Abnormal Newt

The New 15 Helen Magnus/Sally (the mermaid) friendship Sally's friendship is greatly appreciated as Helen takes a big step forward. Complete


Lullaby 18 Helen Magnus/The Mermaid Helen Magnus prepares for sleep. Complete

Straight out of Legend PG-13 Helen Magnus/Dana Scully X-Files crossover - After a day spent chasing ghouls through the sewers of the old city Scully just wanted a quiet night in. Complete

Towards the Light PG-13 Helen Magnus/Dana Scully X-Files crossover - Kind of Sequel to "Straight out of Legend". A 'what might have been' scene from Pavor Nocturnus Complete

Miles from where you are 18 Helen/OFC After she shoots Druitt, Helen flees. But can she really escape. Complete


Undone in the Flesh PG-13 Helen/OFC A friend from Helen's past reemerges. Complete

Fall to Pieces PG-13 Helen/OFC Helen explains Samantha. Complete


Not Alone 15 Helen/Kate After events in Heroes Pt 2, Helen and Kate are forced to face their feeling for one another. Complete

Inspector Boxer

Between a Rock and a Hard Place PG Helen/Kate No synopsis given. Complete

Proof of Life 18 Helen/Kate No synopsis given. Complete


Curious Effect PG-13 Helen Magnus/Sophie The trouble with Nubbins is that they have a very curious effect on those around them. Complete


After the Monsoon 18 Helen Magnus/Charlotte Benoit It's been months since Helen and Charlotte met on Grande Comore and Charlotte helped Helen defeat a ring of gone-very-bad abnormals. Despite Charlotte being able to convince Helen to break a 275-year tradition and just 'hang out' afterwards, Charlotte has heard nary a word from her Doctor of Ass-Kicking since. The admonition "Be careful what you wish for." might spring to mind, except Charlotte has already demonstrated that she can't resist saying, "I'm in" when Helen asks for help. Complete


This Fire Between Us 18 Helen Magnus/H.G. Wells Warehouse 13 crossover - Just another fic inspired by tumblr gifs. Narry a plot in sight. Just smut. A character study of Helen and Helena's er, relationship. Set during the time of Warehouse 12. Complete