Aeryn Sun

Strange Road series

Strange Road to Salvation 1 2 3 15 Brooke/Sam What happens after Nicole gunned the car and aimed for Brooke and the fallout from that night. This picks up from that moment on. Complete

Telling Series 1 2 3 15 Brooke/Sam The title kinda says it all. Jane and Sam have that little chat. Complete

Even If PG Brooke/Sam Brooke battles a reaccurring demon and Sam helps. Complete

Down Time G Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke fluff at home with baby Mac. Complete

High School Hell 1 2 15 Brooke/Sam The title kinda says it all. Jane and Sam have that little chat. Complete

New Paths, Old Faces PG Brooke/Sam Senior Prom, graduation, and a surprise twist. Complete

Walking the Edge 18 Brooke/Sam Uhm, doesn't the rating kinda tell you what the story is about? Sam and Brooke getting it on! Do I have to draw you a picture? (DON'T answer that!) Complete

Secrets 15 Brooke/Sam Sam has a secret that's slowly destroying her. Complete

Connecting the Dots 1 2 3 4 5 15 Brooke/Sam An accident forces everyone to re-evaluate their lives. Complete

Opposing Sides 15 Brooke/Sam There are two sides to every story, even Sam and Brooke. Complete

Just an Observation G Brooke/Sam A fight between Sam and Brooke leds to an observation by Lily. And Sam and Brooke. Complete

Kissing the Pain Away G Brooke/Sam The challenge was to finish the snippit, so I did. Hope you like. Complete

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You PG Brooke/Sam That would give it away, but let's say, what if & future story. My own version of `Where Are They Now?' Complete

Holiday Traditions PG-13 Brooke/Sam It's Christmas time at the Palace. Complete

Deep Dark Secret 15 ?/? Someone's inner most thoughts. Don't worry, eventually I'll tell. Complete

Home Schooling 18 Brooke/Sam Uhm, really, there isn't one. A summary would be longer than the story. Basically, Brooke gets a surprise. Complete


First 15 Brooke/Sam A song on the radio Complete


Everything Changes 1-2 15 Brooke/Sam   Jo/Blair The Facts of Life crossover - A story within a story. On-Going


So, This is What It's Like G Brooke/Sam Sam ponders who growing feelings for a certain head cheerleader. Complete

Sophomore Skip Day 18 Brooke/Sam Thanks to Glass, the girls find something to do while being confined to school grounds on Sophomore skip day. Complete

Not Again PG Brooke/Sam Sam has a daydream. Complete

Naked PG Brooke/Sam Brooke ponders why she feels the way she feels. Complete

Letter Series G Brooke/Sam A pair of letters holds the key to one another's feelings, but those letters haunt both writers. Complete

Kids On a Playground PG Brooke/Sam Upping the ante, Brooke takes a chance during an argument that reveals more than just arguing behind the McSisters antics. Complete

T'is the Season G Brooke/Sam A lost keepsake turns into a bit more for the McSisters. Complete

Predatory 18 Brooke/Sam Sam only has one thing on her mind, and it's definitely not getting the Zapruder out on time. Complete

Kinky 15 Brooke/Sam Sequel to Predatory - Brooke comes up with an interesting way to spice things up and get back at Sam for seducing her in the newspaper office. Complete

Amused G Brooke/Sam A food fight leads to maybe a little bit more. Complete

Accomplished G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam go about preparing for their high school commencement ceremony and the speeches that follow. Complete

Walking a Mile PG-13 Brooke/Sam Sam dyes her hair blonde, Brooke follows and they confuse one another together (in that order.) Complete

Fallout G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam ponder what happened between them in the Novak. Complete

More Than Meets the Eye G Brooke/Sam Mr. Grant points out how Sam's bias during Brooke's interview might be about something more which leaves the brunette wondering about her feelings when he leaves. Complete

Why Does This Keep Happening to Me? G Brooke/Sam Sam contemplates why she keeps freaking out about Brooke. Complete

