Bekah Kennedy

Playing with Fire PG Paris/Rory Rory finds a new way to deal with an angry Paris Gellar. Complete


Imagination PG Paris/Rory How on earth has Emily got the idea that her granddaughter is gay? Complete

3459: Lorelai Gilmore 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 PG Lorelai/Diana Skouris The 4400 crossover - Diana is assigned to returnee 3459 and finds herself becoming personally involved. On-Going


Secret Servicing 18 Lorelai/Abby The West Wing crossover - Sometimes Abby just needs to get away and find what's real. Complete

Erin Griffin

As Santa Lights the Menorah PG Paris/Rory This story's only intention was to show a way two holidays could be blended together and no disrespect is meant to either. Complete

The Last Good Name Left

Paris, at Home and Away PG-13 Paris/Rory Paris thinks about things she is going to have, and the things she never will. Complete


Blue-Blooded Connection 1 PG Lorelai/F Crossover - Christopher chooses Sherry over Lorelai leaving the innkeeper distraught and lost. A near accident causes her to find a friend willing to help her through her heartache. On-Going


College Experience PG Sara/Sofia CSI crossover - Sometimes all you need is snow. Complete


Longing With a Cherry Tomato on Top series

A Table with Quite a View 15 Paris/Rory How does subtext taste? Kind of like ranch dressing and cherry tomatoes. Paris thinks of Rory as she sits across her at the table during lunch, and looks back at the last year. Complete

Meanwhile, Across the Table... 15 Paris/Rory How does subtext taste? Kind of like ranch dressing and cherry tomatoes. This time, it's Rory doing the thinking from across the table as she ponders the possibilities in a way you might not expect. Complete

A Russian Class Conspiracy 15 Paris/Rory Things start to progress slowly as Paris daydreams about new possibilities brought up by Rory in the middle of a mind-numbing class she hates. Complete

The Pros and Cons of Romancing Paris Gellar 15 Paris/Rory Rory's thoughts on Paris become even clearer in the same class, along with a plan that you wouldn't expect an innocent girl like her to ever brainstorm. Complete

Shirts, Skin, & Two Left Feet 15 Paris/Rory The gears of progress between Rory and Paris start to turn in unexpected and surprising ways as Paris remembers the last week as she prepares for one of the most important days of her young life. Complete

Endings, Beginnings, and New Legends 15 Paris/Rory Rory's ammunition to be with Paris builds even further and she starts bringing everything into place to convince Paris to be hers. Meanwhile the end of Dean and her is nigh, and someone finds out about her secret. Complete

Connecting the Dots, Step by Step 15 Paris/Rory No synopsis given. Complete

And Then Rory Kissed Me... 15 Paris/Rory The day after the dance marathon, and things are revealed to Paris throughout the day, leading to the one thing she's anticipated most but never believed would happen, and more. Complete

And Then Paris Kissed Me… 15 Paris/Rory Rory uses both her head and her heart to tell Paris how she really feels for her, and uses her feminine wiles to lure the blonde into her arms. Complete

Paris and Rory, Leaping Out of the Gate! 15 Paris/Rory Paris and Rory start their new relationship off beneath the noses of the Chiltonians and the Hollowites, and find ways throughout the school and at home to keep their flame strong. Complete

The Blossom and The Brave 15 Paris/Rory It's Rory and Paris' first date, and Paris is out to prove to her girl that she's as datable as Dean ever was. Being Paris though, this first date is bound to have some dysfunctions and interesting moments. Complete

Hand Down the Cookie Jar, Caught With Her Shirt Down 15 Paris/Rory Rory decides to use another academic cover to bring Paris into something romantic and cute on a school night, however they both have some explaining to do when someone they hope wouldn't find out until they were ready catches the both of them in a guilty position. It's time to confess and hope for the best from this person, and we watch Paris as she tries to keep Rory's heart. Complete

All the Crazy Gals Come Out on Monday Night 15 Paris/Rory Rory has to convince someone close to her that she's making the right choices when it comes to Paris, and realizes that her feelings for the girl are far more than innocent as she brings her sexual side out to play throughout the night. Complete

A Thanksgiving Call for Action 15 Paris/Rory Distance, awful family, five dinners, grape soda, tryptophan, cell phone airtime, and past sexual hang-ups don't stop a couple from making a close connection on a late Thanksgiving evening. Complete

A Second Helping With Home Delivery 15 Paris/Rory It's just another boring November Sunday night for both Paris and least until Rory finds herself so bored, she decides to entertain Paris at the Manor in a way that doesn't involve either studying or a DVD marathon. Complete

