Alexis Stansfield

Silence PG Addison/Izzie Silence is always louder. Complete


The Most Important Meal of the Day PG Addison/Izzie   Meredith/Derek   Callie/George George was going to have to give up on prayer. Complete

Addison Kisses PG Addison Five drabbles. Complete

The Fifty-Point Scrabble Bonus 18 Izzie/Cristina Just play a game with her. You'll see. Complete

Two Beer Queer PG Addison/Izzie A six pack of Corona, a couple of horny doctors, a pair of salmon surgery scrubs, and a redhead of questionable authenticity. Complete


And in Shiloh, They Lurk Amidst the Vines Revised 18 Dr. Amelia Shepherd/Various Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy/CSI/House/Criminal Minds crossover femslash. Amelia Shepherd has been cast afloat since losing her fellowship. She tries to find a niche in LA and at Oceanside Wellness as a member of the practice. Surrounded by the influence of so many medical pioneers, perhaps she'll finally be able to discover where she fits. Think Mash meets 1950s lesbian pulp film. Amelia and anyone else she happens to hook up with promises good ole' pwp fun. When not preoccupied by sexual conquest, practicing medicine or avoiding the tragic Oceanside Wellness curse, will Amelia finally latch on to a promising opportunity? Complete


Settling in Seattle PG Addison/Izzie Addison reflects on her decision to move to Seattle. Complete

A Chance Encounter PG Addison/Izzie Salmon coloured scrubs. Complete

A Winning Hand PG Addison/Helena The L Word crossover - Card games and casinos. Complete

Third Party PG Callie/Erica A look at the 'important parts' of the season finale through the eyes of an interested third party. Complete

The Morning After PG Callie/Erica The title says it all. Complete

Seeing Is Believing PG-13 Callie/Erica Cristina can't get anyone to believe her. Complete

The Heart of the Matter PG Erica/?   Olivia/Natalia Guiding Light crossover. Complete

A Fairytale: Rainbow's End PG-13 Callie/Erica Dreams really do come true - in femslash anyway. Complete

Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going


Not Again PG-13 Izzie/? Izzie wakes up in another strange bed. Complete


The New Girl 15 Arizona/OFC What happens when there's a new girl on the block? Complete


Missing Keys and Other Things PG-13 Callie/Erica A "what happens after the credits roll" continuation of the 4th season finale. Complete

Good Things Don't Last PG-13 Callie/Erica A quick look into Erica's thoughts during There is No 'I' in Team. Complete

A Life in Numbers PG-13 Callie/Erica Counting down. That was what Callie's life had turned into. Complete


A Night with Addison PG Addison/? When your life has been irreparably shaken, it's crucial that your martini is not. Complete

Seattle Nocturne PG Addison/Cristina There's no telling what can happen when the moon is full and everyone's sex-starved. Complete

Partly Cloudy, Bridal Shower 1 2 PG Addison/Izzie The women of Seattle Grace throw a shower for Cristina and Callie, but it's a surprise for all...and a reunion for two. Complete

Cristina Considers PG Cristina/OFC What if Cristina's mentor had been a woman? Cristina considers her life, her choices and her future... Complete

Shane's Not Likely to Change PG Addison/Shane The L Word crossover - Will Shane ever change? Complete

Bella Taggart

Never Been Kissed PG Callie/Erica After Addison's visit, Callie and Erica must re-examine their friendship. Will they be able to overcome the rocky waters they find themselves in? Or will they drown? Complete

After All This Time 18 Callie/Erica 3 Years have passed since the day Erica Hahn walked out of Callie Torres's life. When professional life brings them back together, they must figure out how and if they fit into each other's lives, after all this time... Complete


Peace Of My Heart 18 Addison/Meredith Addison Montgomery swears Callie Torres to secrecy, she reveals her long-lasted lesbian affair with Meredith Grey to encourage her friend to finally come out of the closet. Complete

Falling Apart, Barely Breathing part 1 New 18 Addison/Meredith In Which Addison meets Meredith in a bar. Things spiral from there. This is the story about what might have happened after Meredith asks Derek to "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me" but before he decides to do anything about it, and after SHE decides to do something about it. Set during "Bring the Pain". On-Going


