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On-site Recommendations

Author: Adrienne Lee
Title: Verity
Fandom(s): Law & Order: SVU
Comments: Olivia prepares a romantic evening for Alex including candles, a bath, strawberries, and wasabi chocolate. The story is about the physical and emotional interactions between the characters.
~ Rachel

Author: Adrienne Lee & Miranda Rafferty
Title: Understanding Olivia
Fandom(s): Law & Order: SVU
Comments: Sequel to Tomboy, this story is from Olivia's point of view. After Fallacy Alex was battling demons. She tries to find answers through sex with Olivia, but it doesn't seem to work and she goes home. Olivia searches for Alex to comfort her.
~ Rachel

Author: Janine
Title: Cherry Lips
Fandom(s): Birds of Prey
Comments: Janine's story does include elements of a mystery/crime but the main focus is on the relationship between Barbara and Helena. Their relationship is both playful and tinged with angst as they unravel the consequences of their attraction and whether or not it should be acted upon. Beautiful characterisation, with charming little light moments to put a smile on your face.
~ ralst

Author: Manda
Title: A Place Called Home - Part 1 Part 2
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
Comments: This well paced and thoroughly satisfying story sees Elizabeth Weir and Laura Cadman separated from everyone else from Atlantis and forced to work as slaves in a mine. The main relationship builds slowly as the two struggle to stay alive amidst a culture of violence and tyranny, where they have only each other to rely on. A wonderful blend of action, romance and character development.
~ ralst

Author: Adrienne Lee
Title: Tomboy
Fandom(s): Law & Order: SVU
Comments: Tomboy is a medium-length short story that portrays Alex's thoughts after the episode Fallacy. Alex is at a bar, angst ridden, as she reminisces about her past, love, gender, and her current relationship with Olivia. There is a sequal story called Understanding Olivia.
~ Rachel

Author: Del Robertson
Title: Waiting for an Angel
Fandom(s): Charlie's Angels
Comments: Del paints a wonderful picture of the events taking place after the cameras stopped rolling in "of Desperation" from season two. The reader is immediately drawn in as Kelly's thoughts and feelings are placed on display for all to see. Don't be surprised if you find yourself waiting beside the Angel and hoping for the best.
~ Ann

Author: Ainsley Wallace
Title: The Mouths of Babes -- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Fandom(s): ER
Comments: Ainsley has captured the heart and soul of Kerry and Kim in this highly emotional story depicting both the struggles and fears of each woman as the two try to find their way back to each other. Sit back and take some time out of your busy schedule just to relax and enjoy this well-written story.
~ Ann

Author: Zennie
Title: The Replacements
Fandom(s): CSI
Comments: Zennie takes a very different look at the evolution of the Catherine/Sara relationship. A determined Sara is hell bent on proving that fantasies are better than reality while an equally determined Catherine actively pursues the other woman in an attempt to disprove the theory. Every reader needs to experience this well-written, powerful story.
~ Ann

Author: Nique Bartok
Title: Sere Nere -- Part 1, Part 2
Fandom(s): Law and Order SVU
Comments: Nique's tale depicting the thoughts and emotions of Alex and Olivia during Alex's time in the Witness Protection Program is absolutely fantastic. Her brilliant use of flashbacks allows the reader to be privy to the hopes and dreams as well as any regrets each woman may have. This story provides the perfect closure that was glaringly lacking after "Loss" Don't believe me? See for yourself . . . click on the above links.
~ Ann

Author: Della Street
Title: Pending
Fandom(s): The Facts of Life
Comments: 2 Thumbs + a standing ovation = this well-written, lovely story which finds the two women, Jo and Blair, in the years after graduation from both Eastland and Langley. The ever popular Ms. Street has once again captured the very essence of these two characters and has provided the perfect tableau for the women to be reunited. Don't walk, but run to the link provided above.
~ Ann

Author: L
Title: Stuck Series -- Untitled, Stuck with Me, Stuck on You, Stuck, Stuck at the Intersection of ..., Stuck in Las Vegas
Fandom(s): CSI
Comments: L has written a fascinating look at the prospect of a series of relationships among the three leading women characters of the popular TV series. Rather dark at times, but a very honest and true depiction of the character's emotions and personalities. Well worth taking the time to read.
~ Ann

Author: ncruuk
Title: You can't choose your family... + but you can choose your friends...
Fandom: Law and Order SVU
Comments: The never disappointing ncruuk takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish as she tells the bulk of the story through well-written and exceptional dialogue between the characters. The reader will feel as if she is watching the story play out in front of her eyes. A must read story that will have readers on the edge of their seat. On a side note, anyone who reads this will definitely have a new appreciation of Judge Lena Petrovsky.
~ Ann

Author: ralst
Title: Building a Reputation
Fandom: Murder in Suburbia
Comments: No one writes Ash and Scribbs as well as ralst. The ever present bantering between the two women is always front and center in ralst's captivating stories as she manages to weave a tale after tale around her wonderful dialogue. This story in particular depicts a typical conversation between Ash and Scribbs while the usual background attraction slowly makes its way to the forefront. What are you waiting for? Click on above link to see for yourself.
~ Ann


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