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SERIES: Fifth in the Holotherapy series, following Holo-Therapy, On the Couch, Breakdown and Breakthrough
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By Texbkwrm

As Seven woke up she realized that she was not in the holodeck or her regeneration chamber. Scanning the room she saw B'Elanna sitting in a chair beside the bed watching her. Struggling to rise she was hindered by the blankets that had been tucked around her.

"It's okay Seven." B'Elanna reached over and pulled loose one of the covers. Helping Seven to a sitting position she handed her a glass of water. "Here drink this it will help."

As Seven drank she realized that it helped the dryness of her throat that was raw from her sobs. "Why am I here?"

"Because I carried you here." B'Elanna responded though she doubted Seven was in a mood to appreciate the logic of the statement.

"Why, why did you bring me to your quarters" pausing she gestured. "and to your bed?"

"Kahless, Seven do you know what you did to me today. Here I was thinking I am finally getting my life back into some kind of stability and you come in and throw it back into an uproar." B'Elanna ran her hands through her hair. Looking up into those confused eyes, felt their tug. "I said in my office that I hadn't thought of you like that. Maybe I just didn't let myself think of you that way." pausing to collect her thoughts. "But now I haven't stopped thinking of you." Motioning to the other woman she said. "Look at you. You are so innocent and vulnerable. Beautiful," ending on an exasperated gasp. "and sexy. What do you see in me? I haven't even been nice to you."

Hope lit Seven's eyes at hearing B'Elanna call her beautiful and sexy. "What do I see? I see a brilliant engineer. I see an honorable woman who may not have always been nice to me but in some of my darkest hours has shown me great kindness. I see a passionate woman." sheepishly Seven continued "that sometimes I provoke just to hear that passion."

"I knew it. Nobody could be that irritating at times without doing it on purpose." B'Elanna grinned at having her suspicions confirmed.

Unconsciously as the two women had talked they had leaned closer to each other. Seizing the initiative Seven leaned in and kissed B'Elanna.

The End

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