That Lonesome Road PG 355/Dr. Mann No synopsis given. Complete

angharad governal

Magic PG Diana/Io Io had always believed that there was something magic in the way Diana looked at her. Complete

the one with wonder woman and the sex pollen 18 Diana/Artemis Sex pollen. Complete

The Dinner 15 Diana/Lois Lane Lois invites Diana to dinner. Complete

The Light of Hidden Flowers 18 Diana/Lois Lane A follow-up to the events in The Dinner. Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Old Meets New PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Snippets of Solstice PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Brave New World 1 2 15 Diana/OFC No synopsis given. Complete

In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Thin Line PG Huntress/Oracle   Black Canary/Lady Shiva An alarming night brings revelations and acceptance. Complete

Connections PG-13 Oracle/Huntress Helena's recounting of an Oracle/Huntress interlude. Complete

In the Shadow of a Blizzard PG Oracle/Huntress Aspects - Disheveled Girl, Huntress, comics universe. Complete

First Footing PG Oracle/Huntress Sequel to 'In the Shadow of a Blizzard' - New Year brings affirmation. Complete

The Simple Life PG Oracle/Huntress A day in the life... Complete

Just a Woman PG Oracle/Huntress Sometimes Oracle doesn't want to be Oracle... Complete

Retribution PG Oracle/Huntress Sometimes Huntress thinks... a lot... Complete

The Case of Subtle Ownership PG Oracle/Huntress Huntress has never been jealous before... Complete

Deja Vu PG Oracle/Huntress Life's been good to Barbara... Complete

Rightness PG Oracle/Huntress Barbara needs help... Complete

It Never Rains PG Oracle/Huntress Helena hasn't read the manual... Complete

... But it Pours PG Oracle/Huntress Helena's day goes from bad to worse... Complete

Wonderland PG-13 Oracle/Huntress Barbara can't quite make out the words... Complete

Umbrella Girl PG-13 Oracle/Huntress No synopsis given. Complete

First Differences PG Oracle/Huntress What a difference a year makes... Complete

Thank God for Helena 15 Oracle/Huntress Oracle's life is in turmoil, Huntress finds a cure. Complete

Thank God for Barbara 15 Oracle/Huntress Oracle's life is still in turmoil, but this time she knows how to douse the fire... as does Helena. Complete

Words Not Needed PG Oracle/Huntress Cobwebs? Complete

The Finish Line U Huntress Written for merfilly's Memorial Day challenge. Complete

Just... PG-13 Oracle/Huntress Barbara just knows that Helena is different than all the others... Complete

Interlude 15 Oracle/Huntress Dinah has deserted the birds, Barda is dead, Zinda is in turmoil, Misfit is young... Oracle and Huntress are together, aren't they? Complete

Red is Hot PG-13 Renee Montoya/Kate Kane No synopsis given. Complete


The Cat Woman 1 15 Andy/Miranda The Devil Wears Prada crossover - Selena Kyle is an aspiring villain looking for a way into high society in order to loot and plunder. A job at Runway is just what she needs to get her foot in the door. On-Going


Attaccare, Ritirarsi, Arrendersi 18 Oracle/Huntress "Seriously, though, Huntress. You and Oracle are two of the smartest people I've ever met. I think you'd like each other if you'd both unclench." Complete


Coaxing the Canary 18 Black Canary/Oracle A voice on the other end of the phone. Complete

Snarks and Insults 15 Black Canary/Huntress Moving on. Complete

Fears PG Black Canary/Oracle Barbara fears that she may be losing her lover. Complete

Raining Revelations PG Black Canary/Huntress A rain drenched Dinah turns up on Helena's doorstep. Complete

Big Damn Table Fics: 1-20 PG-13 Black Canary/Oracle A collection of drabbles and short stories featuring Black Canary and Oracle. Complete

Big Damn Table Fics: 21-40 PG-13 Black Canary/Oracle A collection of drabbles and short stories featuring Black Canary and Oracle. Complete

