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By EponinesGhost

Part 3

God. OH GOD. How was she supposed to stand this? The exquisite feel of Tracey straddling her thigh. Heat and softness and pressure and melting. Don't stop. Everything.

Tracey had braced herself for the assault on her senses that she knew would accompany the feel of Kelly's body beneath her, but she was woefully unprepared for the shockwave caused by the sight of her partner arching in ecstasy as she slid against her, reacting to the evidence of her desire. There were no words. Rocking back and forth slowly she tried to memorize this moment, to savor every aspect of it, but she was too distracted by the need for more. As Kelly's head snapped back, she took the opportunity to lean forward, nibbling and kissing down her neck. Now so exposed and vulnerable, not hidden by an attractive high-necked sweater or the ever-present pink scarf. Fleetingly, Tracey imagined what she could do with that scarf as she placed a kiss in the hollow of Kelly's throat. Another time. This was perfect. Right here. She sucked softly on the tender skin, feeling the pulse struggle beneath her lips.

With her eyes tightly closed, Kelly worked her hands in and out of the lush dark hair. Tangling and untangling her fingers, drawing them down Tracey's neck and back. Alternately pressing her fingertips or fingernails against Tracey's scalp and skin. Caressing and clinging. Her mind spinning with whether or not she wanted to pull Tracey's head up to taste another kiss, or guide it down ... Overwhelmed with both.

Oblivious to this dilemma, Tracey kissed her way down the center of Kelly's chest, her hands stroking and cupping the outer swell of each breast. Her thumbs rubbing lazily in semi-circles beneath them as she nuzzled first one and then the other, incredibly pleased with the reaction she received. She flicked her tongue out to tease one straining nipple, momentarily stunned by the force of Kelly's thigh slamming upward between her legs. Regaining her equilibrium, she kissed the tip of the same nipple before closing her lips around it. Tight. Her tongue lathing it as she drew it deeper and deeper into her mouth. As the whimpers and the most goddamned sexy moans she'd ever heard reached her ears, she fought valiantly not to grind herself against Kelly's leg.

She was being turned completely inside out. Divinely. Repeatedly. Clutching Tracey's hair, she held on. Her own head rolling from side to side as Tracey's fingers captured her other nipple. Biting her lip as Tracey's mouth left her, the air harsh and stinging. Wracked with tremors as fingers pinched the wet nipple and Tracey's tongue found the other one. Nearly screaming as the edges of Tracey's teeth raked up and down from base to tip, tugging and teasing. Pressing the back of Tracey's head with all her strength to keep her there, right there, or even closer. Fuck yes.


Hearing her name ripped from Kelly's mouth, Tracey growled low in her throat. The sound vibrated into Kelly, only adding to her torment.

"Please ... I need .."

With some effort, Tracey pulled away from her current obsession and Kelly's grip. Her lips trailed down her partner's ribcage, first on one side, then the other, followed by her fingernails, raking lightly. Her hair was like silk brushing against Kelly's skin as she moved. Sliding backwards, she placed an open mouthed kiss just below Kelly's navel, rolling her tongue against the oh-so-soft skin there.

"OH my GOD ... you have to ... I can't ..."

Tracey moved quickly from Kelly's leg to between her knees, scooting back a bit. Stroking Kelly's hips she raised her head, searching for the blue eyes she had surrendered to earlier. She squeezed Kelly's thigh harder than she had intended to get her attention. As Kelly's eyes flew open, Tracey met and held them with her own.

"Is this what you want, baby?"

Speechless, Kelly jerked her head yes, her eyes wild.

In those next few seconds, if she had been able to form coherent thought, Kelly would have finally understood how some people could commit murder. Lose complete control of who they were and all of their boundaries. In the eternity between Tracey's query and her next action, Kelly would have done ANYTHING. Without question. Would have sold her soul to the devil himself to get what she wanted. But she was so out of her mind that even this moment of striking clarity was beyond her grasp.

Tracey felt as raw as the look she was receiving. With almost superhuman will, she held herself together. For her. Exhale. Exceptional.

Wetting her lips, she bent down. She groaned as she placed a warm kiss in the mound of glistening blonde curls, inhaling deeply, feeling the waves of heat below. Then Kelly was moving urgently beneath her, unable to be still. Tracey held on, dropping lower against the bed as she explored with her tongue. Licking roughly up again and again and again before flattening it over Kelly's swollen flesh. Pressing and circling. Fluttering rapidly, hummingbird fast.

"FUCK ... YES .. "

Insanely aroused, Tracey struggled to keep her lips against Kelly as she bucked and squirmed. Tracey swore loudly as she entered her, two fingers sinking deep, feeling Kelly's body close around her, burning, holding her there. Curling her fingers toward herself, beckoning with them. Reaching her other hand underneath, grabbing Kelly's ass, pulling her even closer, burying her face into her. Three fingers now. Twisted together. So slick. Mouth working frantically. Oh god. Moaning constantly. So good. Tongue swirling. Kelly's screams muffled by thighs locked around her ears, the roar of her blood rushing through her, her heart pounding.

Shaking violently. So much pressure. White hot. Crying out.

Nothing matters. Just this. Now baby. I've got you.

Blinding rush. Shattering. Million pieces. Tracey.

Part 4

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