The Borg queen smiled at her captive. There was little affection or even amusement in that smile. Her reptilian eyes oozed unfeeling, unthinking mastery just as her moist skin oozed the slimy lubricant designed to maintain the condition of her organic components. If there was any feeling in that unblinking gaze, it would only be contempt for such a small being as the woman crouched in front of her. The queen smiled only because she knew that it unnerved the woman. An expression of emotion where there was none.

"They will be allowed to live. That is nothing."

Her captive looked up and for the first time met the Queen's eye. Relief flickered briefly in the woman's face, quickly extinguished.

"You however are different. You belong to me and when you have fully accepted that, I will deliver you from your small and insignificant life. There is no escape this time. Your friends are in stasis, your vessel destroyed."

"What do you want from me - I have no special abilities, I know nothing beyond what you have already..."

"I want more."

"I don't know what you want from me."

"It is necessary for the collective to move to the next phase of its evolution." The Borg queen circled the kneeling human. "Perfection is not so easily attained as I believed. You were chosen by me from the billions of beings that form my consciousness as the one most likely to embody that perfection, to face a trial that no Borg has previously endeavoured. You know this to be true even as you know that you failed. I wish to understand why. In what were you lacking?"

"Is it so hard to understand - with the feelings and emotions of those billions of individuals available to you alone - is it so hard to believe that regaining my individuality placed me beyond your command."

"You are still Borg. You do not deny this."

The human shrugged.

"I am Borg and I am human."

"A hybrid..."

"No. I am fully Borg...and fully human."

"That is nonsense." For the first time a little frustration entered the Queen's glassy demeanour.

"It's only nonsense if your perspective is limited. Imperfect." A note of arrogance sounded in the declaration.

The Queen stopped circling and stepped back.

"Perhaps my choice was not incorrect after all. You have insights that may be of value, that may perfect us: not at this time however. I am required elsewhere and you must regenerate. At the end of your cycle you will be brought to me and you will broaden perspective. If you enhance my perfection then you will remain unassimilated for another cycle."

Seven of Nine, formerly tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero-one, laughed, a sharp laugh whetted by hysteria.

"Is there a limit to this process?"

"That is unlikely to be required."

It was not a threat but a statement of fact. Seven of Nine hesitated.

"I am human...I need hope." Perhaps showing a little weakness would be a useful tactic. She had no other weapons.

The Borg Queen blinked - an involuntary muscular reflex designed to protect the eyeballs - certainly not surprise; the keeper of one hundred billion consciousnesses could not be surprised.

"Then let us say 1001 cycles and you will be freed. Is that enough hope?"

"It will be sufficient."

Text and idea by Halfofone.

Seven needs your help to broaden the Borg Queen's perspective and what better way to broaden the mind than through femslash? To enter a definition into the 1001 Nights dictionary of words, please send your stories (minimum 250 words), graphics and videos to the usual address. The challenge to complete the dictionary - as will all dictionaries, multiple meanings are accepted - and save Seven will last until the final day of 2007. Don't let her down.

