Regrets, I've had a Few PG Kalinda/Lana Delaney No synopsis given. Complete


Fracture PG Alicia/Kalinda Alicia has enough of all the lies. She needs one person she cares about to be true with her. Complete


The Fleeting Nature of Truth PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda She knows - or at least has a good enough idea - of how many other women her husband has been with. So why does it bother her so badly when Kalinda goes to see Peter behind her back? Complete

I is for Isolation PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda More than anything, Alicia is isolated. Complete

Reactions PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Alicia finds out what Kalinda's been hiding - and reacts to what she discovers. Complete

Love Is New PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda There are only a few things that matter to Kalinda Sharma. Alicia Florrick is one of them. Picks up directly after "Battle of the Proxies." Complete

The Push and Pull New PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda It's a dance between them, push and pull, getting close but never too close. It's tearing Kalinda apart. Complete

Susan P

When Opportunity Knocks... PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Alicia confronts Kalinda about Peter, and things don't quite go as either woman might have predicted. Set after Alicia walks out of Peter's victory party, but before she kicks him out. Complete


One of these times I don't feel fine PG Alicia/Kalinda Kalinda passes another sleepless night haunted by visions of her co-worker. Complete


Dancing on the Edge of Destruction PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda She releases her breath, and begins the morning dance. Complete

The Dating Game PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda This was all Alicia's fault. Complete

Interesting Times PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Sequel to The Dating Game. This was all my fault. But I've never taken threats well. To me or mine. Complete

The Lies We Tell Ourselves (and Others) 15 Alicia/Kalinda College AU. There really should have never been a first time. Complete

The Architecture of her Desire PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Sometimes you feel like you've got a bunch of loose wires inside your head. Complete

Flames of a Different Hue PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Chronicle of Amber crossover - Alicia is a sorceress that someone is trying to kill. Kalinda is a security specialist who isn't going to let that happen. Complete

Breakfast with Florimel PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Chronicle of Amber crossover - Things have settled down a bit since the end of Flames of a Different Hue. And then one of Alicia's relatives decides to pay a visit. Complete

Phase Changes PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Highland Park AU. .Alicia's life is just the result of one small thing building on another, one smooth line with barely any interruptions at all... Until one day, it isn't. Complete

No Man's Land PG-13 Alicia/Kalinda Alicia never has been good at letting things go. Complete