes.

And it was then that Barbara's mobile rang, shattering the moment .

"All done, now go and change." The redhead said moving back and picking the mobile out of her pocket. "Barbara Gordon… hey Dick."

Helena made a face. She must have done something really bad in another life to have that moron always coming between her and Barbara… or maybe she had done something in this life.

Barbara turned around laughing.

"Yes sure, I'll see you there. Bye." The redhead hung up the phone. "I'm sorry Hel, I must go."

"You must go?" Helena asked.

"Yes." Barbara said closing the screen of her computer.

"Uh… Are you going out with him?""

"Yes, he wants talk with me and …."

"He uses any excuse to talk with you, especially now that he knows we are not together."

Barbara narrowed her eyes "And this bothers you?"

"Yes, I don't want to see him in our home every day. He tries to control everything." Helena said.

"Don't worry, that won't happen." Barbara observed her.

"I don't like him." Helena rebuffed Barbara's attempts to calm her down.

"I know, but he is my friend, and besides… there is nothing between us." Barbara said.

"When you say there is nothing between us, are you referring to us or to you and him?" Helena waved her finger in the space between them.

The redhead raised her eyebrow.

"And I'm not jealous" the brunette shrugged her shoulders "it's just that…well, why does everybody have to know what is happening between us."

Barbara crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair amused. "And what is happening between us?"

Helena looked at her with a dumb expression.

"I would like to hear your opinion on it." The old woman said with a serious expression.

Helena hesitated before answering "Nothing."

"Well, then, that answers your question."

Helena narrowed her eyes, Barbara caught her.

"If nothing is happening," Barbara explained with a calm voice "What's the problem if I go out with him?"

Well - that was a good question. Helena didn't know what to say.

"I just need to talk to him." The redhead stopped in front of her, taking her hand in hers " Nothing more. Promise."

"You don't have to say that, there is nothing between us." Helena said, not sure about what she was feeling.

"Only because you don't want it." Barbara pulled her down, surprising her and stealing a kiss on her lips. Barbara opened her mouth lightly and gently bit the lower lip being careful not to hurt her. Helena melted under the soft and tender kiss.

Barbara moved back smiling. "You have no idea what you are missing, Hel."

She turned around and wheeled toward the elevator.

"You are flirting with me again." Helena smirked, liking this playful side of the red head … as well as that soft kiss.

"No, I'm taunting you." Barbara winked at her. "Don't forget tomorrow is the annual Wayne Foundation Dance ball."

"Do you want me to go?"

"I would love it."

"I'll go then." Helena said smiling.

"Excellent." Barbara waved to her. "I'll be back later."

Smiling, the redhead entered the elevator. When the doors closed, she couldn't hide a big open smile.

"Yes!" she said to herself, pumping her fist in the air. She felt she was doing a fine job of seducing the young woman. She just needed to work on her a little bit longer.

Barbara checked her lipstick in the mirror and examined her make up, it was light and perfect, she wheeled back and smoothed down her outfit. She was determined to win her girlfriend's heart again. Using her index finger, she corrected a light trace of red on her lower lip.

She moved her hand to her forehead and arranged her hair at her forehead. She arrested her movement and observed herself on the mirror.

Now she looked perfect

She wanted to have a nice night, she needed some distraction, something that helped her to deal with the stress of the last few days.

She had to think carefully about her next steps, sometimes Helena would complain about her lack of attention while simultaneously maintaining the 'I'm straight' mantra in her head. – a mantra she was sure she would break soon.

But that was not what worried her at the moment. It was the strange sickness that was plaguing Helena. She had found her unconscious two days ago and she had been unable to find exactly what was wrong, except that her immune system was a bit low.

She turned around and moved toward the living room. She stopped awhile before wheeling inside the room. She took a second to enjoy the sight of the brunette who was looking at herself in the living room mirror, checking herself. Helena had chosen a sexy, sleeveless leather outfit and a short skirt that fit her perfectly. The younger woman was looking for something in one of the living room drawers.

"Wow…" Barbara mumbled.

