The first International Day of Femslash was a resounding success with femslash pouring in from all four corners of the globe. The event took place across many different femslash communities, groups and sites, and for a full list you should go to IDF's main site, but here's what Passion & Perfection's authors contributed.

All My Children

New Hope by Meghan.

Army Wives

Another Day Has Gone By by Ann.

At the Edge of the World by Manda.

Babylon 5

Intruder by sHaYcH.

Bad Girls

Seeing You by KC.

Tumble by coolbyrne.


Missing by Erin Griffin.

Bionic Woman

Chaos Theory and Beat the Heat by Geekgrrl.

Birds of Prey

The F Word by Debbie.

Second Verse, Same as the First, Helena's Promise, I Don't... But I Do... For You, Butterfly Ink, A Birds of Prey Christmas Carol, Whatcha' Talkin' 'Bout, Gordon?, Purr-fect Partners and Crying Wolf by Erin Griffin.

Blade: The Series

How She Liked It Best by TheAgonyofBlank.


Pas De Deux by Babydykecate.


Cut Loose A Little and Be My Valentine, Be My Girl by Erin Griffin.

But I'm a Cheerleader

Inner Monologue by Erin Griffin.


Photographs and Memories and Second Chances by Ann.

Maslow’s Hierarchy: Through Her Eyes by Kyandralin.

Sweet as Candy by Rachel452.

She Wakes When She Dreams by Lafitte.

Ending It by Violet.

CSI: Miami

Basic Instincts by Ann.

Charlie's Angels

The Gentleman Prefers Blondes by Ann.

China Beach

To Everything There is a Season by Ann.


Overcoming Fear by Ann.

Fight-or-Flight by Major Roon.

Criminal Minds

Swimming With the Tide and The Cornerstone by Ann.

Montana by sHaYcH.

An Ordinary Day and The Fun Part of Falling by Major Roon.

Tangibly Frangible part 1 by Annette.

Underneath the Ashes, Skippin’ the U-Haul and It was Always You by Calliope.

The Devil Wears Prada

Beautiful Things, Here to Stay, When You Whistle, Feast and Illusion by Harriet.

Romeo Would Have Had Better Aim by Listy.


Waking the Dead drabble by ralst.

Three Murder in Suburbia drabbles by Erin Griffin.

Doctor Who

In Every Universe by mammothluv.


Streetlights, Cold Weather, and Other Things New York by TheAgonyofBlank.


For the Record by EldritchSandwich.

The Facts of Life

Commitments and The Celebrity by Fayne.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Ann.

Like A Bad Movie by Misty Flores.

Stumbling into grace by Wolfemeister.

The Gilmore Girls

Longing With a Cherry Tomato on Top series: The Heart is the Guide, The Heart Knows What it Wants, The Heart is True by Nate.

Goodbye Earl

Goodbye Earl by Erin Griffin.

Gossip Girl

Wedding Day by mysensitiveside.

A Night in the Life of by TheAgonyofBlank.


International Day of Femslash graphic by Babydykecate.

Grey's Anatomy

Seeing Is Believing by Ann.

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine by mysensitiveside.

Never Confess to Your Drunken Best Friends and Streetlights, Cold Weather, and Other Things New York by TheAgonyofBlank.

Darts part 1 by Cabenson.

Home Room

Knowing For Sure, Shift in the Atmosphere and Changing the Subject by Erin Griffin.

House, MD

Bonus Points by mysensitiveside.

Sensibility by DianeB.


Nikki & Nora, Criminal Minds, Women's Murder Club and Law & Order: SVU icons by kimly.

Babylon 5, BtVS, Firefly, Law & Order: SVU, the Matrix, Mutant-X and Wicked icons by Amara.

Imagine Me & You

Déjà vu by Ann.

Jane Bond

All In The Family by Ann.

A Family Affair part 1 by Yimmy-kins.

Karen Sisco

Storm Front by Ann.

The L Word

All In The Family by Ann.

Law & Order

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places by Ann.

Law & Order: CI

Second Chances by Ann.

Law & Order: SVU

Waiting for the Verdict by ralst.

Other Side of the World by Ann.

MIStake (O/C) by CaseyROCKS.

Law & Order: TBJ

Taking Chances by Ann.


Feeling Alive, Someone Else’s Life and A Smile Just For Her by mysensitiveside.

Miss Congeniality

Not In The Tubie Things by Erin Griffin.

Murder in Suburbia

Breaking Up is Hard to Do by ralst.

Conspiracy Theory by Ann.

Where Magic Never Happens by atfm.

Sunday in Suburbia by Geekgrrl.

Paper Cranes and My Scribbs by Erin Griffin.

Muriel's Wedding

As Good as Dancing Queen by Erin Griffin.


Franzi & Paula - The Way You Look At Me a GZSZ music video by ROCfan74.

Choices, Consequences, Changes and Conviction Buffy the Vampire Slayer music videos by 71prowler.

Nikki/Helen - Psychobabble (Bad Girls) and A xenites Romeo and Juliet: O Verona, Kissing You, Drive of Death, Love Theme, Escape From Mantua and Death Scene YouTube music videos by Everhope.

Loving You, Obsession and Different Kind of Love Song YouTube Xena music videos by Calliope.

Mutant X

Purr-fect Partners by Erin Griffin.

Nikki & Nora

Secrets by AJ3.

We Are Family by Ann.

Trial By Fire part 4 by Inspector Boxer.


Art by Erin Griffin.

Rock by EldritchSandwich.

The "Love" Letter by Ndasky.

Private Practice

Sensibility by DianeB.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

In My Garden and The One You're Looking For by Erin Griffin.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Gambit parts 1-3 by zennie.

Insatiable and Dance With Me by mysensitiveside.

More Than A Mission parts 5-10 by Inspector Boxer.

The Tin Woodman by Ann.


Starts with a Dance by SilverTurtle.


All I Want by Erin Griffin.

The Prettiest Girl In School by Mbard.

A Big Bad Girl in the Big Bad World and French Only by Hollywood Recycle Bin.


Anticipation and Celebrate Good Times by Ann.

Stargate Atlantis

Traveling Soldier by Manda.

Stargate SG-1

Day from Hell by Ann.

A Wonderful Thing by DianeB.

Ascending Angel by John O'Connor.

Suburban Shootout

Under Her Thumb by Ann.

Tipping the Velvet

Deep Sleep Dreaming by Erin Griffin.


Virtual Reality by Ann.

Where my sin lies and In Shadows by Cirroco DeSade.

Ecce! A Posse Ad Esse by Tina LaMarch.

The Sign (J/7) by Major Roon.


Criminal Minds wallpaper by sHaYcH.

The West Wing

A Wonderful Thing by DianeB.


In the Glow, Vision, Surrender, Surrendered, Notes in the Margins: Beautiful and Galindafication by layla.

Women's Murder Club

Toys in the Attic by Dane.

Brick Walls part 1 by mysensitiveside.

Diner Moments: Designated Diner by ralst.

Cuffed and Mind Over Matter by Inspector Boxer.

Salsa Night, Walking Away A Winner, Sacred, Oranges, In Between and The Ghost of The Truth by Demeter.

Off The Clock by John O'Connor.


Catalyst by Ann.


Amazon Queens Don't Fall In Love by Del Robertson.

Never Be Over You by Geekgrrl.

Just a Night by Paige Halliwell.

Telling Tales by Calliope.

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