US StateCharacterStory
Alabama Sarah 'Mac' MackenzieAlabama's gotten me so upset... by ncruuk
Alaska Jordan Kavanaugh 
Arizona Jo Lupo 
Arkansas Janet FraserCossatot Means What...? by Geonn
California Kim LegaspiOut of Nowhere by ralst
The More Things Change by ficgrrl
Colorado Sam CarterSnow Days in August by atsammy.
Connecticut Alex CabotRandom Conversations on the Connecticut Coast by kimly
Getting Reacquainted by Ann
Delaware Blair WarnerWorth the Wait by ralst
Florida Sara SidleReal Life Vs. TV by soporificeffect
My Life by Annette
Golden by Celievamp
Georgia Karen SiscoGeorgia on my Mind by Ann
Hawaii Ziva DavidZiva, Caged and Hiding Out by ralst
Idaho Alice Pieszecki 
Illinois Kerry WeaverShe Hated Illinois by atsammy
Indiana Helen HudsonA New Beginning by Ann
Iowa Izzie StevensGoodbye Iowa by onyx_regret.
Kansas Sydney Bristow 
Kentucky Helena Peabody 
Louisiana Val IronsSeven Days by fickitten
Maine Cristina Yang 
Maryland Ana Lucia Cortez 
Massachusetts Casey Novak 
Michigan Krista StarrKrista in Detroit wallpaper by ralst
Minnesota Bette Porter 
Mississippi Eva RossiLogistics by Della Street
Missouri Samantha Spade 
Montana Lindsey Monroe 
Nebraska Kate Austen 
Nevada Catherine WillowsThe End of the Affair by zennie
New Hampshire Kelly GaffneyHoping for the Best by Ann
New Jersey Jo PolniaczekThis Time is Forever by Annette
New Mexico Monica ReyesPostcards by snuff
New York Olivia BensonLast Chance Gas by Geonn
Utter Nunsense by Ann
North Carolina Serena SoutherlynAn Unexpected Visitor by Ann
North Dakota Abby Sciuto 
Ohio Sofia CurtisLakeview by ralst
Are We There Yet? by Jocelyn Brant
Loving the Buckeye State by zennie
Oklahoma Kate ToddSweeping Down the Plain by Geonn
Oregon Melinda Warner 
Pennsylvania Lilly Rush 
Rhode Island Tracey KibreLogistics of a Relationship by Ann
South Carolina Veronica MarsWaves by TheAgonyofBlank
South Dakota Billie Chambers 
Tennessee Bree Van De Kamp 
Texas Abbie CarmichaelA Grand Plan by Ann
Utah Miss Parker 
Vermont Lisa Cuddy 
Virginia Dana ScullyFlu Symptoms by Ann
Washington Addison ShepherdSettling in Seattle by Ann
What She’s Done in the Rain by TheAgonyofBlank
West Virginia CJ CreggsWest Virginia by Cj
Wisconsin Sara Pezzini 
Wyoming Natalie DurantWonders of Wyoming by lysachan

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