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By EponinesGhost

Part 2

Tracey Kibre had made a career out of her ability to read people, to see the truth in their eyes in response to her questions. She prayed silently that her instinct wasn't clouded by emotion or wishful thinking. Not now. This was much too important. She almost floated out of her chair. Her grace and balance belying the turmoil that raged inside her at the moment. She had precious few seconds to dread this decision, for she was almost instantly in Kelly's personal space. She was acutely aware of her knee as it touched Kelly's thigh, mesmerized by the pull of the insanely blue eyes that had never left her own dark ones. Blue eyes that impossibly seemed to widen even more as Tracey looked down into them. The practiced prosecutor in her could just pick up the faint pulse that nearly jumped under the skin of Kelly's flushed neck, the tremble that seemed to travel through the blonde's entire body as Tracey reached out slowly and took her hand.

That simple connection was almost her undoing. The warmth that flooded her senses at the contact nearly knocked her from her moorings. It was so unexpected and intense that she had to mentally count to ten to steady herself. Focus, Tracey, focus. She squeezed Kelly's hand softly, reveling in the gesture as it was returned. Slowly she rubbed her thumb along the back of Kelly's knuckles, knowing that at some point she was going to have to speak, but so hesitant to break the spell.

Her voice was like velvet as she leaned closer, lightly scraping the tender skin inside of Kelly's wrist with her fingernail, "Ms. Gaffney, I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist that you answer the question."

Kelly hadn't moved a muscle in what seemed like ages. She was completely overwhelmed. It felt as if she were falling, falling, falling ... even as she was frozen in place, clinging to Tracey's smaller hand like a lifeline. This had never happened to her before, this feeling of desperation and contentment, invasion and freedom, all combined. She swallowed hard, struggling to form the word.

"Yes." Her eyes flashed as she managed it. She was excited beyond belief at the possibilities that one small statement encompassed.

As soon as the sound reached Tracey's ears, she knew she was lost. Her toes curled into the carpet and her eyes closed briefly, protectively. She tilted her head down, a curtain of curls shielding her face, giving her time to once again gain a small measure of control. She turned Kelly's hand in hers until the palm was facing up. Bending from the waist she placed a warm, soft kiss in the very center of it. The tip of her tongue just grazed the skin as she pulled away and curled Kelly's hand closed.

Oh God. Kelly thought she would faint when she felt Tracey's lips touch her. She wanted them everywhere. And she didn't know how she was going to survive the anticipation.

Exceptional. The word echoed through Tracey's consciousness as she faced Kelly. She wanted this to be exceptional. Of course, she hadn't planned on it happening tonight. Hell, any night. Yet here she was, standing in her bedroom with the beautiful blonde that haunted her dreams. Holding her hand. Drowning in her eyes. Exceptional. Definitely exceptional. There were no romantic candles and no music was playing. It was just the two of them and the soft light from the bedside lamp. Still, Tracey hadn't gotten to where she was without being able to think on her feet. She could do this. She could do this for the rest of her life. Squeezing Kelly's hand once more, she broke the silence. "Are you absolutely sure?"


"Are you nervous?"

"Absolutely." They both laughed.

Releasing Kelly's hand, Tracey moved both of hers to her partner's waist. "I won't do anything you don't want me to do ..."

"There's nothing I don't want you to do." It was barely above a whisper, but it rocked Tracey like a gunshot.

Gathering the material at the hem of Kelly's sweater in both of her shaking hands, she took a deep breath. "May I?"


"Raise your arms, baby." Slowly she skimmed the soft textured top up, up, up ... Over Kelly's head and off. Letting it drift to the floor. She brushed a strand of blonde hair away from Kelly's forehead, allowing her fingertips to trail down her cheek almost reverently. They continued the caress along her jaw, down the column of her neck, out to her shoulder. Then Tracey drew one single fingertip along the delicate bra strap, tracing it's path down, down, down ... following the curve of the lace along the cup until her finger was resting in the center of the V.

Kelly's shivers had nothing to do with her sweater being on the floor and everything to do with Tracey's fingers being on her body. Her voice sounded shaky and foreign as she murmured, "It clasps in the back."

A small smile played around Tracey's lips as her finger continued it's journey up the outline of the other breast, her fingernail raking lightly up the skin next to the other strap. She walked around Kelly's side, never breaking contact, her finger sliding down the skin bordering the bra strap in back. Kelly could feel Tracey's breath on the back of her neck as the elastic tightened briefly around her ribs and was just as quickly relaxed. Then Tracey's finger once again moved along her back, up the path of bra on her shoulderblade, over the top, until Tracey was facing her once again. That one finger had started a flash fire on her skin and Kelly couldn't believe the bra hadn't melted off. She could feel Tracey sliding both straps off of her shoulders and down her arms.

Tracey's couldn't tear her eyes away from the creamy skin her finger was exploring. As the satin and lace fell away, she stood transfixed. "So beautiful." Fascinated, she stepped even closer. Her finger beginning to trace the soft skin just above Kelly's waistband. Back and forth. Side to side. Feather-light strokes. "I can feel your muscles quiver here," she breathed in near awe.

