Passion & Perfection

Star Trek: Picard


Shared pain is lessened, joy increased 18 Raffi/Seven Raffi was trying very hard not to make a habit of visiting the common area so late at night. But then, there was Seven. Set after the hand-holding scene in 1x10. Complete

The Slow Walk 1 2 3 4 5 6 New 18 Raffi/Seven Raffi and Seven deal with their new but tentative attraction to each other as they’re caught in a web of sabotage and shifting loyalties while the planet Coppelius negotiates its place in the Federation. Set after the events of 1x10. Complete


Series - The Ranger

The Ranger Janeway/Seven Seven of Nine's killing spree at Freecloud has had an immediate and dire impact in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet and The Federation, secretly controlled by the ruthless Section 31, begin to hunt down the former drone, who had slipped through their fingers once before. At the same time, her former Captain on Voyager, Kathryn Janeway, along with Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres go in search of their wayward friend. Will Kathryn reach Seven before Starfleet? Will the almost two decades of bitterness and estrangement between them destroy them once and for all, or can they salvage what they once had? Complete

The Ranger, Part 2: Hunted 15 Janeway/Seven Part 2 of The Ranger Series. After Seven's spree of killing in the Alpha Quadrant, which has thrown it into turmoil, Seven found herself a hunted woman. One person hunting her-Kathryn Janeway, along with three of her former Voyager crew members, had found her quarry. Yet another, more dangerous foe is hunting her: Section 31, the clandestine organization that is hurtling Starfleet and The Federation toward a dictatorship. Unlike Janeway, who wants to protect he former charge, Section 31 wants one thing-her death. Complete

The Ranger, Part 3: Showdown PG-13 Janeway/Seven Part 3 of The Ranger Series. With The Federation attacking and occupying Covis III, and learning that Seven of Nine and Kathryn Janeway were recently on that planet, the Alpha Quadrant is inching toward war. From the planet of Fenris, home of the Fenris Rangers, which Seven of Nine is a member of, to Vulcan, to a former base near Mintaka III, and in the Terran Sector, forces on both sides are on the move. Can war be averted? Complete

The Ranger, Part 4: Unto The Breach New PG-13 Janeway/Seven Admiral Elizabeth Shelby's Federation fleet has arrived at Fenris, in an attempt to apprehend Seven of Nine, wanted for a series of murders in the Alpha Quadrant, when freeing former Drones. Admiral Alynna Necheyav, C-in-C of Starfleet, and the mysterious leader of Section 31, Sloan, believe having Seven can usher in a new era of Borg-inspired weapons, allowing them to turn The Federation into the terror of the Quadrant. Meanwhile, Kathryn Janeway, Seven, Jean-Luc Picard and others, are trying to keep Seven from Necheyav and stop the slow procession of The Federation toward dictatorship. Complete