Helena turned her head. "Wow?"

"You look hot. You could catch anyone's eye in that." The redhead said checking Helena's short heeled boots. Helena had chosen a stylish wild outfit, her bangs rebellious as always; much of her was portrayed in that outfit.

Helena smiled, her eyes traced Barbara from top to bottom, she was wearing a stunning white blouse with dark green pants, a delicate necklace around her neck, her red hair falling over her shoulders in a way that made her look so sexy and her eyes were stunning…

"Do you approve?" Barbara asked amused. Helena's expression was priceless, it made Barbara smile.. "Hel?"

"You look sexy. I'm sure lots of men would love to date you."

"Maybe, but that's not where my interest lies." The redhead smiled, touched by the compliment.

"Still flirting with me?" Helena cocked her head.

"No, I'm just saying my sexual preference is not directed at men." Barbara winked to her. "It's you."

"So you are flirting with me." Helena said crossing her arms amused. Barbara really hadn't given up on her. And she liked it.

"Not at all, Hel. I'm just answering a direct question." Barbara teased. Crooking her finger, she said "Come here, your lipstick is a little crooked."

Helena leaned in and the red head used her thumb to correct the lipstick on Helena's lip "All right, all done."

The brunette stayed where she was, unmoving and looking at the redhead.

"Something wrong?" the redhead asked.

"I was wondering how it would feel if I kissed you."

Not saying another word, Helena leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Barbara felt Helena's tongue brushing her lips and she parted them to welcome her in. It felt marvelous, she tried to be gentle and slow, to give Helena time to set her own pace. And she was fantastic, she found it almost immediately.

After what felt like an eternity in heaven, Helena withdrew.

"Well?" Barbara rasped, "How was it?"

"I'm not sure, maybe I should try again."

"Hey ladies." Dinah said as she entered the living room smiling.

"Ready, and on time." Barbara said smiling.

"How do I look?" the blonde asked as she spun around.

"Wonderful." The redhead said. "Now, let's go."

"Okay, but first, you two need to fix your lipstick." Dinah touched her own lips.

Helena blushed and turned to the mirror.

"Oops.. sorry." The redhead said.

They arrived at the Foundation dance ball and quickly located their table. As a evening wore on, the redhead found herself sitting alone, sipping her wine while observing Helena talking with some friends in the middle of the room. She looked so damn hot. Well she was always hot. When she had seen her emerging from the rest room, she felt so tempted to jump all over her and kiss every inch of her body,

Well, at least Helena had initiated the earlier kiss, that was a good sign but she didn't know exactly what the next step would be; the men surrounding the young brunette trying to catch her attention was something that she didn't like at all.

She quickly downed her glass of wine to quash the feelings of jealousy.

"Hey, easy." A voice from behind her said.

Barbara turned to see her father standing over her.

"Hi dad."

Jim Gordon sat in the empty chair beside his daughter and looked to his right toward Helena.

"Does she remember anything?"

"Not yet"

"And how are things going?"

"Well enough I think, but I am starting to feel a little nervous." Barbara said, taking another glass of wine from a passing waiter and drinking it far too quickly.

"I see." her father said, raising his hand to stroke his moustache.

"Every man at this party is flirting with her." Barbara said, not hiding her annoyance.

Jim chuckled, his daughter was jealous, it was interesting to see her not as in control of her emotions as usual.

"But she can't remember anything about you two?" he asked.

"No, she complains when I don't give her enough attention, but then asks me not to flirt with her and to just be friends. I don't know what she wants."

"Women Are from Venus." Jim said "I hope you sympathise with us men now."

"Not funny, dad."

"I'm not trying to be. I'm just saying I hope you understand the difficulties we go through trying to please you and no matter we do, you never are happy with us."

"Yes, you are right."

Jim waved his hand. "Be right back honey, I see an old friend."

Barbara turned her head looking through the crowd in search of the brunette, only to find her talking and laughing with Detective Reese.

"Hi Barbara, I'm still waiting for your phone call."

"Gwen… Hi." The redhead said surprised.

