The Epic Proportions challenge opened on the 31st December 2008 with a closing date of 5th April the following year. The aim of the challenge was to prompt longer stories and, dare we hope, epics from the femslash world. And, for the first time, we also opened the challenge to the video and graphics creators out there. All fandoms adhering to the site's rules and regulations were welcome, as were original tales, so long as they conform to the challenge's rules.
The response to the challenge was once again enough to warm the heart of any archivist and femslash lover and a big 'Thank You' goes out to everyone who participated. Now, go and enjoy.
Bad Girls
Tibbies Sticks and Stones
Nikki/Helen - No matter how or when they meet in life they will always end up together. Helen is in charge again but will the opinionated Nikki help or reject the fiery Scot?
Bionic Woman
Geekgrrl Fall From Grace – Part One
Jaime/Ruth - Sequel to 'Phoenix Rising' - Can true love survive an epic fall from grace?
CrimsonCat Shouting Whispers
Buffy/Faith - music video series.
Criminal Minds
Ann The Beauty of the Rain
Emily/JJ - Emily's carefully constructed world is shaken to its core.
The Devil Wears Prada
Wordsmith The Devil Wears Ice Skates
Miranda/Andy - Continuation of The Dread Pirate Miranda.
The Facts of Life
quiethearted (QH Fletcher) Getting the Girl
Jo/Blair - Just when you think they've gotten together, something else has to happen.
Grey's Anatomy
Kate Monteiro and Sharon Bowers The Bigger Picture: First Exposure
Callie/Erica - No synopsis given.
The Hollows
Jaina Return to the Hollows
Rachel/Ivy - Rachel is always making mistakes. One day things go too far. Some mistakes can't be fixed or gone past. Some mistakes are lasting, and some have consequences that can change lives.
H.W. The Danmun Alliance
OFC/OFC - An interstellar war has been raging for centuries with no end in sight. In this setting, Fighter pilot Jane Darnell, arguably the best pilot there is, is sent on a mission that most would consider suicidal.
trancer Tainted: The Mutant Strain
OFC/OFC - Jennifer goes into the city to search for Katherine, and a cure. But the war between humans and vampires has taken a sudden turn for the worse.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
A.P. Stacey Serenity Point
Sarah/Cameron - When battle lines are drawn unexpectedly early, Sarah discovers that the enemy of your enemy is not your friend.
Tibbies Assignment in Love
Ros/Jo - Ros and Jo have to go undercover for an awkward mission but can they keep their minds on the task ahead!
Stargate SG-1
sHaYcH Pulling the String
Sam/Janet - Set post-Heroes. Janet has a choice to make.
Mapsnika Living in the Past
B'Elanna/Seven - While trying to recapture her past, B'Elanna almost misses out on something special. Seven takes steps to make peace with her past so she can embrace her future.
Women's Murder Club
Demeter & qbeck Freedom Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose
Lindsey/Cindy - A re-write of WMC episode 1x12.
Celievamp Redemption: Echoes of the Past
Scully/Reyes - The subject of an old X-file asks for Scully’s help and sets in motion a chain of events that makes Dana question everything she’s ever known or thought she understood about herself and her world.
daphne dangerlove Dark Night
Uber Xena/Uber Gabrielle - Jenna Malone knew the life she had settled for was far from what she had dreamed of as a child, but could a chance meeting with Lily Anderson change that?
Calliope On Hallowed Ground
Uber Xena/Uber Gabrielle - Young and ambitious journalist Riley Jacobsen returns home to Alabama for an undercover story on her town's former church and opens the door to more than she ever expected.
titianna The Competition
Xena/Gabrielle - Xena and Gabrielle are on the go, and Gabrielle is somehow not happy. She has to find out the hard way, that the way the fates work is not entirely up to HER actions alone.
Del Robertson Retribution
Xena/Gabrielle - The Amazon Nation must deal with the aftermath of the events that unfolded during “Simply Irresistible”. Xena and Gabrielle take to the open road, leaving a struggling regent to deal with the consequences of a trial, the increasing meddling of the Council of Elders, and her unresolved issues over her abduction.

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