I Need My Keys 1-2 3-4 PG Callie/Erica After the finale. Erica needs her keys. On-Going


Darts 1 PG Callie/Erica Erica Hahn never would have thoughtthat a game of darts might just help her keep her job. On-Going


Whole G Callie/Arizona Callie slowly begins to realize that Arizona makes her whole. Complete

This Kiss G Callie/Arizona Breaking away from a kiss always leaves you wanting more. Complete

The Usual G Callie/Arizona Callie and Arizona decide to go on a real date; one that doesn't involve Emerald City, cheap beer or wings. Complete

Next Morning G Callie/Arizona Callie's walking on sunshine (did I really just say that?) after her first night over with Arizona. Complete

How Erica Found Out G Callie/Arizona Erica Hahn returns to Seattle Grace to collect a heart and sees that others have mended. Complete

Coming to Terms G Callie/Arizona Callie's tired of being afraid, and Arizona's tired of letting her. Complete

Don't Go G Callie/Arizona Callie finally realizes that if she wants Arizona, she has to stop pretending like she doesn't mean a thing. Complete

Just Dance G Callie/Arizona Callie needs to dance it out, but she won't tell Arizona why. Complete

Loving You, Loving Me G Callie/Arizona Callie realizes she's in love with Arizona but doesn't know how else to show it, yet. Complete

Why? G Callie/Arizona "What am I doing? Why do I keep doing this?" Complete

Off Guard G Callie/Arizona Callie's caught off guard, but this time it'll be different. Complete

Inside G Callie/Arizona Callie reflects on how Arizona opens her up in the best possible ways. Complete

Family G Callie/Arizona Callie and Arizona come to an understanding about the future in the happiest place on Earth. Complete

The Light G Callie/Arizona Sometimes a song really can make someone see the light. Complete

Smile G Callie/Arizona Smile like you mean it. Complete

So Sorry G Callie/Arizona Callie finally owns up and apologizes for pushing Arizona away. Complete


Complications 15 Meredith/Cristina Who wanted to live the quiet life anyway? Complete

Remember PG-13 Addison/Scully   Scully/Reyes   Addison/Izzie X-Files crossover - when the time came she had promised to remember. Addison was someone she hoped she'd never forget. Complete


Smooth My Heart PG Meredith/Addison What if Addison were McDreamy? Complete

Add It Up PG-13 Meredith/Addison Sequel to "Smooth My Heart." Complete

If I Fall 15 Meredith/Addison Sequel to "Add It Up." Complete

I Love The Rain The Most PG Meredith/Addison Sequel to "If I Fall." Complete

A Patchwork Sonnet PG-13 Callie/Arizona Callie and Arizona and the nervous butterflies of a new relationship. Complete


I Will Follow You Into the Dark G Izzie/Cristina A short add on to the 05x16 episode of the same name. It's also a Death Cab for Cutie song. Cristina allows herself one brief moment of humanity before becoming the robot Izzie needs her to be. Complete

A Christmas Miracle PG-13 Meredith/Izzie Written in response to a 2010 Christmas Wish list request on the LJ Passion & Perfection community. Prompt: You should try to have some holiday spirit. Complete


Your Mouth That I Remember 15 Callie/Erica Doctor Hahn ponders her predicament, both before and after her ride in the elevator. Complete

Closets are for Clothing 1 2 18 Callie/Erica Here's my version of what happened between Erica Hahn and Callie Torres as the Season 4 finale, "Freedom," ended. Oh, my. Complete

Sizzle PG-13 Callie/Erica A talent show at Seattle Grace? Oh, you gotta be kidding! But wait, let's not be hasty. Picture, if you would, amid a sea of painfully untalented mooks, the voluptuous Callie Torres belting out "Fever," and you'll see why this might not be the hopeless case you originally thought. Complete

Shower the People 18 Callie/Erica This is a PWP sequel to "Sizzle," for grown-ups only. Callie and Erica take Yang's suggestion that they "get a room." Set in the summer between Seasons 4 and 5. Complete