Tear Down This Wall G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam each ponder how one or the other must tear down their own wall first. Complete

In My Way G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam run into one another, and for just a moment, the world disappears. Complete

Sinner's Hot Desire PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke teaches Sam to kiss George which leads to teaching Sam how to have sex with, well, her. Complete

Fish Taco Friday PG Brooke/Sam It's fish taco Friday at Kennedy, and everybody's a little whacky! Complete

Sharing the Throne G Brooke/Sam Brooke's gesture means more to the blonde than Sam will ever know. Complete

Merry Christmas, We Think G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam have very different views on what Christmas is and how it should be celebrated. Complete

Just a Single Moment of Clarity G Brooke/Sam Brooke watches Sam, and in a single moment, everything becomes clear. Complete

I'll Be There For You G Brooke/Sam Sam has a conversation with herself. Complete

A Journalist's Prerogative G Brooke/Sam Sam tries to stop the paper from going to press but not just to kill the story. Complete

Merry Early Christmas PG Brooke/Sam It was a week until Christmas, and all through the Palace, not a creature was stirring, except for Brooke and Sam, still decorating. Complete

Sometimes (These Things) 1 PG Brooke/Sam Jane McPherson decides to take her first vacation since her husband died, and Sam tags along for the ride only to find herself not only out of her element but face-to-face with someone new and unexpected. On-Going

Endurance G Brooke/Sam Sam's always waited patiently for Brooke, at a price. Complete

Lending a Not So Helping Hand G Brooke/Sam Brooke's car stalls, and Sam tries to help get it out of the road. Complete

End of the Road G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam get lost, sort of. Complete

You're Not Serious, Are You? G Brooke/Sam Brooke has a dirty little secret, just like Hannah Montana. Complete

To Pick a Lock PG Brooke/Sam Sam picks Brooke's bedroom lock because she misses her during a bout of illness. Complete

Could This Be True? G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam admit their feelings for one another. Complete

Skinny Dip PG Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam go skinny dipping. Complete

With Friends Like These PG Brooke/Sam Brooke comes out to the school. Complete

Wherever You Go, I Will Follow G Brooke/Sam Brooke's surprised to find Sam on her doorstep. Complete

Really, Now G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam find themselves in a gym class predicament. Complete

Carry On G Brooke/Sam Brooke sprains her ankle, and Sam comes to her rescue. Complete

Head Games G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam are both playing head games, and they're about to get burned. Complete

Alone in the Light G Brooke/Sam Sam has a chance encounter in an alley one night. Complete

Morbid, Much? PG Brooke/Sam Sam uses an archaic idea to express her feelings for Brooke. Complete

Disbelief 15 Brooke/Sam Sam spies Brooke doing something she'd only thought about in her dreams. Complete

Jelly 18 Brooke/Sam Sam shows Brooke the benefit of KY Jelly. Complete

Cheerleading Practice PG Brooke/Sam The girls aren't the only ones who realize the merits of Brooke's time as a Glamazon. Complete

The End PG Brooke/Sam The end is the beginning is the end, right? Complete

Sugar and Spice and So Not Anything Nice G Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam are locked out of the house during a thunderstorm and time to kill. Complete

Lost & Found PG Brooke/Sam Sometimes we're so close to someone, but so far away at the same time. Complete

Doin' It PG Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam, well, do it... and there parents know pretty much all the details. Complete

Our Own Family G Brooke/Sam All Brooke and Sam wanted was a family, even if that meant keeping it to themselves for now. Complete

Affair PG Brooke/Sam If you can't get what you want, you take what you can get. Complete

Some Explaining to Do PG Brooke/Sam Credit card bills are a tricky thing to explain to parents. Complete

Lost Bets 18 Brooke/Sam Winning a bet never felt so good. Complete

Scared PG Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam get lost in a haunted maze on Halloween. Complete

Sharing Space PG Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam go camping. Complete

Did We Get Lost? PG Brooke/Sam Sam comes out of the closet, because she can't read directions. Complete

