Los hombres de Paco is a Spanish television series centred around the character of Paco Miranda and his family and friends in the San Antonio police department. This is not your run of the mill police procedural but rather a by turns comic and dramatic tour de force of loveable and sometimes over the top characters that you can't help falling in love with.

In 2007 the show came to the attention of eager femslash fans when it introduced the character of Pepa Miranda (Paco's estranged sister), and soon thereafter began fanning the flames of a possible lesbian romance between her and series regular Silvia Castro (Paco's sister-in-law). The popularity of this couple soon soured within the Spanish speaking on-line community and thanks to the pepa_silvia livejournal community and especially Misty Flores' translations, their special brand of charm is now available to the English speaking community.

So if you're at all interested in finding out what all the fuss is about or you just want to know who the pretty people are in the headers and graphics, take a wander through the recaps and get acquainted with the people of San Antonio's police department.

(Episode and Series/Season numbers don't quite conform to what most of us are used to, but the recaps will be added in order, and any gaps, if there are any, will be noted)


Who's Who
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Season 4

4x03-09: The introduction of Pepa


Season 5

4x10: An Awkward Family Reunion

4x11: Love Autopsy

4x12: Silvia Is A Hot Nerd; Pepa is a thug

4x13: Silvia & Pepa = BFFs, sexual tension on the side


Season 6

4x14: It's Not Easy Being Green

4x15: In which the potential for naked Pepa breaks Silvia and Curtis' brains...

4x16: Words Unspoken

4x17: Silvia Learns to Process, Daddy Freaks Out

4x18: Pepa Earns Her Toaster

4x19: In which Silvia & Pepa Have So Much Sex They Fall Off the Screen

4x20: Agent Povedilla: Protector of Lesbians

4x21: Pepa Likes Porno (And Fingerprints)

4x22: Pepa's super happy; Silvia flips the bird

4x23: Inappropriate Suprises

4x24: Povedilla's leftovers get the best funeral ever

4x25: The More You Cry, The Less You Pee: Pepa's Guide to Grief

4x26: The One where Everything Goes to Hell


Season 7

7x01: Peter Pan Pepa

7x02: The One With the Goat

7x03: Pepa Will Do Anything For Love (Yes, Even That)

7x04: In Which Pepa Comes To Her Senses - until Silvia Breaks Her Heart

7x05: Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster, Baby

7x06: Hombres Versus Wild

7x07: Lawyered - BAREBONES VERSION

7x08: In Which Silvia Projects

7x09: The Full Monty

7x10: In Which Pepa Proves She Really IS the Sane(r) One

7x12: He's Dumb; She's a Lesbian

7x13: How To Save A Life


Season 8

8x01: Kiss The Girl

8x03: They Don't Know About Us

8x04: Undercover Lover

8x05: Love Unrequited

8x06: Stand Together

8x07: If it Makes You Happy

8x08: The Hit List

8x09: The One With the Top 5 Fantasies

8x10: My Girlfriend, The Hero

8x11: No Fear

8x12: The Finale

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