Tortilleras 15 Callie/Erica Callie provides Erica a lesson in ethnic cooking. Sort of. Complete

Uno, Dos, Tres PG-13 Callie/Erica A short, all-narrative peep into the hearts and minds of Hahn, Torres, and Sloan in the trauma room on that fateful day of "Freedom." Complete

Twenty-Twenty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PG-13 Erica/OFC Set two weeks after the S5 episode, "Rise Up," Hahn finds another "pair of glasses" in a place where she least expected to. Complete

The Shadow and the Real PG-13 Erica/OFC   Callie/Arizona Set in my "Twenty-Twenty" universe, after part two of the S5 finale, "Now or Never," this story outlines what happens after Erica gets word of the death of George O'Malley. Complete

To See Clearly PG-13 Callie/Erica Set strictly during the S5 episode, "Life During Wartime," this story outlines my version of what happened after Hahn's gay epiphany. From Erica's pov, of course. Complete

Standing at the Threshold 18 Callie/Erica Erica is gone. Callie sees only one option. Caution: Very, very bad thing ahead. Complete

Here's the Thing PG Callie/Erica A very short peek inside Erica Hahn's head during one of the final scenes of the episode, "Lay Your Hands On Me." Just trying to add meat to that scene and to clear up why Hahn, who in my opinion is the biggest dyke ever, would've said what she did to Sloan. (Caution, this story contains a little Sloan-bashing. Not that I hate the guy; just that I think he deserved it in this case.) Complete

Unvarnished Truth 1 2 3 4 18 Callie/Erica Set several hours after the S5 episode, "Rise Up," Erica and Callie try to come to terms with each other, in the hopes their relationship can be salvaged. Complete


Five Kisses 15 Callie/Erica Five kisses Callie will never forget. Complete

Five Things I Wanted to Say 15 Callie/Erica Five things Erica wanted to say, but didn't. Complete


Cold PG Izzie/Addison This is how Izzie should have gotten off the floor at the beginning of season 3. Complete


Dance While The Devil Sleeps 15 Erica/Willow Rosenberg Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover - Erica doesn't like the inexplicable. Sunnydale seems to have a lot of it. Complete

I Want To Come Over 1-5 6-10 11-15 18 Callie/Erica "I'm stuck in a game that one of the players doesn't know he's playing. I don't know where the finish line is, or if there can even be any winners. I do know that the prize is Callie, and I'll fight for her to the end, whatever and wherever that may be." Complete

From A Distance PG-13 Callie/Erica "I'll wrap her in my arms and tell her I'm happy for her even though she's slipping far out of reach." Complete

We Never Even Got To Start 18 Callie/Erica After I kissed you, after I slept with him, after I realized that I want to be with only you... we were supposed to get our beginning, not a final, wrenching, never-to-speak end. Complete

Broken Angel U Callie/Erica Callie helps Erica through a death in her family. Complete

Throw You To The Wind PG Callie/Erica "It doesn't matter what I want, it doesn't matter what I need. If you've made up your mind to go, I won't beg you to stay." Complete

Down This Road PG Erica/Cristina They're trapped in a cycle that never seems to end. Complete

Between The Shores PG Addison/Erica Erica's tired of talking about Callie. Complete

One Half Of Wisdom 15 Callie/Arizona Callie has some questions. Complete


Future History PG Meredith/Addison History is doomed to repeat itself. The only way to break the cycle, they say, is to learn from the mistakes of the past. Maybe they're right. Complete

Not So Idle Gossip PG Meredith/Addison Something to gossip about. Complete

Lost in a Tangle G Meredith/Addison Sometimes being lost is exactly where you're supposed to be. Complete

Free Fall G Meredith/Addison Free fall is the scariest sensation of them all. Complete

A Meeting of Ex-es 15 Meredith/Addison It's a meeting of the Ex-es, the Cheating Ex-Wife and the Dirty Ex-Mistress. Complete

Jessica Knight

Coffee and I Love You PG Callie/Arizona Arizona and Callie go for coffee and talk about their plans for the weekend. Complete