And the Truth Shall Set Us Free G Brooke/Sam Brooke comes clean, and well, Sam follows. Complete

How the McParents Found Out PG Brooke/Sam Mike and Jane walk in on Brooke and Sam which usually is not the best way to come out to your parents. Complete


Bits 'n Pieces PG-13 Brooke/Sam No synopsis given. Complete

A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Old Meets New PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Snippets of Solstice PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

In Search of Kringle New PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Erin Griffin

It's Called a Gift PG-13 Sam/Nicole When Sam gives Nicole a present, the Ice Queen is taken down a notch. Complete


I've Been Dying Just To Feel You PG-13 Brooke/Sam Every once and a while, she has that dream where she dies. Complete

Bulletproof...I Wish I Was PG-13 Brooke/Sam It would have hurt less. Complete

Green Quarter

An Ever Fixed Mark series

Here's Where I Stand 1-3 4-5 6-7 PG Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke are graduating from Kennedy High. It's a summer of change. Complete

The Mercy of the Fallen 1-3 4-5 15 Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam meet again in New York City after many years apart. Complete

And So this is Christmas 18 Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke return home for a Christmas visit. Complete

An Ever Fixed Mark 1-3 4-5 6-7 PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam escape the New York City summer heat for a little while. Complete

You're Aging Well 1-3 4-6 7-Epilogue 15 Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke return to Los Angeles. Complete

Innocents Abroad 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 15 Brooke/Sam The parentals have given Brooke and Sam a trip to Europe as their graduation present. The only hitch: they have to travel together. Complete

Cafeteria Confidential 15 Brooke/Sam Four points of view. Four different stories. One happy ending? Complete

Fake Plastic Trees 1-3 4-5 PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam are forced to work on a project together. Complete

Halloween 1-3 4-5 PG-13 Brooke/Sam Sam's favorite holiday is fast approaching. Brooke has her costume, what will Sam be? Complete

Things Left Unsaid 1-2 3-4 5 15 Brooke/Sam Brooke becomes Sam's tutor in a certain extracurricular activity. Complete

I Can Crack All Your Ribs, But I Can't Break Your Heart 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15 Brooke/Sam Sam suffers from a particularly acute case of unrequited love. Complete


The Closet PG-13 Brooke/Sam The students of Kennedy High (you know the twelve of them that are shown) go on a field trip to New York... Complete

It Means She Likes You PG-13 Brooke/Sam Why does Brooke have such a need to piss Sam off? Complete

Loitering PG-13 Brooke/Sam Short Sam/Brooke piece. Complete

The Sentinel G Brooke/Sam The aftermath of the finale. Complete

A Thin Line 15 Brooke/Sam During an argument Brooke and Sam discover that their relationship isn't as black and white as they had previously though. Complete

Well, This Happened 1-23 24-45 18 Brooke/Sam Sequel to 'A Thin Line' - The real world pokes its head into the girls love bubble, and nothing's going to be the same again. Complete


Just kiss the Girl PG-13 Brooke/Sam Halloween movie madness. Sam and Brooke finally hook up over a nice scary movie and lots of cuddling. Complete


What Goes Unsaid 18 Brooke/Sam A new face makes Sam realise a few things about Brooke. Complete

Fighting Talk 18 Brooke/Sam No synopsis given. Complete

The Afterlife 18 Brooke/Sam Reflection after a dark day for the girls. Complete

Misty Flores

Just a Little Insight 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-18 18 Brooke/Sam It was the sharp realization, sitting at that dinner table, as soon as Harrison had chosen her and Sam's eyes welled up with tears, that for all her protestations of sisterly love to the world about Sam, she was incredibly, hopelessly, desperately, IN love with her. There was enough difference in that statement to completely destroy any sense of stability she had. Complete

Sneak 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 PG-13 Brooke/Sam   Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Murder, Pride Parades, hot brunettes and ill-fated hookups: like Lindsay Boxer didn't already have enough to deal with. Complete