"I expected to see you here, that alone is worth my contribution of one thousand dollars."

"I'm honored, thanks. Would you like to sit with us? There is a free seat here." Barbara waved her hand to her right.

"That would be wonderful." Gwen smiled "How have you been?"

"Very well."

"You look gorgeous, Gordon." Gwen said.

"And you look… pretty hot." Barbara smiled.

"I know. Still single?" the woman asked, turning all her attention to the redhead.

"Yes." Barbara nodded smiling and gazing at Helena "But I hope, not for long."

"You two broke up." Gwen said asking for some wine "Do you think you could get her back?"

"Working on it." Barbara chuckled.

"I see…" Gwen turned to look the brunette. "She is hot."


"And why did you break up?"

"Long story," the red head said "She needs to sort some things out first."

"But there is nothing between you two at the moment?" Gwen asked.

"Literally I will say… no." Barbara said. She couldn't lie about it. Helena kissed her but maybe she was playing.

Gwen smiled and traced soft circles over Barbara's hand. "So it means that maybe I still have a chance with you? I mean, if she doesn't make a decision soon, maybe I can convince you how wonderful I am."

Barbara smiled at the woman, she really was trying to make a move on her.

"I like what I see and what I like, I get." Gwen chuckled.

"You are very persistent." The redhead said.

"No." the woman rested her chin on her hand "I just think that you worth everything. Look at you. You are intelligent, beautiful, sexy…"

Gwen extended her hand and touched the border of the fabric of Barbara's clothes "It's nice. You look sexy in this. I remember you had me drooling constantly in high school."

"Come on Gwen."

"It's true."

"You always have so many men surrounding you."

"Men, men." Gwen rolled her eyes up "So boring."


"You are more interesting." The woman winked at Barbara.

"Hi." A voice interrupted them.

Barbara turned and found Helena sitting on the chair to her left. "Oh, you are back."

"Yes." The brunette glared at Gwen.

"Hel, Do you remember….?" Barbara tried to introduce the woman to her young friend.

"Gwen, yes, from the park." The brunette finished the sentence.

"Glad you remember her. I invited her to sit with us."

"How nice." Helena said resting her napkin on her lap. "Are you two having fun?"

"Very" Gwen said taking Barbara's hand in hers "What happened in your lip?"

"A drawer… I bent down, it was open…" Helena lied "You look…nice."

"Thank you," Gwen winked at the redhead "Barbara said I looked 'hot'"

"You said that?" the brunette asked the redhead.

"Well she is." Barbara said.

"Yes, she is." Helena grumbled to herself.

"We were remembering our High school years. Barbara was so hot."

"I remember the day we went to the Graduation."

Barbara laughed. "That day…"

Helena stared at the two women sharing a moment she could have no part of. The dinner arrived and Barbara kept all her attention on that intruder.

A waiter filled Helena's cup with wine.

"We invite Barbara Gordon to give the toast of the night." The speaker at the front of the ballroom said.

A microphone was handed to the redhead. She gave a brief speech thanking everyone and after that lifted her cup. After the toast everyone sat down and music began to fill the room.

"Please Miss Kyle." Detective Reese appeared suddenly at Helena's side "May I have this dance?"

"Well I…" The brunette smiled.

"Go on Helena." the redhead smiled "Have fun."

Reluctantly, the brunette went to dance with Reese.

"She seems a little jealous." Gwen smirked, resting her arm on the table and turning to the redhead.

"Yes, but she would never admit it." Barbara said drinking a bit of her wine.

"You love her."

Barbara exhaled with sadness. "With all my heart,"

"Well, maybe I can help." Gwen smiled.

Helena danced distractedly, all the time observing the red head and Gwen talking. That woman was flirting with her friend and she didn't like it. The worst thing was that Barbara seemed be enjoying the attention.

She kept dancing trying to have a good time with Reese, she had always liked him but at this moment, it was not working, something was off. All her attention was on the redhead and what she was doing.

That Gwen used any excuse to touch Barbara's hand, her thigh… Now she was caressing the redhead's hair. Stupid bitch! Why can't she keep her hands to herself?