Just Like the Very First Time 18 Callie/Arizona Set bout a week after 7:19. Mark finally convinces the women to let him have Sofia for the weekend. Sexy time ensues. Doesn't really spoil episode 7:19 but you should know what's goin in the series currently or massive wtf will ensue. Complete

Kate Monteiro and Sharon Bowers

The Bigger Picture: First Exposure 15 Callie/Erica No synopsis given. Complete


They're Wrong About Us PG Izzie/Addison Izzie and Addison's thoughts on their relationship and the uproar it caused to the tune of the song "All About us". Complete

Verden - Earth PG Meredith/Hannah A look through the eyes of a character involved in the bomb incident, and how she really felt as she watched Meredith Gray. Complete

Lesley Mitchell

What happens in Vegas... 15 Addison/Alison Cameron House, MD crossover - It couldn't be a cliché if it never happened. Complete


Two Can Play PG-13 Izzie/Addison Two can play at this game. Complete


Never Kiss an Attending on Your First Day PG-13 Meredith/Addison Written for the prompt "One day, Meredith came dancing into the hospital wearing a Red Sox hat. Addison wasn't pleased." This is an A/U version of Meredith's first day at Seattle Grace. Complete


The Slow Reveal 18 Callie/Erica No synopsis given. Complete

Medic One

Time to Depart 18 Meredith/Addison Alternate time-line version of what REALLY happened between the end of Season 1 and Addison going to LA. Complete


Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine PG Addison/Izzie Addison's early morning musings on life, love, and a certain blonde intern. Complete


Persuasion series

Plan of Attack 15 Addison/Paris The Gilmore Girls crossover - Dr. Addison Montgomery has been studying up on Dr. Paris Gellar, and would love to persuade her to pursue another field. But it's going to take more than kind doctor talk to find a middle ground between them. Complete

A Light in the Storm 15 Addison/Callie Addison is depressed about her life and takes out her anger and despair at the bar at Joe's and a sleazy Seattle Grace doctor. Ending up in jail, Callie bails her out and they find more than an understanding together. Complete

Nora C. Parker

Don't Talk PG-13 Callie/Arizona An imagined version of "the talk", from Season 6, Episode 19, "Sympathy for the Parents." Complete

Unfinished Business PG-13 Callie/Arizona While out with Arizona early in their relationship, Callie finds herself in an awkward situation. Complete

Second Time Around PG-13 Callie/Arizona What if a different Cardio-God came to SGMWH during the episode "New History" (6x09). This story contemplates a surgeon other than Teddy joining the staff. Complete


Goodbye Iowa PG Addison/Izzie Izzie reflects on her past. Complete

The Other Liz

Love.Lust.Longing. PG Callie/Erica   Sadie/Callie   Callie/Arizona A surgeon, an intern and a doctor ponder the object of their affection. Complete

Paige Halliwell

More 15 Meredith/Addison Meredith thinks she wants more...if only she could stop her 'drunk and screwing' thing, long enough to work out what 'more' is. Complete


Twisted Tangle 18 Addison/Erica Rewind/Fast Forward time to find youthful tragedy and difficult adulthoods. Complete


A Moment of Rest PG Addison, Bailey A long day at Seattle Grace. Complete

The Raven

Domino Effect 1 2 3 15 Meredith/Addison Perchance to dream of what dreams may come... Complete


The Good No-longer Shepherd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Epilogue 18 Addison/Izzie Totally predictable plot, romance, hot monkey love. Complete


What the Hell, Boss Lady! 18 Izzie/Addison Izzie just wanted to drop some papers off, and somehow it turned into this. Clearly, her life is crazy. Complete

Turning Up the Heat 18 Izzie/Addison Heat, popsicles, sex, and the traumatization of Meredith Grey - Addison's life couldn't be better. Complete

Untitled 18 Meredith/Addison Meredith's memory is a little fuzzy, but she's pretty clear on one thing. Complete


Shimmer PG Izzie/Addison friendship Addison goes to see Izzie. Set during "Time Has Come Today." Complete