Seven's A Crowd PG Brooke/Sam An evening out with Brooke and Sam. Complete

One Crazy Night 1-2 3-4 18 Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke are in college. What happens in the aftermath of one crazy night... Complete

Moments 1-10 PG-13 Brooke/Sam A series of moments in the lives of Sam and Brooke. On-Going

Getting Lost PG Brooke/Sam Sam lacks navigational skills. Or so Brooke thinks. Complete

Foreboding PG Brooke/Sam Sam can't help but worry, but she doesn't know why. Complete

It's Not Him PG Brooke/Sam Brooke's got her eye on someone familiar. Complete

Above All Else PG Brooke/Sam When Brooke was younger, there was one thing that she wanted above all else. Complete

Truth or Dare PG Brooke/Sam It was a stupid idea, a crazy idea, a really bad idea. Complete

Research? PG-13 Brooke/Sam Sam does some interesting research. Complete

Pretty PG Brooke/Sam Brooke gets her wisdom teeth taken out. Complete

Learning To Fly PG Brooke/Sam Brooke realizes what really matters. Complete

The Exam PG Brooke/Sam It was the day of their final exam in biology, and Sam hadn't studied at all. Complete

Dear Brooke New 15 Brooke/Sam Sam comes home after a month away, and is surprised by who greets her. Complete

Night Swimming New PG Brooke/Sam "You want to do what?!" Brooke asked incredulously. Complete

Perfect New PG Brooke/Sam Brooke hated the snow. It was all pure, and soft, and perfect. Brooke hated perfection, too. Complete


How Lily Found Out, Part I PG Brooke/Sam Sam and Lily are out for a drive. Complete

How Lily Found Out, Part II PG-13 Brooke/Sam Lily figures things out. Complete

Her Favorite Fantasy PG Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke do a little shopping together just before the holidays. Complete

Christmas, 2:33pm PG Brooke/Sam Brooke wonders where Sam has run off to. Complete

Christmas at the Palace PG-13 Brooke/Sam Lily has decided to be a little more proactive... Complete

The Afterglow, 11:57pm PG Brooke/Sam They reap what Lily has sewn... Complete

In the Wee Hours PG Brooke/Sam Brooke faces the most important decision of her young life. Complete

Ringing in the New Year 18 Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke enjoy their new relationship as they welcome 2002. Complete

Telling Harrison 15 Brooke/Sam Brooke decides to try and pick up where Sam left off. Complete

Chemistry PG Brooke/Sam Christmas vacation is over... Complete

Kiss Me I'm Irish PG Brooke/Sam Brooke snoops around and finds more than she bargained for. Complete

Red Herrings 15 Brooke/Sam Just like old times at the Palace. Complete

P is for Pillow Talk PG Brooke/Sam Jane puts two and two together... Complete

Under Pressure 15 Brooke/Sam Sam goes to therapy... Complete

The Eternal Question PG Brooke/Sam and Brooke are hanging at the Palace, watching TV late at night. Complete

The Mixer 15 Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke, now in college, attend a sorority mixer... Complete

How the Rest of the Gang Found Out 15 Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke have a housewarming party at their new apartment. Complete

Prelude to a Fic PG Brooke/Sam Brooke has a crisis. Complete

Self Fulfilling Prophecy PG Brooke/Sam Brooke is upset... Complete

Revelations PG Brooke/Sam They finally tell the Parentals. Brooke's been dreading this. Complete

Epilogue (for Hannah) PG Brooke/Sam Brooke runs into her old Professor... Complete

Imagine Sam & Brooke PG Brooke/Sam Sam and Brooke watch a movie together. Complete

Soccer Moms PG Brooke/Sam Sam meets a soccer mom... Complete

The Jellyfish Drabble PG-13 Brooke/Sam Sam has been stung be a jellyfish! Complete


UnCaged! 15 Brooke/Sam Brooke and Sam talk about what happened in the Novack earlier that day. Complete