Big Damn Table Fics: 41-60 PG-13 Black Canary/Oracle A collection of drabbles and short stories featuring Black Canary and Oracle. Complete

Big Damn Table Fics: 61-80 PG-13 Black Canary/Oracle A collection of drabbles and short stories featuring Black Canary and Oracle. Complete


Anniversaries Suck PG-13 Oracle/Huntress It's Christmas Eve, one year after the end of No Man's Land. Helena does not cope well. Complete


When Birds Fly a Mile High 18 Black Canary/Shiva On a flight from Hong Kong to Gotham City, Dinah and Shiva find a way to seal their truce. Complete

A Canary in Coal Country PG-13 Black Canary/Shiva Someone's killing off the sensei's students. Black Canary is next on the list, and only Lady Shiva can protect her. Written for Sylvia, because she would like it. Complete

Little Bird in the Desert Kingdom 18 Black Canary/Shiva   Oracle/Huntress Dinah goes to the nation of Tizan to protect its king. Shiva goes to kill him. Complete

Grip of the City PG-13 Oracle/Black Canary A crime-fighting friend of Barbara and Dinah has died, and each has to cope with the loss and the pressures the caped crusader community places on them. Complete

Lay Over Nova Scotia PG-13 Oracle/Black Canary Dinah's got a few questions about Barbara's history with Power Girl. Complete

Uninvited in Gotham PG-13 Oracle/Black Canary Despite her speech to herself about what grounded her in Gotham, Dinah still slept aboard an airplane, and it was there waiting for her on the tarmac that night. Helena, despite her pleading, could not be separated from her city while the Birds were there, but Dinah had gotten used to... coming home. Complete

With a Loose Grip 18 Oracle/Huntress Barbara interrupts Helena at church to send her on a mission, and another night in Gotham unfolds. Complete

Steel Bird PG-13 Oracle/Huntress Barbara likes being whipped. Who knew? Complete

Light PG-13 Oracle/Huntress/Zinda A lazy afternoon becomes a threesome. Complete

The Wolf One Year Ago 15 Black Canary (II), Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain Black Canary and Cassandra Cain go on a quest to save Lady Shiva. Complete

Golden Day, Silver Night PG Huntress/Black Canary Together, Huntress and Black Canary fight crime! Complete


The Not Human PG-13 Hawkgirl/Wonder Woman Feathers are annoying. More than once, it becomes very apparent that Shayera is not a human. Complete

Sharon Bowers

Gotham Again

Gotham Again: Issue #0 15 For some people, all roads lead not to Rome, but Gotham. Complete

Gotham Again: Detective Comics #1 15 For some people, all roads lead not to Rome, but Gotham. Complete

Of Canines and Krypto 15 The Question gets a temporary sidekick. Complete

Long Night's Journey into Day 15 Maggie Sawyer and Renee Montoya have unfinished business. Complete


Barbara Gordon's Talking Vibrator PG-13 Oracle/Black Canary Being the story of Barbara Gordon's self-pleasure and Dinah Lance's scandalous discovery of it. Complete

The Price of Freedom Is Missing Your One-Year Anniversary PG-13 Oracle/Black Canary Just once, Dinah would like to have an anniversary that doesn't involve invasions or zombies or large explosions of any kind. Is that too much to ask? Complete

Totally Married 15 Oracle/Black Canary Barbara and Dinah are totally married. Dinah just doesn't realize it yet. But she (and Helena. And Zinda. And Dick.) are about to figure it out. Complete


Promise for the Future PG Koriand'r/Raven Teen Titans - A glimpse into a possible future causes Raven to come to the conclusion that she cannot live without her guiding light. Complete

Sweet Things PG-13 Koriand'r/Raven Teen Titans - Sometimes chocolate is not the sweetest gift given on Valentine’s Day. Complete

Date With a Princess New G Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) / Lois Lane An intrepid reporter falls and lands a date. Complete


Moment of Trust PG Oracle/Black Canary A moment of trust. Complete

Anticipation PG-13 Harley/Ivy Harley loved the anticipation. Complete