They laughed loudly and they lifted their cups for a toast.

After agonizingly long minutes, she noticed Barbara moving toward the restroom followed by Gwen.

She kept on dancing, all the time keeping her eyes on the door. They spent a long time in there. After ten minutes, Helena felt enough was enough, she needed to go there!

"Excuse me, Reese, I need to fix my make up." Helena said to the handsome man.

"Sure. I'll go for some wine."


Helena walked toward the restroom and found Barbara and Gwen sitting on a couch, holding hands.

That was it!

"Can I talk with you… now?" the brunette asked, trying to control her temper.

"Sure." Barbara nodded "Could you give us a minute, Gwen?"

"Okay, I'll wait for you at the table, gorgeous." Gwen said smiling, she stood up and gave her a quick peck on her lips before she whispered, "I'm glad to help..."

Helena felt her anger boil and pressed her fist in balls. When the door of the restroom closed, she immediately pounced on the redhead.

"What was that?" she almost shouted.

"Helena calm down, she was just being friendly." Barbara said "She finds me hot."

"What?" Helena almost shouted.

"She said it." Barbara looked at herself in the mirror and straightened in her chair. "And I am hot."

"That woman is flirting with you in front of everybody!!" Helena growled.

"I know."

"She kissed you!" Helena jabbed her fingers furiously toward the door "Why did you let her kiss you? Why did you let her do that?"

"Well, she wants us to be more than friends." The redhead knew she had won this hand, Helena was beginning to open up.

"You know I can't remember us! Is it too much to ask you to stop playing your games? Can you at least try to respect me?"

" I do respect you, Hel. You asked to be friends, and we're friends."

The brunette gripped the arms of Barbara's wheelchair.

"Barbara," Helena growled low, fixing her eyes on the redhead "What are you doing?"

The door opened. Both women turned to glare at the intruder. It was Gwen.

"I'm sorry, I forgot my purse." The woman said, walking toward the couch and picking it up. Not thinking twice, Helena bent forward and captured Barbara's lips in an intense kiss.

"Uhh…" Gwen smiled, walking out of the restroom "It's seems a little hot in here…"

Barbara accepted Helena's caress more than happily, she wrapped her arms around her young partner's neck to pull her against her. She had missed her so much, she felt she was in heaven, her lost heaven. Helena was possessive, sweet, intense.

She didn't know how long they kissed, just that, when they finally moved back, they were breathless and filled with desire. Helena's eyes had morphed to gold. Helena took just a few seconds before leaning in again to kiss the redhead once more.

Breathing heavily, Helena moved back totally dazed with her eyes closed. Damn, what a kiss!

She opened her eyes slowly. "Wow…" she mumbled.

"Did you enjoy that?" Barbara asked, caressing her dark hair.

"Very." The brunette said, looking at her with a bemused expression.

"I loved it."

Helena rested her forehead against Barbara's. "Please don't go out with her. She pisses me off."

"Why?" Barbara asked softly.

"Because I love you." Helena kissed her softly again on her lips.

They heard the door of the restroom opening again. It was then that Helena remembered where they were. She jumped back and went toward the mirror to fix her make up.

Three woman came in laughing and entered the toilets.

Helena looked at the red head. Barbara took her hand and said with a big grin on her face.

"I think we should talk at home."

"Can we go now?" Helena whispered.



"She's staying with Gabby, she asked for permission earlier."

Helena smirked.

They left the restroom together. Barbara spied Gwen talking with some people in the middle of the room. She caught her eye and raised her thumb mouthing: "Thanks"

Gwen smiled and mouthed back: "Pleasure."

They moved toward the parking lot chuckling and laughing, the redhead felt so alive again.

Helena laughed hard. "Not true:"

"It is." Barbara said, closing the door of the Hummer at her side.

"I'm not that stubborn."

"You are." Barbara took Helena's hand and pulled her close to steal a kiss. Helena kissed her back with enthusiasm. The redhead wrapped her arm around her neck. "I've been dying to kiss you for so long." She whispered.

