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By EponinesGhost

Part 4

It would be an understatement to say that Tracey was an accomplished woman. She had always been an overachiever. Type A personality, the epitome of a driven, gifted professional. Still, this had to be one of her proudest moments. The surge of triumph, power, and pure pleasure she had felt as Kelly gushed against her was almost better than her own release. Almost. She wanted to absorb every twitch and tremble. Through her lips and fingers, through every inch of her skin that touched Kelly. And she wanted to throw herself over the same edge, the higher the better.

Euphoria. Silence. Then an avalanche of emotion and stimuli. Tracey. She was hyper-aware of every contact, the slightest friction. Each strand of silken hair against her hip and thigh. Those lips. God. Aftershocks. She succumbed to them as she felt Tracey cradling her hips, the gentle brush of her lover's cheek against her abdomen. Such tenderness. And then she remembered to breathe.

Tracey was on fire. Every realization of where she was and every remembrance of where she had just been only stoked the flame. She crawled up Kelly's body, kissing and caressing, all of the tension in her own coiled tight and barely contained. She knew it wouldn't take much to unleash it. Her lips trailed over Kelly's collarbone, as her hand slid into the damp blonde hair, sweeping some strands back as they clung to her face. Lightly stroking Kelly's temple with her thumb, she whispered her name. The first time it was essentially a reverent benediction. The next, more of a prayer for mercy.

It was that plea that reached deep into Kelly's blissful languor and stirred her hands to reach for Tracey. Once they were moving, they ranged everywhere. Emboldened by the freedom she felt, the absence of any barriers, Kelly delighted in her exploration. And even more in the sounds her touch elicited. That she actually affected her partner this way amazed her even now. Finally opening her eyes, she nearly gasped at the naked desperation she read on Tracey's face.

"Baby ... here ... It's okay .."

In that instant, all semblance of control evaporated for Tracey. Shamelessly she ground her hips into Kelly's upper thigh and hip, jolting forward as Kelly raised her leg to apply more pressure. Oh god. Panting, she drove herself faster, muscles in her arms straining as she leaned on them for balance, support. Practically sobbing as Kelly's fingers worked between them, setting off brilliant flashes behind her eyes. Have to. Can't wait. Hair whipping wildly, untamed. With a intensity bordering on fury, she thrust herself into Kelly's hand and body.

"That's it, Tracey ... Just like that."

Kelly could barely breathe herself. She'd never seen anything so beautiful, had never felt so consumed. One hand was braced at Tracey's hip, the other pinned between them. As she felt Tracey begin to close around her fingers, she swiped up with her thumb.

"Let go ... for me."

Terrifying need. So damn good. Kelly please. Screaming.

Right with you. Want this so much. I'm here. I'm here.

Shocking stop. Crashing, falling. Catch me. Yours.

Part 5

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