Third Degree PG Temperance/Angela Just a random moment between Temperance and Angela. Complete

Her Bones, Not Mine PG Bones/Sara CSI crossover - "Borrowed" from the journal of Special Agent Seeley Booth. Complete


Pas De Deux 18 Temperance/Angela Angela and Temperance have a routine when Temperance gets upset. They go to clubs, and pretend they're the kind of friends who chat about boys. One night, Temperance opens up to Angela and asks her to stay. Complete

I Once was Lost 18 Temperance/Grace Saving Grace crossover - Grace takes Temperance home from a bar. Angst and sex, and angels. Complete

A History of Violence 15 Temperance/Sara CSI crossover - Sara and Temperance meet on a online group for former foster children. Sara comes to DC for a conference, and Temperance invites Sara to stay with her. Complete

The Silent Knowledge of Another's Soul 18 Temperance/Angela Angela and Temperance had an affair long ago, and they find themselves drawn back into it. Complete

A Breath of One's Own PG Temperance/Angela Angela has a key to Temperance's apartment, and she goes there to wait for Temperance to come home. Complete

By Any Other Name 15 Temperance/Angela AU (pre-cannon). Angela and Brennan met at a party while they were in college. Inspired by Woman in the Sand (S2E8), and Brennan's character being called Roxie. Complete

My Best Friend PG-13 Temperance/Angela Temperance struggles to reconcile her best friend becoming her lover, and to overcome her fear of relationships. Complete

In a Festive Lesbian Manner PG-13 Temperance/Angela For passion_perfect's Christmas Wish List. Written for revolos55, prompt "They started out in two sleeping bags. They didn't finish that way (set during season 1, "The Man in the Fallout Shelter")". Complete


Inner Musings PG Temperance/Angela Two very short vignettes of secret desires. Complete


B is for Breaking the Rules PG Temperance/Angela No synopsis given. Complete


Blind Situation 15 Temperance/Camille Brennan and Cam take a chance. Complete


Exact Cause of Death PG-13 Temperance/Angela It would be the death of her. Complete


In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


An Agreement 15 Temperance/Camille Saroyan Two alpha-females trying to figure out who's the pack leader. Complete


Christmas Presents PG Temperance/Angela Christmas Wishathon-fic for revolos55 - prompt was "They started out in two sleeping bags. They didn't finish that way". This is my first time writing these characters, and I'm not sure I quite got them right. So feel free to give feedback. Complete


The First Time in Forever PG Temperance/Angela She was smart. Yet somehow, things that should have been simple, like human emotions, just weren't - not to her. Complete


The Lion in the Squint 1-4 5-8 15 Temperance/Angela Takes place after the episode - A Pain in the Heart at the end of Season 3. Call it a fix on a crappy ending with a rushed plot line. Complete