A Little Loving in the Morning Light 15 Paris/Rory It's the morning after and right back to school for Paris and Rory, right? Well, not if they can help it, for there's still plenty of interesting situations for them to get into. Complete

Red-Hot Embraces, Ice-Cold Comfort, and a Good Kind of Different 15 Paris/Rory A pondside provides the perfect setting for Paris and Rory to eschew their usual academic mindsets and indulge in their own wants and desires. Complete

The Heart is the Guide, The Heart Knows What it Wants, The Heart is True 15 Paris/Rory What begins as a night for Paris and Rory to secretly celebrate their growing relationship runs into a few kinks as Mrs. Gellar brings in someone unexpected to throw a wrench unknowingly into their young romance, and Rory isn't pleased. Will true love win in the end or will our girls end up fracturing their relationship beyond all repair? Not if Madeline has anything to do with it. Complete

Darkroom Encounters & Non-Booty Calls 15 Paris/Rory What should be a boring Tuesday at the Franklin ends up being much more than Rory bargained for as she finds herself both surprised and scared at what occurs in the offices, and out. Complete

Out of the Asylum, Into the Fire 15 Paris/Rory Paris and Rory slowly edge themselves out of the closet with caution, first to Mr. Gellar, and then through a tense Friday night dinner with Emily and Richard. Complete

Funding Battles and Teacher Flirtations 15 Paris/Rory It's the big showdown as Paris and Rory battle to keep Francie from denying funding to Chilton's gay-straight alliance, and Paris calls for help from their leader to do so. Surprises are bound to happen during the debate, and later the girls confront a piece of Paris's past. Complete

Mother...It Might Not Be Right For You, But It's Right For Me 15 Paris/Rory Paris finds herself in a situation she never expected to be in and finds her world shifted off-axis by her mother's actions towards her. Complete

Releasing a Burden, Tossing a Lifeline 15 Paris/Rory Rory's trip to Boston to see her father and the mother of her sister hardly goes as planned as she confronts new realities about a man she thought she knew. She also works through other complications. Complete

So Scared & So In Love 15 Paris/Rory Paris and Rory try to regain their momentum and romance after going through their worst outings, and Paris's past comes back to haunt her. Complete

A Burden That Was Hers Alone 15 Paris/Rory The first day of classes for Paris and Rory after their rough weekends brings them challenges to deal with, obstacles to overcome, and many unexpected reactions to their new relationship, along with Mrs. Gellar returning to cause more trouble for the girls. Complete

In Your Sweet Embrace, All My Pain's Erased New 15 Paris/Rory Sharon makes a desperate overture at trying to get Paris back, while Lorelai and Harold Gellar fight back as hard as they can to keep her in front of the best family law jurist in the state of Connecticut. Meanwhile, Paris and Rory deal with the possibility of being broken apart by the state, and try to fend off another attempt by Francie to take control of the student government. Finally, Paris finds out how Rory's sexuality was defined even earlier than she even fathomed. Complete

It's No Good To Go Alone New 15 Paris/Rory It might be the beginning of winter break, but drama takes no holiday as an unexpected meeting connects Paris and Rory into Dean's past in a way neither ever expected, and new friendships are made, while Rory's challenges with the Haydens continue. Complete

The Innkeeper's Lover series

Accounting for Lust 18 Lorelai/Paris Lorelai offers Paris some addition comfort as they count the proceeds from selling Grad Night tickets, but both women are surprised to find how deeply kindred they exactly are. Complete

A Growing Connection 18 Lorelai/Paris Lorelai thinks she'll be spending a boring night at home while Rory sleeps with Jess, but Paris quickly makes her realize that their one-time thing was meant to be more. Complete

Partings & Commitments 18 Lorelai/Paris Saying goodbye can actually be quite fun, and Lorelai and Paris prove it through a fun night in Gellar Manor. Complete

Unexpected Foreign Journeys & Beautiful Parisian Romances New 18 Lorelai/Paris Love and coincidences bond Lorelai and Paris together for two night and two days in the French capital of Paris. More is found out about each other, unexpected things are revealed and love brings the two women closer and sooner than they ever expected, leading into a later night of passion. Complete

Midterm Mistletoe Madness 15 Paris/Rory   Janet/Tanna What happens when you get Paris and Rory in a room together with mistletoe hanging above them, along with Janet in denial about hanging it as a practical joke? You'd be very surprised. Complete

Seeing Red PG-13 Paris/Rory Paris frets about becoming like her mother, and decides to take radical action to be different from her, dragging Rory into her plan. However, this change also gives the girls other ideas to make Paris dramatically different from Sharon Gellar. Complete

