Inspector Boxer

A Light in the Shadows G Sameen Shaw/Root Root finds a reason to keep fighting. Complete

Inspector Boxer and zennie

A Series of Collisions

Keeping Up Appearances 15 Sameen Shaw/Root "Wait. The club, the cab, this whole relationship thing... was that her idea, or yours?" Complete

Walking Wounded 15 Sameen Shaw/Root "Why am I naked?" Shaw's voice was weak, but there was no denying her pique. Complete

Written on the Body 15 Sameen Shaw/Root Root knows Shaw will never admit she cares. She doesn't have to. Complete


Peace New G Sameen Shaw/Root An If-Then-Else inspired ficlet. Complete


Alone with his Thoughts PG Sameen Shaw/Root Lionel's thoughts following 'If-Then-Else'. Complete

Maybe Someday, Simulations PG Sameen Shaw/Root The Machine calculates following 'If-Then-Else'. Complete

Witness to an Argument PG Sameen Shaw/Root Shaw comes to a decision while listening in to an argument between Harold and John. Complete

The Interloper PG Sameen Shaw/Root Sameen is not impressed when a nerd from Root's past insinuates himself into their lives. Complete

Talkative PG Sameen Shaw/Root The latest number is very talkative and Shaw is not amused. Complete

Subway Station Echoes PG Sameen Shaw/Root Root and Shaw overhear something they wish they hadn't. Complete


Scenario # 1 G Sameen Shaw/Root The Machine's first simulation of their final fight against Samaritan does not meet with universal approval. Complete

Scenario # 4 G Sameen Shaw/Root The Machine's fourth simulation is about as successful as its first. Complete

Scenario # 9 PG Sameen Shaw/Root The Machine's ninth scenario is much more to Root and Shaw's liking; the same cannot be said for Harold. Complete

Scenario # 10 PG Sameen Shaw/Root Harold and the Machine work on a practical solution to their problem. Complete

Superhero Move PG Sameen Shaw/Root "Do you ever watch any of those silly superhero shows?" The voice asks and you try to remember it's the Machine speaking and not Root because this is the kind of nonsense she'd spout at 3 am when you're bone weary and dead on your feet. Complete


Sail to Apollo 18 Sameen Shaw/Root Captain Shaw is a feared pirate in the 17th century just trying to make a living. A mysterious woman called Nous boards her ship in the middle of the ocean, speaking of a quest to save the world. Shaw thinks Nous is crazy, but that doesn't mean she's wrong... Complete


Breathing (Air that Burns like Razorblades) PG-13 Joss Carter/Sameen Shaw Either Shaw's going nuts or life and death aren't quite what they used to be. Maybe that should be an 'and', not an 'or' Complete

Whatever This Is PG-13 Joss Carter/Sameen Shaw Somehow, Carter seems to have become Shaw's unofficial partner in all this. It doesn't stay that simple. Complete

Signal to Noise PG-13 Sameen Shaw/Root Finch has the bright idea of running a work release program for Root. With proper supervision, of course. And Shaw's luck is about to run out. Complete


The Signal's Just a Roar 18 Sameen Shaw/Root There's not much to occupy Shaw's mind while she's driving down the back roads of the Midwest every night, until she stumbles upon a late night conspiracy/paranormal radio show hosted by someone who's all too happy to let her call in and argue about anything and everything. (Trucker Shaw, radio host Root AU.) Complete

Overheard PG-13 Sameen Shaw/Root Root and Shaw have a tendency to forget the commlink is open. John really wishes they wouldn't. Complete

When she wakes me, she takes me back home 18 Sameen Shaw/Root Questionable eating habits, inappropriate weapons storage locations, and wildly unprofessional suturing techniques. This is where Root belongs. Complete