Passion & Perfection

The Witcher


Series - there is strength in your softness

The one who said that she'd rather roam (The one who said she'd rather be alone) PG-13 Yennefer/Tissaia Yennefer is summoned back to Aretuza. Complete

Because your love was waiting there for me PG-13 Yennefer/Tissaia Tissaia returns to teaching post-Sodden. She finds Yennefer has some admirers amongst her students. Complete

In the darkness of my deepest heart (I have seen the light you are to me) PG-13 Yennefer/Tissaia A conversation in bed one evening leads to Tissaia reveal more than she had intended. Complete

Don't do all the talking (Let love speak up itself) PG-13 Yennefer/Tissaia It's an important day, but Yennefer just wants to lounge in bed for a while longer. Complete

It doesn't take a scientist PG-13 Yennefer/Tissaia Just a wee interlude in the series where Yennefer's fans find out she's married Tissaia. Complete

Holding you, I held everything G Yennefer/Tissaia Tissaia should be used to entertaining boring guests by now. Complete

Outside under the purple sky, diamonds in the snow sparkle PG-13 Yennefer/Tissaia It's Christmas eve and Tissaia is hard at work. Complete

Do you feel like I feel (Or am I all alone?) New 18 Yennefer/Tissaia During lockdown, Yennefer takes on Jaskier's clients when he falls ill, including the intimidating Dr De Vries. Modern AU. (aka and they were zoommates!!) Complete