Sharon Bowers

Little Too Gone 15 Callie/Erica Erica Hahn left Seattle Grace a year ago. Now she's back. Complete


Letters PG-13 Callie/Arizona Very AU. The two women are other sides of the world and these are their letters. Complete


Never Clean PG Callie/Erica Inside Erica's head. Complete


The Day After The One Before PG-13 Callie/Arizona The girls discuss the events of 6.23 and 6.24 and what lead to their breakup. Complete

Two Sides G Callie/Arizona   Erica I saw someone comment that Erica's usually the bad guy in any fic where she comes back, even though Callie wasn't all perfect either. So Erica makes a brief visit to Seattle Grace and various conversations take place. Complete

Suzy Creamcheese

Riding Bicycles 18 Addison/C.J. The West Wing crossover - One-night stands with women aren't a good idea when you're the face of an administration. Or when you're a newly divorced adulterer. "We're on different sides of the country," CJ had said. "I don't think you have to worry about sex." So she didn't. For once in recent history, Addison didn't worry about sex. She just thought about it. A lot. In itself, that wasn't so bad, except that she didn't just think about it and neither did Claudia. Complete


Undone 18 Callie/Erica Following S05E03 Here Comes The Flood - picking up a breath after the conversation and Callie's smile at the table in Joe's bar at the end of the ep, and then on to stick, dirty places. Complete

Hungry 18 Callie/Erica Dirty. And sweet, but mostly dirty. Post S05E04. Complete

Territory 18 Callie/Erica Set after S05E06, in a mess of dirty, dirty leaves. Complete


Friends with Benefits PG-13 Izzie/Meredith Izzie reflects on her relationship with Meredith. Complete

Abandon PG-13 Izzie/Addison Izzie is broken. So is Addison. Complete

What She's Done in the Rain PG-13 Izzie/Addison The past and the future and the rain. Complete

This is Not the Way She Would Spend Her Christmas PG Izzie/Addison The countdown to Christmas. Complete

This is the Way She Would Spend Her New Year's (To Fix Christmas) PG-13 Izzie/Addison Sequel to 'This is Not the Way She Would Spend Her Christmas' Complete

This is Not the Way Valentine's Day Should Turn Out PG-13 Izzie/Addison Sequel to 'This is the Way She Would Spend Her New Year's (To Fix Christmas)' Complete

This is How Izzie Stevens Tries to Make Up for Everything PG Izzie/Addison Sequel to 'This is Not the Way Valentine's Day Should Turn Out' Complete

It's Just a Game We Play PG Izzie/Addison Flirting during surgery can be dangerous for your health as well as your patient's. Complete

Never Confess to Your Drunken Best Friends G Izzie/Addison Manolo Blahniks Complete

Streetlights, Cold Weather, and Other Things New York PG Addison/Kim ER crossover. Complete


Steven's Anatomy 15 Izzie/Meredith Izzy gets a lesson in the art of seduction, from Meredith. Complete

The Vagina Monster 1 2 3 4 5 15 Izzie/Addison   Izzie/Meredith   slight Meredith/Cristina Sequel to "Steven's Anatomy". Complete

Conflicted 15 Addison/Cristina Drabble-sized tale of an interlude between Addison and Christina. Complete

Deliberate or Spontaneous? PG-13 Izzie/Addison Post ep219 drabble, Addison and Izzie have a conversation regarding spontaneous orgasms. Complete

The Incentive PG Izzie/Addison A little dancing, a little... Complete

Bent 18 Izzie/Addison When Izzie gets jealous, it's Addison who pays. Complete

Chocolate or Sex PG Izzie/Addison Izzie, armed with gifts, comes by to help Addison move. Addison shows her appreciation. Complete


A Change in Lineup 18 Addison/Callie Ever wonder what the real prize in the Cracker Jack box is? Complete

Storms 18 Addison/Callie As Addison considers running away to California to escape the mess her life has become, Callie gives her a reason to stay. Complete

Falling Is Like This

Picking Up Good Vibrations 18 Addison/Callie A little light flirting never hurt anyone, right? Complete

Bliss of Another Kind 18 Addison/Izzie Musings on an affair. Complete