"I can't imagine how I could forget this." Helena mumbled between kisses.

Barbara moved back. "Does this mean you are my girlfriend again?"

"Yes, and if that stupid woman comes close to you again, I'll break her neck."

Barbara chuckled brushing her lips against the brunette. "She was just helping."

"Helping?" Helena blinked.

"Shut up and kiss me." Barbara trapped her lips again. She would never tire of kissing the brunette.

Helena and Barbara sat on the living room couch the next day, cuddling and laughing. They had talked all through the night and had seen the dawn break from the balcony while drinking steaming cups of hot chocolate covered by a warm blanket, just like they used to do.

Helena had her back against the redhead's chest while the older woman caressed her hair with her fingers.

"I'm not that stubborn." The young woman said.

"You are."

"Okay, just a bit."

"I've missed you…" Barbara said, kissing her cheek.

"I've been right here."

"Not like we used to be."

Helena turned around to look the redhead straight in the eyes. Barbara smiled and with her index finger traced the brunette's cheek.

"I think that I love you, Barbara Gordon." Helena whispered.

"I think that I love you too, Helena Kyle." The redhead said.

Helena bent and kissed her softly on her lips.

"Have you forgotten your 'straight' speech already?" the redhead chuckled.

"Will you forgive me?"

"There is nothing to forgive."

"Do you want be my girlfriend again?" Helena asked softly.

"I'll love to." The redhead said, wrapping her arms around the brunette's neck to pull her in and give her another kiss. She moved back slightly and touched the brunette's face.

"What's wrong?" Helena asked, noticing Barbara's suddenly serious expression.

"You feel warmer than a few seconds ago."

"That's because of you."

"No, seriously."

"I'm fine, Barbara."

Not convinced, the redhead sighed. "Well, let's go, I need to take a shower before school."

"Do you have to go to work?" Helena asked cocking her head.

"Yes, duty calls." Barbara patted the brunette's arm "Up girl, up."

Barbara felt so happy, Helena was in love with her again. Even though she still couldn't remember anything about the last few months, it didn't matter. The important thing was they were together again.

She returned home almost at midday, and headed toward the bedroom. The door was closed.

She wheeled inside

"Helena?" she called, looking inside. The room was in darkness.

She could see the brunette lying on her side of the bed holding a pillow.

"Helena? Are you okay?"

"Migraine." the girl said softly

"Did you take your pills?" Barbara wheeled toward her and stopped her chair at her side.

"Yea… but it still hurts like hell…"

Barbara lifted her hand and touched the brunette's forehead.

"My God, you are burning up." Barbara moved her hand to touch her cheek and neck "You have a fever…"

"…I do?"

"Yes you do." She took a thermometer from her pocket. "Open your mouth."

The brunette obeyed and closed her eyes again. Barbara put the thermometer in her mouth, "You need a cold shower."

The redhead hurried toward the bathroom and began to fill the tub with lukewarm water. She knew it was an excellent remedy for headaches and helped to decrease it.

Barbara returned to Helena's side. She moved her hand and brushed the dark hairs of Helena's head to the side and checked the temperature of the thermometer.

"Heavens." She said worried "you are burning, 104°F, I need to lower your temperature."

Helena didn't hear what she said, she felt tired and sick.

"Come on," Barbara patted her arm "Stand up, you need to take a bath."

The dark haired woman stirred and slowly sat on the bed. "I feel like shit Barbara." She whispered.

"I know, the bath will help you. Come on."

Barbara remained at Helena's side all afternoon. After a couple of hours, she was pleased when Helena's temperature began to return to normal.

She went to the lab to check the results of the last test she ran on Helena. She had left the computer working while she was with her.

The results made her heart stop.

This couldn't be. This must be wrong.

Helena was dying. Her cells were being destroyed…

Helena stirred and opened her eyes. She smiled seeing the redhead there, sleeping on her side with a firm hold on her waist. She liked that possessive side of Barbara. She was so beautiful. She felt she had always loved Barbara, but had been denying her own feelings and had turned instead to Reese and so many others. This was the first time she felt totally happy.