The Snowball Effect PG Brooke/Sam You know how when you roll a snowball around in the snow, it gets bigger and bigger? Complete

The Warmth of Fire 18 Brooke/Sam The parental units decided they should all spend the Christmas holiday bonding and having fun. It... pretty much happens. Just maybe not quite as they would have liked. Complete

Carried Away PG Brooke/Sam Beware decorative wire contraptions. Complete

My Body, Your Temple 15 Brooke/Sam After a night she doesn't remember, Sam gets a shock she never expected. Complete

Promise PG Brooke/Sam Sam makes a promise. Complete

Ramparts G Brooke/Sam Brooke can feel safe inside her walls. Complete

The Upside To Being Terrified PG-13 Brooke/Sam Isn't it funny how watching a movie so scary you almost pee your pants can bring people closer together? Complete


Imaginary Hero PG-13 Brooke/Sam A one-sided conversation from Sam's POV. Complete


Zapruder and Carrot Cake 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PG Sam/Nicole Sam is asked to write a series of articles for the paper. Complete


Spring Fall 1-5 6 7-8 9 PG-13 Brooke/Sam The McSisters go on a spring break. Complete

Scavenge Me 1 PG-13 Brooke/Sam Kennedy High students go on a scavenger hunt. On-Going


Facing 1 2-3 4-5 6-9 18 Brooke/Sam When tragedy strikes for Sam, she leaves her life for a new one. Only to be forced to face it. Complete

Deserted Challenges 1-6 7-11 18 Brooke/Sam In a completely different world, life teaches so much more than one could have hoped to have learned. Complete


You're Beautiful 15 Brooke/Sam AU in which Brooke sees Sam on a subway. Complete

Surviving the Holidays

Things that Go Bump in the Night PG-13 Brooke/Sam Something weird is going on in the Palace on Halloween night. Complete

Overstaying Your Welcome PG-13 Brooke/Sam Sequel to 'Things that Go Bump in the Night' - Thanksgiving at the Palace is suddenly crowded. Complete

What's So Merry about Christmas? PG-13 Brooke/Sam Sometimes there's nothing merry about Christmas. Complete

Out with the Old and In with the New PG-13 Brooke/Sam Is it true that the person you kiss at the stroke of midnight is who you're destined to kiss the rest of the year? Complete

Cupid's Broken Arrows PG-13 Brooke/Sam Is love really all you need? Complete

Irish Eyes Don't Always Smile PG-13 Brooke/Sam   Sam/? All is fair in love and popularity. Complete

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole PG-13 Brooke/Sam How do you deal with life's little "surprises?" Complete

The Truth about Tippy Typewriter 1-6 7-10 11-14 18 Brooke/Sam Brooke stumbles across Sam's secret journal Complete

Healthy Competition G Brooke/Sam The beginning of Brooke and Sam's constant need to compete. Complete


Death, Doom and Destruction PG Brooke/Sam This is possibly not the best time or place to be making out with Brooke. Complete

Fast As You Can PG-13 Brooke/Sam It's a connection of tiny things that all pull into one moment, and suddenly she's gone from thinking about kissing Sam to kissing Sam. Complete


Comfortable 15 Sam/Nicole Sam's secret crush decided to let herself be known. Hijinks ensue. Complete

All I Want for Christmas PG-13 Sam/Nicole No synopsis given. Complete


Shadow Lover PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke wants a change but Can Sam handle it? Complete

Terminal PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke has it bad. Complete

Evening Tea PG-13 Brooke/Sam No synopsis given. Complete

Lush PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke's thoughts. Complete

Paying Attention PG-13 Brooke/Sam Brooke learns a secret. Complete

Accidents Do Happen PG-13 Brooke/Sam Is Brooke clumsy or just devious? Complete

Lost G Brooke/Sam Sam comes to the rescue. Complete

Dating or Making out? PG Brooke/Sam Is finding the perfect first date movie really that important? Complete