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SERIES: Final part of the Holotherapy series, following Holo-Therapy, On the Couch, Breakdown, Breakthrough and Co-Dependence
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By Texbkwrm

Seven was finally where she belonged in B'Elanna's arms. The Klingon had insisted on taking it slow so Seven had endured 90 days 14 hours and 15 minutes of waiting to be in this room and in these arms. Now she was feeling an overwhelming mix of anticipation and anxiety. Standing at the foot of the bed she leaned in to kiss the woman she loved softly at first. B'Elanna hands wound through Seven's hair loosening the bun and letting it fall. Pulling her deeper into the kiss. Her tongue darting out to tease its way into Seven's willing mouth. Moaning into the contact Seven brought her hands up to cup B'Elanna's face. When her mesh covered hand touched the caramel colored cheek, she felt a slight flinch. Pulling back uncertainly, she was stopped quickly by B'Elanna. Who grasp her hand and held it in place looking into her eyes she said. "I love you all of you." turning her face so her lips kissed the palm of that enhanced hand. Nuzzling and loving that hand gently taking each finger into her mouth until Seven was moaning and all fear had left her eyes. B'Elanna reached around to the back of the biosuit and loosened the catch to allow her better access. Kissing Seven deeply and thoroughly before nibbling her way down to her neck . Seven's head tilted back to allow her better access. Sucking and kissing she marked her way down to Seven's collar bone. Tracing it with her lips and tongue she felt the gasps and shudders run from Seven's body to hers. Lowering the suit slowly down her arms she kissed the shoulders smiling when she noticed small freckles. As the garment slid lower, B'Elanna cupped one of the now freed breasts and whispered. "So soft so beautiful." Hearing this Seven pulled her arms from the tangling sleeves. With shaking hands she pulled B'Elanna's face to her own. Kissing her deeply until lack of oxygen forced them apart. Drawing shaking breaths B'Elanna looked into Seven's eyes and saw the desperate need there. Seeing the usually so composed blonde gasping and shaking with need, Seven's eyes betrayed her fear at this helplessness. B'Elanna knew that she had to slow things down. Leaning her head onto Seven's chest she just stood there in the embrace her arms gently caressing the long back allowing. Seven's breathing to slow murmuring "I've got you. I've got you." Seven tucked her head into B'Elanna's neck embarrassed. "Are you okay.? Do you want to stop?" B'Elanna asked.

"No, I'm sorry." Seven whispered. "Don't apologize." B'Elanna interrupted. "If you ever need to slow down or even stop just tell me I don't want you to do anything you aren't comfortable with."

"I was just so overcome. Your touch, your taste, your scent." Seven said between gentle kisses. "I just felt so out of control."

"What can I say it is all part of my charm." B'Elanna quipped bringing surprised laughter from her partner.

"I love you so much." Seven said. "It frightens me."

"Me too." B'Elanna said. "But I'm here and I'm not leaving. I'll hold onto you if you hold onto me."

They kissed slowly caressing each others face and looking into each others eyes. As the need built up again but slowly B'Elanna gently brought her hand again to Seven's breast. Seven moaned as one thumb brushed lightly over the nipple and she watched as B'Elanna fondled gently one and then the other. Feeling the heat and the texture of her lovers hand caused her breasts to grow heavy and her nipples to harden. Seven watched as her lovers head descended feeling the warm breath on her chest caused a flush to rise from her breasts to her neck and goosebumps to rise on her arms. She only had a moment to consider the dichotomy of the two reactions before B'Elanna's mouth began to nuzzle the under side of her breasts. This caused delightful shudders and small moans to issue from the taller woman and when she suckled a nipple deep into her mouth Seven's head thrust back and a loud groan fought its way free. Both of the former borgs hands held B'Elanna to her chest as if trying to pull her into her skin. As B'Elanna lavished attention from one to the other Seven's knees weakened and would have buckled if not for the strong grip of her lover. Working her way down B'Elanna eased the biosuit over hips caressing the smooth skin as she went down legs until she finally lifted each foot free. Kneeling before her lover she looked up again amazed at the beauty of her. The musk of Seven's arousal pulled her to the center of her lover's need. Gently easing her legs apart she began to kiss the inside of each thigh. Driving Seven's need higher until she could stand it no longer. "B'Elanna Please." She begged. B'Elanna answered her pleas by parting her lower lips gently and then blowing lightly across them. Seven bit her lip to hold in her cries as she watched B'Elanna coat her finger with the moisture of her arousal. Rubbing slowly up and down only lightly grazing the clit at the top until she felt Seven's hips start to rock into her seeking greater friction. She pulled her hand slightly away and at Seven's whimpers of protest she smiled. She brought her mouth to Seven's aching center and using the wide part of her tongue she began using long slow strokes. Seven's moan became deeper and her words more incoherent. Feeling the pressure of Seven's need B'Elanna brought her hand back into play. Inserting first one and then two fingers into her lover she established a rhythm matched by the rocking of Seven's hips. Having nothing to hold onto but B'Elanna she did desperately: her hands shifting from head to shoulders anything to center her to ground her but when B'Elanna sucked her clit into her mouth and then lightly grazed it with her teeth her connection to this reality was shattered by a convulsing climax.

Slumped in her lover's arms, Seven struggled to slow her heart rate. B'Elanna kissed her gently and the taste of her own essence on her lovers lips caused tears to fall from her eyes. "Are you okay?" B'Elanna asked feeling the wetness brush her cheeks.

Joy shining through her tearing eyes, Seven said. "I never knew that I could feel this."

Smiling B'Elanna kissed her again. Seven pulled back puzzled. "You are still dressed."

Seven set about trying to correct this oversight quickly. She was slightly hampered by her desire to kiss her and touch her as she was trying to undress her. B'Elanna pulled away slightly to quickly pull her tangled tunic and bra over her head and toss it across the room. Seven's eyes lit with wonder as she explored B'Elanna's torso with lips and hands. Seven found that as she cupped and fondled B'Elanna's breasts she made these wonderful moans and when she kissed and suckled them B'Elanna's moans dropped lower but when she started gently nipping and biting around the hardened crest, her lover made these wonderful growling sounds. She went back and forth through these actions enjoying the responses until B'Elanna thought she was going to go insane. Pulling her back up into a passionate kiss B'Elanna began to rock into her hips seeking some relief from the burning inside of her. Seven fumbled with B'Elanna's trousers try to get closer to her lovers center. One broken zipper later B'Elanna felt them sliding over her hips. Aching center to aching center the began to rock into each other but Seven wanted closer still pushing B'Elanna onto the bed. Seven climbed on top of the prone woman only to reverse when she found her efforts still hindered by B'Elanna's pants. When she went to tug them off B'Elanna gasped shoes. With typical Borg efficiency, Seven removed all obstacles to her goals. The pants would never be worn again but the shoes survived. Soon grinding into one another the found release and completion in each others arms.

B'Elanna woke later that night to find Seven watching her from her pillow. Reaching out she brushed the blonde hair back and kissed her. "Was I snoring?

The End

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