Kelly's eyes had closed when she felt Tracey's roaming over her. Again she had the sensation of spiraling down, losing her balance. The hypnotic combination of Tracey's voice and touch held her spellbound. Her whole body ached for that touch, that gaze. It was the sweetest torture. She felt Tracey's fingers curl warmly against her lower abdomen as they unfastened her slacks. Eased the zipper down. Yesssss, please.

Using both hands now , Tracey pushed the slacks and hose down Kelly's hips. Kneeling in front of her, she tugged them down Kelly's thighs to her ankles and helped her step free of them. Softly and slowly she stroked those gorgeous legs, unaware that they were barely holding Kelly up. Standing again, her hands found their way to the small of Kelly's back and smoothed over the skin there. Her fingers dipped below the silky material of Kelly's panties in back, sliding down the curve of her bottom. Her palms rubbing warm circles. The breathless moans this coaxed from the woman in her arms encouraged her to move her hands lower, fingers kneading and massaging the ass she had been so drawn to every day. Cupping Kelly's cheeks, lifting and separating them slightly, she was getting so carried away. "You feel wonderful."

Kelly was soaked. It was inconceivable that she could be this turned on. She wasn't even completely naked and Tracey was still fully clothed. Up until now, Tracey had barely touched her. God. And yet. And yet she was impossibly wet. Yessss feeling wonderful. Never wanting it to end.

Kissing the ball of Kelly's shoulder, Tracey struggled with herself. She could take what she wanted right now and she knew it. My God how she knew it. She squeezed Kelly's ass again just to confirm it. The whimper that answered her nearly tore her in two. Exceptional. She needed some separation to regain her footing. "Do you want these off?" She hooked her thumbs in either side of the panties and waited.

"Yes ... Tracey please."

Swiftly she peeled them down, concentrating only on this, getting this done.

When Kelly stepped free of them, she moved toward Tracey, her hands coming up ...

With one finger against Kelly's lips, Tracey stopped her. Softening the interruption with a smile, she whispered, "Do something for me."


"Sit in the middle of my bed for me?" She rubbed Kelly's lower lip gently as she asked. Seeing the quizzical expression, Tracey nodded encouragingly. "Please, Kelly."

Dazed and somewhat numb, Kelly turned to oblige her. Tracey took a few steps back, watching. She bit back a groan as Kelly climbed up onto the bed. Damn, she thought that had looked good in a skirt ...

Her fingers were already working on the top button of her blouse as Kelly settled into place. She made quick work of the remaining buttons and shrugged the top off, well aware of Kelly's eyes on her. Unclasping the front of her bra, she slipped it off in one motion. Staring straight at the blonde on her bed, she unzipped her skirt. If she had imagined that this would calm her breathing she was wrong. The unchecked hunger in those blue eyes was nearly as powerful as the feel of her skin. Finally naked, she walked toward the bed, her gaze never wavering.

As she watched Tracey undress, Kelly was surprised at how many details her feverish mind was registering. The efficient way Tracey dealt with the buttons, the bra that they had both admired in a recent catalog, the perfect shape of Tracey's breasts, the small run in the top of her hose, and the strength and grace of her dancer's body. Kelly was dimly aware that she was clenching and unclenching her hands. They ached to acknowledge what her eyes were telling them. Then Tracey was walking towards her and she was aware of nothing else.

Tracey climbed onto the bed behind Kelly, arms sliding around her waist, peaked hard nipples brushing against the soft skin of her back. Her head was on Kelly's shoulder, nuzzling her neck, kissing her there. Her hands were stroking Kelly's stomach and sides. Kelly felt surrounded and submerged. When Tracey's hands moved up to cradle her breasts, she arched into them, reeling as thumbs rubbed over her tightening nipples again and again and again. She felt Tracey's breath wash over the side of her face, warm, moist. Shuddered as Tracey's tongue traced her jaw. Moaned deeply as Tracey's teeth and lips closed around her earlobe and Tracey's arms pulled her even closer. Then Tracey's hands were on either side of her face, fingers buried in her hair. Blindly her own hands found the long soft curls, tangling in them. She felt the tip of Tracey's tongue outlining her lips, parting them slightly. She could hear that incredible voice, low and husky and affected now, asking her, "Do you want me to kiss you, Kelly?"


Before the words were fully formed, Tracey covered her mouth possessively, kissing her fiercely. She tilted and slanted her head, trying to get a better angle, to kiss Kelly even more deeply. Exploring every inch of her mouth. Laying her back against the pillows, kissing and kissing and kissing her. Moaning softly into her. Curling her tongue up underneath Kelly's. Breaking away, breathing hard. Looking down, her eyes nearly black. "God, I want you, Kelly. I want to kiss you all over. Feel you shudder and shake against me ..."

"Do it. Need you to .. Everything."

Part 3

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