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SERIES: Fourth in the Holotherapy series, following Holo-Therapy, On the Couch and Breakdown
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By Texbkwrm

B'Elanna Torres found herself crawling through a Jefferies Tube. `Damn I really don't need this. Tom and I just broke up. Still I should have known better. Kahless I couldn't have handled that worse if I tried.' Stopping at a junction she looked down at her tricorder turning to her right she continued. 'Chakotay always said that chip on my shoulder was going to choke me one day. Damn I should have know better I know she doesn't make jokes like that. Grethor she doesn't make jokes at all.' Taking her tools out she begins to open a hatch. 'She looked so hurt right before she ran.' The image of those shattered blue eyes sent a shudder through her. 'She was gone before I could even get out of my chair.' Pulling up the covering She peers through. Seeing nothing dangerous she drops down. Standing she looks around the holosuite. "Damn Seven I have been chasing you all over this ship." Approaching the huddled figure she suddenly becomes concerned. Rushing forward she quickly scans Seven with a tricorder. The sensors showed that she was only sleeping. Looking closer she could see the tracks where the tears had dried on her face. "Aw hell, you cried yourself to sleep." Reaching down B'Elanna brushed the blonde's hair back. "I'm sorry Seven." Reaching down she picked the taller woman up. Carrying her into the passageway B'Elanna turned toward her quarters. Entering she laid the sleeping woman down on her own bed and tucked the blankets around her. "When you wake up, we'll talk."

The End

Sequel Co-Dependence

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