She snuggled close to her.

She could smell Barbara in every inch of the room, in every corner. She buried her nose in her neck and kissed it. Opening her mouth she inhaled, trying to fill herself with the scent of Barbara, to carry it with her forever.

Barbara awoke slowly, enjoying the soft touch of Helena's lips on her skin. She moved her hand to caress soft dark hair. Helena began to trace her neck, brushing her lips against her soft skin, she moved up slowly until she found her jaw and she bit it softly.

Barbara bent her head and kissed her, cupping the brunette's warm face with her hands. She opened her mouth and trapped the brunette's tongue, she deepened the kiss, a kiss full of need, full of love. She buried her nose in soft dark hair and inhaled deeply, she had missed this cuddling, this closeness.

Helena kissed her back until she felt…

She moved back slowly and raised a hand, touching the redhead's cheek.

"Why are you crying?" she asked.

Barbara smiled at Helena with sadness. She couldn't tell her about her discovery. She knew she had to, but not now. This moment was just about them. Green eyes shimmered with the moon's rays and she trapped her lover's lips again. Barbara let the petite woman take over the kiss. Allowing it to overcome her as the dark took over the day. She sucked and tasted the sweet flavor of the young woman.

Helena's body arched and ached for more of the touch. She rolled and moved on top of the other woman, the feeling of her breast against Barbara's made her feel a light throbbing between her legs. It was so erotic.

She fixed her blue eyes on the other woman's. Barbara's hands traced down her arms lightly, just letting her fingertips dance down their length. Helena was trembling and she enjoyed it.

"You are mine." Barbara whispered brushing her lips against Helena's. A low purr escaped from Helena's lips.

The redhead's hands moved to the brunette's torso, stroking her with soft movements, before moving up her sides, barely brushing against her full breasts.

Helena felt overwhelmed by the soft teasing touches of the redhead. Damn, she didn't remember that side of her and it was really turning her on.

"Please Barbara…" Helena said softly "Touch me."

The redhead's hands cupped their fullness and Helena's breath deepened forcing them to tighten on her. Helena growled in pleasure, arching her neck. She slowly moved her head towards those lips, she moistened them with her tongue in a slow sensual movement. They kissed for what seems like hours, until Barbara broke the kiss, only to bite her lower lip lightly, teasing her, measuring her response. She loved being with Helena, she was the only one who made her feel this need, this passion, this love.

And she was back, she was back in her life.

Helena's mouth moved to Barbara's chin as she began to nibble her way to her neck; Helena's fingers fumbled with the buttons of Barbara's blouse and she began to open it, one button at a time.

"I love you Hel…" the redhead whispered.

The Delphi alarm broke the magic moment with a loud blaring noise.

"Fuck." Helena almost jumped in her place. That was a nasty way to break a romantic moment. "What's wrong with that thing?"

"Delphi." Barbara said "Something very bad must be happening."

Helena stood up and hurried toward the door. Barbara maneuvered herself over to her chair and when she reached the Delphi, Helena was already looking at the screens.

"What's going on?" the redhead asked, pressing a button to turn off the flashing red lights of the alarm.

"A big explosion in a building at the center of town." Helena said, moving from one computer to another.

Barbara stopped in front of Delphi watching the screen. It was already on the news, several buildings in the center of New Gotham were on fire. "Oh heavens."

"The explosion was very big, several buildings are burning."

"What happened?"

"The Police are not saying anything." Helena checked the map of the city "People will be trapped. I'll go help."

Helena was about to leave but Barbara held her hand and stopped her. "Wait for Dinah, you are not well."

"I'm fine."

"Helena," Barbara said, "We need talk about your sickness. It's important."

"We will do, when I come back." Helena smiled and leaned in to give her an effusive kiss. "I love you."

She stepped back and ran toward her bedroom.

Barbara watched her go, and felt a terrible sadness. She had just discovered the love of her life was dying, and she needed stop it. But how? How much time did she have before it was too late?

Part 8

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