The Thing With Best Friends PG-13 Veronica/Lily Lilly and Veronica get drunk. Complete


A Few Steps From Exploding PG-13 Veronica/Meg Q left Bond. It's only appropriate that Mac leaves you too. Complete

I'd Like To Say That You're My Only Fear PG-13 Veronica/Mac I'd Like To Say That You're My Only Fear Complete

Go Easy PG-13 Veronica/Mac It's Veronica who comes back for her. Complete

When You Need Directions, Then I'll Be Your Guide PG Veronica/Mac At mile 104 in the wrong direction, Mac finally decides to be assertive. Complete

Michael Weyer

Taking a Slice From the Other Side PG Veronica/Mac   Veronica/Lily Story inspired by the episode "Verstile Toppings". Complete

Dancing Around the Issue PG Veronica/Mac Sequel to 'Dancing Around the Issue'. Complete


Falafel and Fellini PG-13 Veronica/Mac   Veronica/Lily (implied) Making friends, and possibly more. Complete

Hearst Weekend PG Veronica/Mac When she catches herself rather graphically imagining how, exactly, her tongue would feel sliding past Mac's lips, Veronica decides that her drink must be about 95% Bailey's, 1% coffee, and 4% foam. Complete


Waves PG Veronica/Meg A beach in South Carolina. Complete