Roomates PG-13 MJ/Helen MJ offers to help Helen following Peter Foley's attack. Complete

A New Beginning PG-13 MJ/Helen Life continues with new beginnings. Complete

Overcoming Fear PG-13 MJ/Helen MJ pays Helen a long overdue visit. Complete



What If? PG-13 MJ/Helen What if MJ had returned to Helen's after the fire at Peter's house? Complete

What's Next? PG-13 MJ/Helen What happens next? Complete

Changes PG MJ/Helen The long night and horrifying series of events had left her emotionally raw. Right now, the only thing she wanted to do was find her friend and reconnect with the only anchor she had remaining. Complete

N is for Normal PG MJ/Helen No synopsis given. Complete

Della Street

Progress PG-13 MJ/Helen MJ goes to visit Helen after returning from medical leave. Complete

Major Roon

Fight-or-Flight PG-13 MJ/Helen No synopsis given. Complete


New Beginnings

Prologue PG MJ/Helen The FBI wants Dr. Helen Hudson to head up a new Serial Investigation Unit, but she won't go without Detective Inspector MJ Monahan. Complete

Lost Children 15 MJ/Helen MJ's training at the FBI is cut short when a serial killer starts murdering young hustlers on the streets of San Fran. Complete