a stitch in time abandon hope abandoned abracadabra absence abstinence acceptance acquisition acrimony acting addiction adjustment admission
adrift adventure advise affection age ageing agitation aims alcohol alien allowance alone altered
altruism anachronism anarchy angel anger animosity anomaly antipathy appearing appetite approval ardour arithmetic
arms and armour arrogance art artifice asking attachment attempt attention autumn avarice avoidance awe backbone
balance bang banishment barren bathing beast beauty begging beginning being being loved belief belonging
betrayal bias bird-song birth bitterness blank blaze bondage bones borrowing bound boundaries brawl
breasts breathing brides brief encounter brother brotherly love brutality burnt burnt bridges burst business buy and sell buying
calculation calculus calf-love calling cancer care careful caught caution celebration channels chaos charity
chase chattel cheating childhood children chills choice church circles class climb close closing the gap
clothing coalescing code codes coincidence cold cold steel collusion colour comfort command commemoration commitment
community companions compliance comprehension compromise compulsion comradeship concern condescend confirmation conflict conformity confusion
connivance conquer conquest consent consolation control controlling cooking cool cool down cooling cooperation copy
corruption counsel counter-attack counting courage covenant covet cowardice cream creeping criminal cruelty cuddling
culprit cult cunning cure curiosity curse custom cute damnation dance dancing dare daydream
daytime dead dead and gone deadly embrace death death wish decay deceit deceive decline defeat defect deference
defiance defraud delay delight delirium deliverance delivery delusion demanding demon demons denial denying
departure dependence depression deprivation derangement descent deserts desire despair desperation destination destiny detachment
devil difference dignity disarray discord disease disgust disinterest disobedience disorder displeasure dissembling disturbance
disuse divide dog dominance domination dragon dreaming dreams drifting driving drought drunk duality
dungeon eagerness earth eating eclipse ecstasy eggs elation elephant eloquence embrace empathy emptiness
endanger endeavour endurance enemies energy enhancement enjoy enterprise enthusiasm entrancing entropy entwined envy
ephemeral equal equality equivalent erogenous eroticism estimation eternal love ether euthanasia evasion evil exactness
exasperate exasperation excitement execution existence exodus experiment exploit exploration explore exploring explosion expose
failure fairness fairy-tale faith faithlessness fake fall fall in love falling falsehood family family love fanaticism
farm fascination fashion fastidious fate father father and daughter father and son fault fear fear of flying fear of machines feed me
feeling feline female feminine wiles ferment fervour fever fight fill finality finding love fingers fire
first-love fitting in flame flat-earth fleeting flight flowers flush fluster flying follow your heart food football
forbearance forbidden force foresight forgetting forgiveness formula fortitude free thinking freedom frenzy friendship fruit
frustration fucking fugitive fulfilment fullness fumble fun furor fury futility future gall game
gardening gather generation generous genes genitals gentleness geometry getting your way gift gifted giving giving-up
glow gluttony gods and men going home gone but not forgotten good good manners goodness goodwill grace gravity greed gregarious
grief grow growing up grudge guarantees guile guilt hands happiness hard hard and soft harridan hate
health hearing heart heart and head hearts and flowers heartsick heat heaven heaven sent hedonism hell hellfire and damnation hobby
hocus-pocus hold me holding holding hands holiday home honesty honour honour amongst thieves hope hormones horror hospital
hot hot and cold hot monkey love hubbub hubris hugging and kissing humility humour hung out hunt hunted hunter identification
identity if this is love illegality illicit illness illusion imagination immaturity immortality immovable object impersonation improvement in between
in love inclusion indecent independence indifference indignation indignity indistinguishable induce indulgence infatuation infinity inflame
infuriate inherit inheritance inhumanity injustice innocence inquire insanity insensitivity inseparable inside insignificance insincerity
insubordination insularity insult interpretation intolerance intoxication invitation involved irony irritation itself jealousy jeopardy
joke jokes journey joy jump jury just good friends justice karma keeping up appearances kindness kinship kiss
kiss and kin kiss and tell kiss me quick kissing dreams kissing in the tree knowledge land lateness laughter law laziness learn leopard
libertine liberty libido licking licentious licentiousness life lifetime lift lightening strikes limbo lion lips
little death living loitering loneliness loosening losing losing love losing oneself loss love love and hate love and loss love hurts
love machine love me love of my life loving luck lunch lust lying madness magic male malignant marriage
mastery masturbation matrix mean meaning meat medicine meek melt memories merciless mercy minutiae
misunderstanding mix moan mob model modesty moment monotony monster monsters morality mortal mortality
mother mother and daughter mother and son mountains move muddle murder music mutiny mutual attraction myself mystery myth
naked narcissism nature nature and nurture naughty nausea need neutrality night-life night terrors nightmare nightmares nighttime
nihilism no greater love no other love nobody normality not what it/one seems nothing novelty obedience objectives objectivity objects obsession
ocean offense once bitten one good open sesame openness opinion order orgasm overwhelming overwork ownership pain
palpitation panic paradise parallel parentage parenting parents parting passing passion past path pathos
patriotism pattern peace penetrate perfection performing perfume permanence perturbation pet pettiness pigs pilgrimage
pipe-dream pique piracy plains play playtime plead please pleasure plunder poetry politics poverty
power preach preference pregnant prejudice presence presents pressure pretence pretend pretending pretty pride
principles prison probation profane promise prototype provocation pulsation punishment purpose pursue pursuer pursuit of happiness
quest quicken quiet race rage rain rankle rare ratification reading realism reality receiving
recipe recoil reconciliation refugee refuse help refusing rejection relaxation release relish remembering repetition repulsion
resentment resistance resting retreat revenge revolution rhythm riches righteous anger rings riot rising risk
rite of passage ritual rivalry road-block roses and briars ruffle rules rumble of thunder run runaway sacred sacrifice sameness
scent science scorched earth scramble sea search seclusion secrets security seeing self-awareness self-consciousness self-control
self-control self-deceit self-esteem self-involvement self-justification self-reliance self-restraint self-sacrifice self-sufficiency selflessness selling senses settling down
sex sex on the beach sexual attraction sexual desire sexy shades shades of grey shape sharing sheep ship ahoy! shiver shock
shout shrink shudder shyness sibling rivalry siblings sickness silk stockings silliness simple pleasures simplicity sin singing
sister skin skin-deep slander slavery sleep sleep-walking slippery slipping sloth smallness smell snake
sober soft softly softly solid song soreness sorrow soul source space spark speculate speculation
speed splitting spring spy spying squares star-gazing stars starvation stealing storm strange meeting struggle
strung-out subjective sublime submission substitute success succour sufferance suicide summer sun superstition surpassing
surrender swear swimming taking talking target taste technology temperance temporary tempt temptation terror
test the end the grim reaper the lion's den the wolf at the door theatre theology theory thinking thirst thrill throb tidiness
time time and space time flies time waits for no-one toleration tongue torture touch tradition treachery treasure tremor trepidation
trial tribalism triumph trust trust in Allah but tie up your camel truth tumult turmoil turnabout twice shy twins tyranny ugly
umbrage unaltered unbound unconditional unconformity uncontrolled undone undress unfaithfulness uninvolved unstoppable force upgrade uphold
vacuum vampire vanity vehemence venture verve victims victory vilify violence virtue virulence vitality
void voluntary voyeur wandering waning want wanting war warm up warmth waste watching water
weak wealth weather wedding wet wet dreams where does it hurt? whimper whisky whisper wild wild women wilful
will will to live wind wings winning winter wisdom wishes wishing withering withholding without limits wolves
women wonder work worship wrath writing written on water xmas yearning yield youth zeal zen

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