The Attraction of Fireworks, The Heat of Young Love 15 Paris/Rory After seven years of tension and a love/hate friendship, Paris and Rory's Independence Day from the struggles to find their love for each other has finally come. Complete

An Attractive Query 15 Lorelai/Paris One simple question leads to a conclusion years in the making. Complete

The Wallflower & The Wildcat 15 Paris/Shira Shira Huntzberger is a cold and calculating woman. Paris is vulnerable, yet passionate. Yet both have love and a goal they want to attain. Can two women who would never usually connect find an understanding with each other? Complete

Better Than Ice Cream series

Batter-y Torture 15 Lorelai/Bree Desperate Housewives crossover - Bree likes Lorelai. Lorelai likes cupcakes (and Bree). Bree is making cupcakes for the holiday. When Lorelai causes havoc with said cupcakes, what will happen between Bree and Lorelai. Complete

Seductive, Sweet, Savory, and Sexy 15 Lorelai/Bree Desperate Housewives crossover - Bree pushes her way into Lorelai's home to make more cupcakes, but that certainly isn't the only reason she's there. An unexpected first snow and plenty of delicious treats bring Bree and Lorelai even closer than ever to those fourteen steps leading up to the beautiful Lorelai's bedroom. Complete

Persuasion series

Plan of Attack 15 Paris/Addison Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover - Dr. Addison Montgomery has been studying up on Dr. Paris Gellar, and would love to persuade her to pursue another field. But it's going to take more than kind doctor talk to find a middle ground between them. Complete

Drawing Attention series

Sketching Out the Details 15 Lorelai/Paris Lorelai and Paris are in lonely ruts in their lives. Can they somehow come together when Paris doesn't even know it? Through the course of five months, the lives of an innkeeper and future oncologist come together in different ways. New friendships are discovered, old ones are broken, and a simple window in a classroom shifts the direction of two women towards each other. Complete

Filling in the Blanks 15 Lorelai/Paris In her first class at the Workshop, Lorelai finds indeed that she can be social like Sookie intended, but finds complications when she finds out who else is sharing it. Meanwhile, Janet and Tanna continue to fret about their unexpected discovery. Complete

Gaining Perspective PG-13 Lorelai/Paris The second week of Introductory Figure Drawing causes major changes to Paris's life as she knows it, and she finds an unexpected ally. Meanwhile Lorelai tries to work out her emotions with her new friend, while trying not to find herself further entranced by Paris. Complete

The Raven

Cops and Mothers 15 Lorelai Gilmore/Det. Lilly Rush Cold Case crossover - Detective Rush finds herself in Stars Hollow, following leads in an investigation. Circumstances combine and Lorelai Gilmore finds herself with an unexpected house guest... Complete

Gently PG-13 Lorelai Gilmore/Faith Yokas Third Watch crossover - Lorelai Gilmore is almost mugged and Faith Yokas finds herself intrigued by the woman who fought off her mugger with such guts... What next? Complete


Always Tomorrow PG Lorelai/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover - "So, how was your day, daughter dearest?"
"My mom told me her mom wanted her to become a lesbian."

Behind the Drawn Shade PG Lorelai/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover - "I admit, I didn't notice the first time we made love. Or the tenth time my mouth caressed your shoulder and you jerked away. Or the time you filled out that bank application and wrote a birthday that doesn't match your driver's license." Complete

When the Truth is Found to be Lies PG Lorelai/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover - "So, Claire, want to get drunk?" Complete

Queen of Sheba 15 Lorelai/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover - Alex has trouble reaching orgasm. Complete

No Frontiers PG Lorelai/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover - Lorelai sees Alex for the first time. Complete


The Hook Up, Part I PG Paris/Rory This is a rewrite of "The Break Up, Part II" Complete

Bracebridge After Dinner PG-13 Paris/Rory Rory and Paris the night of the Bracebridge Dinner. This is the sequel to "The Hook Up, Pt. 1. Complete


A Little Satisfaction 18 Paris/Rory Paris and Rory are a little unsatisfied with their boyfriends. Complete

A Little Satisfaction, Take Two 18 Paris/Rory Sequel to 'A Little Satisfaction' - Paris's take on the events of chapter one. Complete

Pinch Me PG-13 Paris/Rory Paris decides truth is the best present she can give Rory for her 21st birthday. Complete

Crush-Induced Insomnia PG-13 Paris/Rory Rory-Angst. She's crushing on the one person she can't have. Complete

Surfacing 1 15 Paris/f Paris becomes reacquainted with an old family friend, and finds she can't get the older woman out of her head. On-Going

Invitation to Realization 18 Paris/Rory Paris and Doyle decide to experiment sexually, and Rory becomes involved. Complete